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 The whole Metro Center complex branches off of Rosa L. Parks (a.k.a.) 8th avenue. I believe the address is correct.
 It's not all about impedance.  Your LCD-X should be just fine.   Tube life varies.  A new tube can last you a few years.  Of course there are always duds and it depends on how much you run them, etc.
YMMV on the difference you hear between the Uber and 4490.  Many people are DAC deaf and really don't hear a difference at all.  If that's you, consider yourself lucky. For me, the difference was significant.  There is more refinement and control...less congested may be the best descriptor.  Completely worth the $70 for me, especially after hearing the Bimby.  The Bimby is a fantastic DAC, but if you're talking about diminishing returns, then this is a shining example.  It...
 No suggestions...I think you're making the right move. When you order, ask Jeremy what he a thinks a good tube pairing will be with the LCD-X.Also, for not much money at all, I would recommend upping your Bifrost to the 4490. Less than $100 if you do a self-install.
 Excellent. As long as SOMEONE is there by 5:30 to hold the spot. :P
  Friday evening we are all meeting in Cool Springs (20 minutes south of downtown).  I believe the time/location are in the first post?  It's the Cool Springs Brewery, though I don't remember the time off-hand.   But, if you get a chance to try some bbq: Either hit up Peg Leg Porker (near downtown) or Edley's (two locations, I believe). Both are worth your time. The dry ribs at Peg Leg are my favorite bbq-related item in the city.  To be fair, I haven't tried the ribs at...
 Haha, I'm pretty fond of the treble as well.  And, I should have been's more the lower treble than the real "highs".  I think it boils down to 2 things: 1)  There's a fair-sized dip around 6k (largely remedied by not listening to stock pads) followed by a spike at around 10-12k.  Some people find this piercing, especially if they listen to music that has a lot of emphasis in those regions.  Other people aren't bothered by it. 2)  Pairing also plays a part....
 Like I said, personal preference. I know many that find the treble on the 500 to be a little too grating.  The 650 upper end has a mellowness to it that a lot of people really enjoy for extended listening.
A straight upgrade in my opinion?  Yes, but only if you're willing to shell out a ton of cash.  I think the HE-6 and HE-1k are both better, but not in proportion to their cost.  Beyond that, I haven't really found anything that I enjoy significantly more. The 500, at it's current price, does so much right. The HD-650 is a fine side grade.  Both are fine headphones, but it really just comes down to personal listening preference on that one.  
 I recommend the 4490, but I believe we'll have both at the meet for you to listen to and get some impressions.
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