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 No, sorry, but your computer needs some help.  Sounds like you've got some viruses, or at least some annoying software that's being overly paranoid about certain websites.
Hello all,   These headphones were purchased from for $309 on 2/11/12.     I am the first/only owner and have treated them very gently.  They come from a smoke-free home.  The earpads are obviously broken in, but there are no blemishes or physical issues to speak of.  And, of course, they sound fantastic.   I have all of the original packaging (box, carrying case, 1/4" adapter) and everything is in pristine condition.     There is great debate over...
 I'm going to be buying my demo pair as well...
Cool! I've always wanted to learn how to solder.  You can host an educational session :P
Ah, now that would be cool. I could swing by and hog your equipment. And also leave Florida Gator items on your front lawn.  
Alright're crossing a line here. First you post that horrific image of Screech that I have to look at every time I look at this thread, and now you post a Steeler's pic knowing full well I'm a Bengals fan who despises the Steelers with the fiery passion of Hell. Watch yourself, Theogenes.  
Thanks for the input. I'm very curious about these with various dacs/amps. I've heard they even do well with otl tube amps, which is surprising.  That's usually a no-no with orthos... For the record, they sound perfectly fine with my msII/Asgard 1 combo.  
No way...I need to sell my 880s as well.  Time for some fierce price cutting competition. Plus, mine are the only have the piddly little pros 
 Warning:  these comments are purely subjective and I'm operating off memory of the 500s.  I don't have them on hand for a proper side-by-side comparison.   That said, I feel the 400i handles guitars better than the 500.  More bite and energy.  They both handle rock quite well, in my opinion, but the 400is spotlight the guitars a little more heavily. Can't comment on the 400s as I've never heard them.
For the record: 1)  My username is a reference to Skyline Chili. 2)  Dalton > Palmer.   I lived in Cincy back in the 80s/early 90s.   Was around for the Reds' World Series win in 90...good times.
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