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A straight upgrade in my opinion?  Yes, but only if you're willing to shell out a ton of cash.  I think the HE-6 and HE-1k are both better, but not in proportion to their cost.  Beyond that, I haven't really found anything that I enjoy significantly more. The 500, at it's current price, does so much right. The HD-650 is a fine side grade.  Both are fine headphones, but it really just comes down to personal listening preference on that one.  
 I recommend the 4490, but I believe we'll have both at the meet for you to listen to and get some impressions.
Bifrost 4490 Project Ember II HE-500 DT1350   As per usual, I'll be the official representative for the minimalist side of this hobby.  
Bass on the 500 is boomier.  This isn't necessarily a negative...it just depends on preferences.   The 400i bass is a little tighter and clean. That said, I still think the 500 wins out due to it's treatment of mids and vocals.   All in my humble opinion, of course.  
The H10 gives them enough power to sound good. You could always try the Lyr 2 or Ember 2 if you want something different.  A little tube magic does the 500s some good, in my opinion.
 Afraid so. Sorry for the bad luck
Really awesome to see Woo step up like that.   Again.  
Awesome! Looking forward to it.
In addition to the TH-X00 I'd also really love to hear an Oppo PM-3. So if any of you gear loving fools feel like picking one up between now and April 9th :P
 No issues here, either.  I think the freezing issue and the Bifrost are unrelated.  My Bifrost is plugged directly into my laptop's USB.
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