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The DT880 with tubes is a match made in heaven.  No wonder she liked it. I'd go with the Bengali...being a Bengals fan and all.  Be sure to make the logo orange and black.
 I think we should go with Vol. 3 for the event naming myself  Cool news on the WA7.  I think that officially wins you the "cool mom" award.
Awesome.   I'd love to check out the X3.
 Here's the thread: Hope to see you there!
Matt, if he can make it. That and the new Audeze top my wish-list of things to hear.
It's a Bell'O stand.  The TV is wall-mounted right above this.  Pretty well made stuff. And yeah...confession.   I was blasting the music while...dusting.  So, there you go.  The dark glass on top attracts dust like a magnet, but I try to stay on top of it. I really should use the dust cover on the turntable, but it just looks too sexy without it.    It really just takes a quick 30 second wipe down once a week and you're good to go.
Speaking of having fun with vinyl...those Led Zeppelin remasters are VERY well done.  This is how I spent a large part of my day off today. Sorry for the poor quality, but maybe this will help convince Theo to get back in the vinyl game.   Also featured in the video are my pet parrot, Mango, on vocals (background screaming), and my two dogs on percussion (nails clacking on the hardwood floor). And yes...speaker stands are very high on the priority list....
 If you're not picky, it can be done in an hour or two by using default settings. If you ARE picky, then it can take a very very long time.   Audacity is good for the initial rip, and I fell in love with this software for noise and click reduction ( But, my first rip took app. 3 hours and I know I didn't even scratch the surface of what's possible.  And, when the free trial expired, I couldn't quite bring myself to shell out $150 or whatever it...
 Yeah, I run it through this: It's a fine box, but not an audible upgrade over the built-in phono stage of the Onkyo.  I think a lot of what you're paying for is the usb hookup to digitize your records.  I've converted a few records with decent results, but quickly realized the process just isn't for me.  To do it properly, you really need to spend a couple hundred on software and take hours for each record to really...
 Yep, it's just a nice, solid receiver.  No bells or whistles. Pretty much the perfect option for me at the time when I was looking for a solid but affordable entry into the vinyl game. Now I've got my vinyl rig hooked up in the living room with our home entertainment system (surround sound), so a stereo receiver doesn't work.  Actually a decrease in sound quality, but now I've successfully made the TT a focal point of our house.  My 4 year-old is obsessed with it.  
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