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Ugly?  I think it's a sexy beast myself, especially with the aluminum top plate and upgraded power knob (though now you're getting close to the price of the Lyr 2). All the power the HE-500 could ever want with tons to spare.  The combination is spectacular, especially for the price. That said, transporting anything with tubes is probably going to be more trouble than it's worth.  if you don't mind the larger size of the Asgard 2, then this could be a good option.
 Welcome aboard!
 We could permanently replace your lineup and Jay's with several lines of question marks, I suppose. Audio Men of Mystery 
 Schiit Modi 2 UberGarage1217 Project Ember 2HE-500DT1350 Which, of course, means that Matt's lineup needs updating...
 I like shirts.  And I could get a medium this time :P My wife gives me a hard time every time I wear it.  She can't understand why it says headphone "meet" instead of headphone "meetup" .
 The new multibit upgrade helps it close the gap on the Yggy.  It's still not there, but it's considerably closer. And considering the large price difference, that makes the Gumby a pretty great value.
We've talked about it several times.  I've got a Debut Carbon and had considered bringing it in the past. But, the care and time it takes to transport a TT properly has always held me back.   If you want to take the plunge, then I will happily cheer you on and bask in the audio rays your generosity.  
I'm hearing from sources that are typically very critical of gear, that the Gumby is the real deal. Congrats!
 I'm really glad you're enjoying them! Keep in mind how relative all of this is.  Some of your comments such as the sound being "unbelievably clean and detailed" might be laughed at by someone who owns the HD800, for example.  They might be prone to calling the HE-500 a muddy mess in comparison.   That said, I'm with you.  The 500s have a way of immersing me in the music in a pretty incredible way.  I don't feel the need to sit around and analyze clarity or detail...
Hello all,   I'm selling my Schiit Vali to fund the purchase of another (more expensive) amp.  It's done great work with my HE-400i and HE-500.   It was purchased 11/2014 and I'm the only owner.  I have the original box, manual, and power supply.  It's in pristine condition and functions perfectly.  It doesn't have any of the ringing issues that plagued the earlier versions of the amp.  You'll get the typical 10-15 seconds of ringing after the relay kicks in or after...
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