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It's debated. I believe so, yes. Others prefer the slightly elevated (albeit in my opinion, boomier) bass of the T51p. At our last headphone meetup, the 51p won, 3-2.  I was on the 1350 side.
Glad you're well.  Relatively speaking.   We spent the day holed up in the house, except for the 1.5 hours that my little girl and I spent outside having an "adventure".   I was really incredibly bummed by not getting some actual snow, but I suppose we should just be grateful to still have power.  I remember the ice storm in 94 when power was out for a week.  Now THAT was a mess.
 My recommendation would be modi+vali, but that is speculation on my part since I haven't had much time with the 701.
 I'd sell the Audinst and got for the Schiit stack. I have the mx-1 and took it to work.  It does a fine job there with my DT1350s.
Nice review that I generally agree with. The only two things I'd mention are that: 1)  It works quite well with efficient planars.  It sounds fantastic with the 400i, and I hear reports that it also plays quite nicely with the HE-500 and 400.  Yes, the HE-6 would be a bad idea, but I wouldn't want planar owners to write the Vali completely. 2)  Black background depends on the headphone.  With my 1350s, it is a noisy background like you described.  With my 400i, the...
 Hey, the 400i is an awesome headphone. The difference is going to have to be pretty significant for me to make the change.
 Actually, I have no idea if I will or not.  Depends on when I get them, I suppose. And, THEN, it depends on if I buy them.  
The pair I'm getting is heavily modded with jergpads, etc.   Will be interesting to compare those to the Focus Pads.  I'm hoping they're similar because the Focus Pads sure are comfortable.
 Nice! I'm getting a loaner pair of HE-500s to try out. Did you ever try them with the Focus Pads or Focus-A pads?
Yes, I'll be attempting it soon.
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