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So, I wanted to comment again on the 4490 now that I've put a couple of weeks into it. The sound, to my ears, has really smoothed/mellowed out. I'm not sure if it's actual product burn-in or brain burn-in, but the result has held for several days now. The sound is not as lively and energetic as it was when I first got it, but it sounds more coherent and less fatiguing. In short, it sounds just that much closer to what I remember from the MB Bifrost. I'm digging it.
Burnley, when you finally get a chance to go, I highly recommend a seat behind the orchestra pit.  It's a blast to watch from that angle and to be able to see the conductor's face throughout the performance.     Plus, they're pretty affordable seats, relatively speaking.
 I saw that.  Burnley the hipster :P
Oh, now THAT would be awesome!  If they do another raffle, I'm rigging this one in my favor :P As far as spaces go, my only connection is to Metro schools, which I feel is the same deal as the library.  We have to be an official group with a pretty hefty insurance policy.  If we had that, then then rental itself would be next to nothing. I have Lipscomb connections, but even so I'm guessing it would still be significantly more than the room we usually rent. My church is...
 Wow, there's a shock. You guys are such gear sluts :P
Is anyone at the meet going to have the new Massdrop Fostex TH-X00?   It's probably the only headphone I'm really interested in hearing right now.
 Strange.  He was always very responsive to my questions.  He may be busy with work or something. Only took him about a week for turnaround on mine plus 2-3 days for shipping.  
The organist for the Symphony plays at our church and directs my wife's choir. Really nice guy, and it also means our church has some great concerts.
 None for me with my HE-500.
 Well, Burnley.  I have the flu and have been running a fever for 5 days.  Thanks a lot, dude.  Also, how can you not have heard of Chris Stapleton?  He's a thousand times better than Tool.  
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