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We're going to need a bigger room.  
 I had the 400i and sold it in favor of the HE-500 with jergpads. They are both fantastic headphones.  The 400is are a bit faster and and detailed.  The bass is tighter.   The 500s, however, feel more organic to me.   Vocals on the 400i feel a bit unrealistic...like a spotlight is shining on them and pushing them forward.  They sound further back, but more natural on the 500. The 500s do a better job of simulating the experience of live music, in my opinion. They are a bit...
The first time I heard a HFM phone was the HE-500, and the first album I played was Eric Clapton Unplugged.   Love at first listen.     That would definitely be my go-to if giving the HE-1000s a shot.
LOVE it.  Nice and clean and simple.  I'd change 2015 to vol. III or something similar since there will likely be more than 1 meet this year.   I told Theo I'd put something together if needed, but never heard anything. I'd buy this shirt in a heartbeat.
Preferred portable dac/amp for android devices?     Go!...
 I've been hearing that it's good, but overpriced...
 The 560s are significantly trickier to drive.  And you wouldn't want to go with the Vali or Valhalla in that case.  Something beefier like the Lyr 2 would be in order. The T1 would probably pair quite nicely with the Valhalla 2. Don't be afraid to look lower for your headphones.  I'd recommend a used HE-500, personally, but there are a lot of good options out there and it all depends on your preferred sound signature.
 Valhalla 2 if it suits your headphones.  
modi 2/vali. No need to spend any more than this.
jergpads help with soundstage as well.   No, it's not huge and airy, but it's also not suffocating.  I find it to be fairly realistic, especially with live music.
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