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HE-500s are officiall in hand.     Let the 500 v 400i shootout begin...
HRT MSII in very good condition.  No obvious blemishes.   Have original box, instruction card, and even the original rubber feet which I did not use.   Will also include usb cable (I don't remember if it came with the product originally) and some short/beefy RCA cables.     Price includes shipping.     Paypal gift preferred, or add % on to cover paypal fees.   This is a really excellent entry-level DAC, purchased brand new for $160 in October, 2012.  If you're...
Awesome! Have you ever checked back with Emotiva?
 Modi Uber/Vali. I've listened to the 400i on a ton of different amps (most of the lower/mid-range Schiit line), and also more expensive ones like the beyerdynamic A2 ($1700) and Lynx Hilo ($2500). The Vali didn't embarass itself. No, I'm not saying it's as good as those TOTL amps.  But, with the 400i, it'll give you everything you need.
 And it's a great tube amp to start with.  It gives you a taste of what they're all about without having to worry about tube rolling and dumping tons of money into that hole.
It's debated. I believe so, yes. Others prefer the slightly elevated (albeit in my opinion, boomier) bass of the T51p. At our last headphone meetup, the 51p won, 3-2.  I was on the 1350 side.
Glad you're well.  Relatively speaking.   We spent the day holed up in the house, except for the 1.5 hours that my little girl and I spent outside having an "adventure".   I was really incredibly bummed by not getting some actual snow, but I suppose we should just be grateful to still have power.  I remember the ice storm in 94 when power was out for a week.  Now THAT was a mess.
 My recommendation would be modi+vali, but that is speculation on my part since I haven't had much time with the 701.
 I'd sell the Audinst and got for the Schiit stack. I have the mx-1 and took it to work.  It does a fine job there with my DT1350s.
Nice review that I generally agree with. The only two things I'd mention are that: 1)  It works quite well with efficient planars.  It sounds fantastic with the 400i, and I hear reports that it also plays quite nicely with the HE-500 and 400.  Yes, the HE-6 would be a bad idea, but I wouldn't want planar owners to write the Vali completely. 2)  Black background depends on the headphone.  With my 1350s, it is a noisy background like you described.  With my 400i, the...
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