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If anyone is interested in a budget Stereo receiver (Onkyo TX-8255), let me know.  It has a phono input stage and is practically brand new.     I was using it with my turntable...makes a great receiver for a secondary stereo setup.   I need to move it, but would really like to find someone local since I don't want to ship something so heavy.   I'm also selling my HRT MSII, but will be throwing that one up on the FS forums since shipping will be cheap.
Awesome.  Pair it with your Vali, and we will have identical setups to compare notes with. Looking forward to it.
I just upgraded from the HRT MSII to the Modi 2 U.   Here are my quick and dirty impressions:   1)  The biggest and most immediately noticeable difference is that the bass is more present and the music hits harder than it did previously.  This can be a good or bad thing depending on your headphone and your listening preference.  The difference was not subtle listening with the 400i.     2)  The background is slightly blacker.  This is unmistakable in extended...
 Do iiiiiiiiittttttt! I'll have my 400i.  You'll have your EL-8.  We can compare.  We both win!   If Joe brings his HE-500, then I'll basically have my three consideration for long-term phones in the building.
So who's going to buy the Audeze EL-8?   I'm dying yo hear it.   You know you want to...
Sorry to break the tide of conversation here...   I'm finally caught up, thought I have to confess that I skipped a chapter or two.  The SYS chapter, for instance, since it's not a product that's on my radar.   Were the PYST cables mentioned at all?  After a quick thread search, I don't think Jason, Mike, or Alex have touched on them.   I know they're very minor in the Schiit product line, but I'm very curious about how the pricing was arrived at.  The whole cable...
Currently, I think April 18th looks like the best option for me.
 I'm very interested in this as well. Does your preference between the two change with different headphones?
 No worries.  I got a laugh out of it I'll be curious to get your thoughts.  I have the Modi 2 U on the way, so we'll have the same chain:  Modi 2 --> Vali --> 400i
Their recent Sunday delivery has blown my mind.   Ordered the PYST RCA and USB cables to have them ready.  Ordered on Friday (via Amazon).  Arrived on Sunday. 
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