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 Wow, there's a shock. You guys are such gear sluts :P
Is anyone at the meet going to have the new Massdrop Fostex TH-X00?   It's probably the only headphone I'm really interested in hearing right now.
 Strange.  He was always very responsive to my questions.  He may be busy with work or something. Only took him about a week for turnaround on mine plus 2-3 days for shipping.  
The organist for the Symphony plays at our church and directs my wife's choir. Really nice guy, and it also means our church has some great concerts.
 None for me with my HE-500.
 Well, Burnley.  I have the flu and have been running a fever for 5 days.  Thanks a lot, dude.  Also, how can you not have heard of Chris Stapleton?  He's a thousand times better than Tool.  
I hate that they are taking on the samsung/apple aesthetic with the G5.  I always appreciated that LG stood out from the crowd, plastic or not.   Here's hoping the V10 will stay true.  
Yeah, I had no objectives whatsoever in terms of sound.  And, one thing I appreciate about Lindsay, is that he doesn't hype his products as being something that will elevate your audio experiences. Just no fuss, well-made, and very attractive cables at a good price.
It actually has some grey in there, too. The colors sure are tempting, but I have a black Bifrost and silver headphone stand.  Just wanted to stick with the theme.  
 Tool?  Never heard of 'em.  Must be some 2nd-tier hacks still trying to cut it in the biz.  
New Posts  All Forums: