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Bumped for added photos.  
 This would be my recommendation:
 Yep, this is my biggest complaint. Which, of course, means that these headphones are seriously good.   Mine are officially up for sale on the forums, if anyone is interested.  I love them dearly, but it turns out that I simply love the HE-500 a bit more.  It was a tough call...
Up for sale is my pair of HE-400i headphones.   They are in great condition with no noticeable blemishes.  Have all original items (cable, box, documentation, 1/4" adapter, etc.).   They sound fantastic and are not picky about amplification, so they'll sound good out of just about anything.  A very fun sound signature that is fast and detailed without becoming harsh or grating.  A definite step up from the HE-400s.   Shipping is on me.   Pictures coming tomorrow...
 Night after, I have to chaperone Prom.  Don't be too jealous. I MIGHT be able to meet up the night before, but that'll be a tough one to swing with the wife since I'm out all day (and night) on Saturday. As for recommendations, I can give a million as always.
 Schiit Vali.  Sounds fantastic.
Yeah, I'll have to sell these to afford the 500s, so I'm afraid they won't last until the meet. If you're nearby, I'm happy to meet up somewhere and let you have some time with them.  But, since I don't have the 600s for you to compare them to it probably wouldn't be all that helpful.
Just a heads up that I may be selling my pair.  Pristine condition with box and all original documentation.     I haven't entirely made up my mind yet, but drop me a PM if you're interested.
It's looking more and more like you can scratch the 400i off the list.   Unless someone here wants to buy them from me.   I love the 400i dearly, but the 500s...there's just something about them that I can't shake. 
 Sure!  I'll be happy to show up and listen to everyone else's new toys.  
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