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Well, I just ordered the MSII today, so fingers crossed.  If I don't like it, I'm holding all of you personally responsible! 
Anyone have experience with the rocoo p, HM-601, or any of the Cowon units?
  And WAY out of my price range!  Sounds nice, though.  
So, what DAP is everyone using with their 1350 on the go?
  Awesome!   The 880s sound great on the Asgard.  I've been pleased.  I also like the Audinst in this setup and am almost afraid to switch to the HRT to mess up any synergy along the way.  I'm debating on getting the HRT or just saving up for the Bifrost eventually.  That could take some time, though...
It took me a couple of weeks to get the seal completely figured out.  Now they fit like a glove.   Comfort improves with time as well...
Yes, inches.   Not sure where you say that.  The Asgard has always been $249 + shipping.
Size: 9 x 6.75 x 2.25”   It's very solid and well-built.  I got mine used for $180, so you may be able to afford it sooner than you think.
There isn't any obvious coloration to the sound.  When I say punchier, I simply mean that the 880s are finally getting the amount of power they need to stretch their legs properly.  More authority in the bass, more intimate sounding vocals, etc.  I assumed the Audinst was already doing that since the volume was never an issue, but the extra power from the Asgard took them somewhere new.  
  Yes, power is the concern.  I listened to mine via the Audinst HUD-mx1 for quite a while and really enjoyed the combo.  Still, after upgrading to the Asgard I realized that my 880s had a lot more in them than I realized.  The Audinst was able to push them to perfectly loud levels, but the Asgard really makes them sing.  Things are punchier and more alive.   Just throwing it out there...
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