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  Thanks for the input.  I've read that the 600 version really isn't that much more difficult to drive than the 250 (only marginally so).  I'm not sure if that's blatantly false information, but I've seen it repeated many times.   If only everyone could agree on this stuff and there was one absolutely correct answer to the questions around here    
  Absolutely.  But, from what I've read, the E9 has plenty of power to play the 600 ohm version at earsplitting levels so I don't think it's volume that would be the issue.  I'm more concerned with actual sound quality that I would get.  Am I going to be getting odd artifacts or distortion or some other problem that a more expensive amp would solve?   I've looked into some tube amps (specifically some of the cheaper little dots), but I'm semi afraid of going down that...
Gotcha, and their FAQ page sums up the Pro v. Premium difference pretty well.     Oh well...if I'm spending this much money, I might as well go for the Premium.  Which brings me back to my original debate of 250 v. 600 on an E9 :P
Ah, interesting.  I thought the Pro had been discontinued...I see it's unavailable at Amazon.  B&H has it, but it ships in 6-8 weeks...  
I hate this description.  I listen to music on my 940s, and it sounds me.    I get what you mean, but I still don't like that description.  I much prefer the cold v. warm analogy :P
$75 cheaper?  Where?  The places I'm looking have the 250 and 600 for the same price.  If there was a $75 price difference, then I'd go 250 hands down.  SInce they're the same price, though, the 600 is incredibly tempting.  I only plan to use these at home, so using the E9 was my plan...  
Yeah, that's what I had originally planned, but after reading all the 600 ohm fanboy posts around here you'd think I was committing murder by not getting them especially now that they're the same price.  Technically speaking, the E9 has enough power to drive them doesn't it?  Would they actually sound worse than the 250s on that setup? Who wants more bass?  If I wanted that, I'd get the 990s 
I'm pretty set on these now, but can't decide between the 250 and 600 ohm version.  I don't have too much to spend on an amp and was looking at the E7 (or 17) + E9 combo.  Some have said that will work perfectly fine for the 600 ohm, and others have said that the 250 would sound better on that configuration.   Ah, decisions.  Curse you, head-fi.    
Yep, I'm still pleased with mine as well.  Using it with the Shure SRH 940s.    
I'm glad it worked out for you!  Also glad that guitar center worked out.  I felt bad for not buying from them after they were so nice, but I just couldn't justify the price difference v. online.  I'll certainly buy products from them in the future, though, when reasonably priced.
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