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So who's going to buy the Audeze EL-8?   I'm dying yo hear it.   You know you want to...
Sorry to break the tide of conversation here...   I'm finally caught up, thought I have to confess that I skipped a chapter or two.  The SYS chapter, for instance, since it's not a product that's on my radar.   Were the PYST cables mentioned at all?  After a quick thread search, I don't think Jason, Mike, or Alex have touched on them.   I know they're very minor in the Schiit product line, but I'm very curious about how the pricing was arrived at.  The whole cable...
Currently, I think April 18th looks like the best option for me.
 I'm very interested in this as well. Does your preference between the two change with different headphones?
 No worries.  I got a laugh out of it I'll be curious to get your thoughts.  I have the Modi 2 U on the way, so we'll have the same chain:  Modi 2 --> Vali --> 400i
Their recent Sunday delivery has blown my mind.   Ordered the PYST RCA and USB cables to have them ready.  Ordered on Friday (via Amazon).  Arrived on Sunday. 
As an aside, I love the statement "hearing distortion rather than actual sound".   What does that even mean?     "Hey, I'm listening to Miles Davis and I hear a trumpet.  No wait...it's just distortion.  My bad...they really sounded...the same."
I got my shipping notification last night and it took about 24 hours before the item was actually picked up (FedEx).   It'll be in your hands sometime this week.  Once or twice with USPS, I've had them not update any tracking info at all until after the package was delivered, but they seem to be getting their act together so I doubt that's what's going on here. My delivery is set for Saturday, but I'll believe it when I see it.  FedEx is by far my least favorite...
 Ignore him.  The combination is fantastic. I wouldn't dream of saying it's better than your NFB or Magni 2 since I haven't heard either of those.  But, I AM saying that the power is a non-issue.
 Do you have an estimated delivery date? If so, sit back and relax.  USPS priority is pretty reliable.
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