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 Awesome.  Can't wait to hear them. They're getting a lot of comparisons to the HD600 for their tonal balance, which is high praise.  
 Very nice. Also, a Music City Meet wouldn't be complete without your mammoth computer set up in the corner :P
 Schiit uber...?
 Asgard 1, not so much.  Asgard 2 is a step up.    Oh, absolutely.  In fact, I never looked up the power output on a single amp until after hearing the Ember.  The only reason I looked it up at that point was due to the different impedence settings and wanting to know the effects of each one.   But, even without knowing the #s, bias is still unavoidable.  Most of us try gear based on recommendations, after all. Really the best you can do is to try as many things as...
 Absolutely.  It's more complicated than power alone. Some speaker amps make the 500s sound glorious, and some don't.  Power should not be your ONLY consideration when finding a good pairing.  However, with amps that DO pair well with the 500, ample power is a consistent trend. Also, this shouldn't be generalized to all planars.  The 400i, for instance, is far far easier to drive.  It sounded glorious on my Schiit Vali.  The 500 on the Vali, however, just didn't have the...
I agree that power is not everything.  If the rest of the implementation is poor, then the extra power doesn't equal good sound. However, I've heard the HE-500 on 15-20 different amps ranging from $100 to over $2000. It benefits from extra juice.  There's a reason that driving these headphones from speaker taps became a popular thing to do.   As for THD, believe what you want.  Until you've heard an amp, you have no basis for judgment beyond hearsay.  My advice would be to...
To each his (or her) own. Keeping it clean is easy.  A can of compressed air and a microfiber cloth every once and awhile take care of it. As for being a safety risk?  Uhhhh, I don't think so?  I've put my hands all over it while in operation and my extremities remain intact and unharmed.  My pets and 5 year-old daughter are also quite well.  You can always PM the amp designer if you're seriously concerned.  He's actively engaged in the community and very helpful. The open...
Ugly?  I think it's a sexy beast myself, especially with the aluminum top plate and upgraded power knob (though now you're getting close to the price of the Lyr 2). All the power the HE-500 could ever want with tons to spare.  The combination is spectacular, especially for the price. That said, transporting anything with tubes is probably going to be more trouble than it's worth.  if you don't mind the larger size of the Asgard 2, then this could be a good option.
 Welcome aboard!
 We could permanently replace your lineup and Jay's with several lines of question marks, I suppose. Audio Men of Mystery 
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