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It's a nice headphone, Jay. Certainly not as nice as your Audeze I heard at our last meet, but I'd call it 90% there.  Plus, it's just so easy to drive.  I truly don't think I'd gain much dac/amp wise without climbing WAY up the chain. The 400i+Vali combo is more than enough to hold me mesmerized by the music, which is what this is all about. My last nagging doubt in the headphone realm right now is the HE-500.  Essentially the same price and the memory of it haunts me.  
Another person in this thread ordered theirs on the 25th and got their shipping notification this past week.  I imagine your wait is going to end pretty soon. I ordered mine on the 26th, so fingers crossed we'll get some happy e-mails this week.
 The Vali+400i combo is fantastic. Plenty of power and it adds a touch of liquidity/sweetness to the sound that the 400i benefits from greatly. I went from the Asgard 1 to the Vali and felt that it was a step up with this particular headphone.   Noise floor is a non-issue.
The modi needs to be hooked up to an amp.  The amp will deliver the sound to your headphones. computer-->modi-->magi-->headphones
 Ringing when you very gently touch the volume knob is unusual...
Do you have the volume of your macbook maxed out? The ringing on yours seems overly sensitive.  May want to drop an e-mail to Schiit customer service to see what they say.
I would go with the Modi 2/Magi 2 and call it a day.
I imagine a lot of it depends on how well trained your ears are and what sources you have connected to the Magni 1/2.   Small differences to some are giant chasms to others... After several years of jumping around and trying different things, I've finally realized that I'm perfectly content with Schiit's "entry-level" gear.  I'm settled on the Modi 2 Uber/Vali combo and am quite content.  YMMV, of course...
I've heard that the sound difference between the 1 and 2 is fairly significant.  Less strident, a little more relaxed and smooth. I haven't hard the two myself, though, so I'm only passing this on 2nd hand.  From someone I consider to be a very reliable source, however...
The Vali tubes aren't replaceable so it's not a concern.  You take what they give you. The Vali sounds clear and detailed.  It has a little bit of warmth to it, but it's not a syrupy/tubey sounding amp.  I went from an Asgard 1 to a Vali and, for these particular headphones, it was a step up.  The Asgard 2 may be a different case, but it also costs significantly more.
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