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YMMV on the difference you hear between the Uber and 4490.  Many people are DAC deaf and really don't hear a difference at all.  If that's you, consider yourself lucky. For me, the difference was significant.  There is more refinement and control...less congested may be the best descriptor.  Completely worth the $70 for me, especially after hearing the Bimby.  The Bimby is a fantastic DAC, but if you're talking about diminishing returns, then this is a shining example.  It...
 No suggestions...I think you're making the right move. When you order, ask Jeremy what he a thinks a good tube pairing will be with the LCD-X.Also, for not much money at all, I would recommend upping your Bifrost to the 4490. Less than $100 if you do a self-install.
 Excellent. As long as SOMEONE is there by 5:30 to hold the spot. :P
  Friday evening we are all meeting in Cool Springs (20 minutes south of downtown).  I believe the time/location are in the first post?  It's the Cool Springs Brewery, though I don't remember the time off-hand.   But, if you get a chance to try some bbq: Either hit up Peg Leg Porker (near downtown) or Edley's (two locations, I believe). Both are worth your time. The dry ribs at Peg Leg are my favorite bbq-related item in the city.  To be fair, I haven't tried the ribs at...
 Haha, I'm pretty fond of the treble as well.  And, I should have been specific...it's more the lower treble than the real "highs".  I think it boils down to 2 things: 1)  There's a fair-sized dip around 6k (largely remedied by not listening to stock pads) followed by a spike at around 10-12k.  Some people find this piercing, especially if they listen to music that has a lot of emphasis in those regions.  Other people aren't bothered by it. 2)  Pairing also plays a part....
 Like I said, personal preference. I know many that find the treble on the 500 to be a little too grating.  The 650 upper end has a mellowness to it that a lot of people really enjoy for extended listening.
A straight upgrade in my opinion?  Yes, but only if you're willing to shell out a ton of cash.  I think the HE-6 and HE-1k are both better, but not in proportion to their cost.  Beyond that, I haven't really found anything that I enjoy significantly more. The 500, at it's current price, does so much right. The HD-650 is a fine side grade.  Both are fine headphones, but it really just comes down to personal listening preference on that one.  
 I recommend the 4490, but I believe we'll have both at the meet for you to listen to and get some impressions.
Bifrost 4490 Project Ember II HE-500 DT1350   As per usual, I'll be the official representative for the minimalist side of this hobby.  
Bass on the 500 is boomier.  This isn't necessarily a negative...it just depends on preferences.   The 400i bass is a little tighter and clean. That said, I still think the 500 wins out due to it's treatment of mids and vocals.   All in my humble opinion, of course.  
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