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Good to see you there. Get there a little earlier next time so you can really give everything a good listen.  
We should make sure Matt survived the night before we make any more jokes.
I work about 2-3 blocks from there.  Be sure to wave 
 That's dedication right there, friends.See you at dinner tonight. You can try to convince me to not be such a wimp when it comes to audio mods. :P
 I'd enjoy making a cable and/or building a small amp (cmoy or something cheap that I could give away to a student afterwards).  Probably both decent places to start.
Yep, I definitely want to learn. Don't know that this particular mode would be worth it to me, though, as I have no comfort issues with the old HFM phones.
Piece of cake if you have soldering skills :P Can you link to your photo guide?
 Awesome. I'd be scared to death to transplant drivers like that.  
 Awesome.  I've seen other people do this. Would love to plug your headphones into my system and hear the result. How much did it cost you get the HE-560 cups/headband?
Bah! You complimented my gear, but with this statement all your credibility goes out the window.  
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