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Now that I've looked into it more, I'm also curious about coolbaby11 since they say they can ship from within the US.  Interesting...
I believe the majority of people around here buy the Matrix through ebay user coolfungadget.   That's Tam Audios e-bay account if I remember correctly...
Has anyone tried pairing these with a Schiit Asgard?
269.99 at B&H.  Not $230, but not a bad price considering what they usually go for.   I believe their return policy is pretty generous if you don't like them.
I've heard of one person making that complaint.  Not sure what else to tell you.
They have repair centers all over.  You'll just have to pay for the fix...not sure how much it would cost.
Really?  To me it feels like spreading the headband apart tightens the clamp.  Am I insane?  
EQ boost through software instead of hardware?
  I use the Audinst HUD-mx1 with my 250 ohm 880s and have been very pleased.  Just in case you're looking for a more affordable entry level option.
  So far so good.  I don't claim to be an expert on sound that is able to pick out driver mismatches or small oddities in the frequency response.  All I can say is that these sound very nice to me.  The treble is more tame than my DT880s, but it's not soft or rolled off.  Mids feel very present to me, which I enjoy.  Bass is surprisingly good for such a small headphone and is certainly more present than it is on my 880s.  I wouldn't quite classify the sound as warm, but...
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