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Nice!  Thanks for the tip. I don't have the Vali, but at such a low price the temptation to buy it is always there...
I'm mostly interested in seeing how easy/hard these headphones are to drive.     If I could get something sonically up to par with the HE-500 without needing a mother of an amp to drive them...that would be exciting to say the least.
 It all varies.  I have none of the issues that you've described above.  Comfort was an issue at first, but now I can wear them for hours straight without a problem.
 That's unusual.   I usually send Jason a PM here on head-fi and he always response in the same day.
 I will respectfully disagree and say that I have a blast listening to these things.  We all find different things "fun", I suppose.  
 I suspect you haven't found the proper positioning on your ears.  I would never in a million years describe the bass as lighter than neutral.   Of course, a defective set is possible.    I feel that the midrange is perfectly clear, but I think don't think people are always discussing the same thing when they talk about "clarity". Amping helps these phones.  No need for overkill, though.  I listen to mine out of an Audinst HUD-mx1 and am very pleased with the combo.   As...
Purrin (or anyone else that has heard both)   How would you compare the Vali to the Lyr?
Willing to split them up?
Well, Austin...   I have a lot of problems with a lot of Mike's reviews.     But, since it's all we have at this point, I felt it was worth pointing out.
Very brief review on Headfonia:
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