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I would go with the Modi 2/Magi 2 and call it a day.
I imagine a lot of it depends on how well trained your ears are and what sources you have connected to the Magni 1/2.   Small differences to some are giant chasms to others... After several years of jumping around and trying different things, I've finally realized that I'm perfectly content with Schiit's "entry-level" gear.  I'm settled on the Modi 2 Uber/Vali combo and am quite content.  YMMV, of course...
I've heard that the sound difference between the 1 and 2 is fairly significant.  Less strident, a little more relaxed and smooth. I haven't hard the two myself, though, so I'm only passing this on 2nd hand.  From someone I consider to be a very reliable source, however...
The Vali tubes aren't replaceable so it's not a concern.  You take what they give you. The Vali sounds clear and detailed.  It has a little bit of warmth to it, but it's not a syrupy/tubey sounding amp.  I went from an Asgard 1 to a Vali and, for these particular headphones, it was a step up.  The Asgard 2 may be a different case, but it also costs significantly more.
Modi+Vali. Done.
 The length is just right for portable headphones. These are not portable headphones. Just my preference, of course, and you're right that they can't please everyone.  But, as far as home headphones go, this is on the ridiculous side for my uses.  Sitting at my desk, the amp is about 2 feet from my sitting position.  I can't swivel in my chair without the amp sliding across the desk.
Yep.  This is the only area where they REALLY fell short.   I shouldn't have to spend 100+ on a new cable to enjoy the headphones at home.   I'm opting for this:  http://www.amazon.com/Grado-Extension-Cable-4-57m-Headphone/dp/B0006DPNNK
Go with the Modi 2 Uber + Vali combo and call it a day. Seriously, you don't need to break the bank to get good sound out of these headphones.  This combo will also play nicely with your HD650.
 I'm afraid I can't offer comparisons to the Project amps. All I can say is that the 400i/Vali combo is outstanding.  Compared to the Asgard 1, it was a big step up.  At this point, I don't see any reason to go up the amp chain unless I were to buy far more difficult to drive headphones.
Jason, come on!   I'm pretty sure I've got a Modi sitting under the Christmas tree right now.  Curse you and your horrific timing!  *shakes fist*   I would have told Santa to hold off if I had known.    
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