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 I noticed a change in the first 80 hours or so.  After that they seemed to settle in. Maybe placebo.  Maybe not. Too me the sound smoothed out a bit.  A little more refined/less aggressive sounding,
Has anyone purchased the HE-560 traveling case for this?  I'm assuming it will fit, but would like some confirmation.
I've never so much as taken the earpads off mine.  So no... But I sure am curious... I listened to purrin's pair of HE-500s with your mods and felt there was such a great ambiance to the sound.  Live music, especially, felt very realistic and tactile.   The 400is certainly have their similarities to the 500s, but can't match them in that regard.  I'm wondering if any of these mods would push it more in that direction.
 jerg, you're killing me. I don't have the 560, but am still holding out high hopes that whatever you discover might be useful for the 400i as well. Let's get on with it!  
 Good to know.  I'm really itching to try them out. Patience is not my virtue.  :P
 This is backwards. The Focus-A pads came with the pre-production model.  They are more shallow and have asymmetrical stitching.  They are supposed to have a more linear/less aggressive signature to them. The Focus pads are what new models ship with.  They are deeper and more polished looking, but a little more "colored" in their sound. I was going to buy Focus-A pads myself, since I like a more laid back sound, but jerg...
 I play a little guitar.  Recording gear, however, I have not.
You also sold your Valhalla 2.  Wish I'd known.  I might have bought it...
 Do you think these will translate well to the 400i?
There were actually 2 of us that thought that :P But, I only heard it for part of one song.  It would take a lot more listening to make a real decision regarding the bass.
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