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 I've been hearing that it's good, but overpriced...
 The 560s are significantly trickier to drive.  And you wouldn't want to go with the Vali or Valhalla in that case.  Something beefier like the Lyr 2 would be in order. The T1 would probably pair quite nicely with the Valhalla 2. Don't be afraid to look lower for your headphones.  I'd recommend a used HE-500, personally, but there are a lot of good options out there and it all depends on your preferred sound signature.
 Valhalla 2 if it suits your headphones.  
modi 2/vali. No need to spend any more than this.
jergpads help with soundstage as well.   No, it's not huge and airy, but it's also not suffocating.  I find it to be fairly realistic, especially with live music.
 It's a loaner from Woo Audio specifically for the meet.
 My DT880s felt the same.
 Black background.  Going from the Lyr 2 to the Vali left me wanting nothing.
 For me, the word that comes to mind is "organic". The 500s do a good job of putting me into the experience, especially with live music.  I've seen DMB 12-15 times and the 500s do the best job I've experienced in terms of recreating what it feels like to be there.   When listening to the 560s, I spend more time listening to the headphones than I do listening to the music. Technical superiority isn't everything. Ignoring sound, the 500 is far less picky when it comes to...
 It depends on the planars.  The 400i are incredibly easy to drive.  The Vali handles them with ease. I'm also using the Vali with the HE-500 with very good results. Something like the HE-6, on the other hand, needs far more juice.
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