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Yikes. You're happy enough with the LCD-X, that you've stuck with it for a while. And now an amp... I don't like where this is going.  
 Nice.  I've never heard anything from woo audio. Seems like we need weekly headphone meetups to keep up with all the new gear you and Joe end up getting...
Hey Nashville...   Just checking in to see how everyone's audio journeys are treating them at the moment.   Just got the Schiit Vali, and I have to say that it's eye-opening.  I really don't know how there could be a better bargain in audio right now...
Already own the Vali.   Let me know if you're willing to split them.   Thanks!
 No!   A million times, no. You're happy with how your headphones sound? GOOD!  Now, far away.  Save your sanity, save your wallet, and listen to some good music.  
How many of you are using the rubber feet that come with the amp?   So far, this little guy has exceeded my expectations.  Great pairing with the HE-400i.
This. It also gets better once the pads break in and get a little softer.
Give it some time. "Veiled" is about the last word I'd apply to the 400is.   But coming from the HD800s, and then speakers, the soundstage is DEFINITELY going to take some getting used to.
Payment pending...
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