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Really awesome to see Woo step up like that.   Again.  
Awesome! Looking forward to it.
In addition to the TH-X00 I'd also really love to hear an Oppo PM-3. So if any of you gear loving fools feel like picking one up between now and April 9th :P
 No issues here, either.  I think the freezing issue and the Bifrost are unrelated.  My Bifrost is plugged directly into my laptop's USB.
So, I wanted to comment again on the 4490 now that I've put a couple of weeks into it. The sound, to my ears, has really smoothed/mellowed out. I'm not sure if it's actual product burn-in or brain burn-in, but the result has held for several days now. The sound is not as lively and energetic as it was when I first got it, but it sounds more coherent and less fatiguing. In short, it sounds just that much closer to what I remember from the MB Bifrost. I'm digging it.
Burnley, when you finally get a chance to go, I highly recommend a seat behind the orchestra pit.  It's a blast to watch from that angle and to be able to see the conductor's face throughout the performance.     Plus, they're pretty affordable seats, relatively speaking.
 I saw that.  Burnley the hipster :P
Oh, now THAT would be awesome!  If they do another raffle, I'm rigging this one in my favor :P As far as spaces go, my only connection is to Metro schools, which I feel is the same deal as the library.  We have to be an official group with a pretty hefty insurance policy.  If we had that, then then rental itself would be next to nothing. I have Lipscomb connections, but even so I'm guessing it would still be significantly more than the room we usually rent. My church is...
 Wow, there's a shock. You guys are such gear sluts :P
Is anyone at the meet going to have the new Massdrop Fostex TH-X00?   It's probably the only headphone I'm really interested in hearing right now.
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