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Well, the issue is that I can only afford one upgrade for the near future.     So, it's either the HE-500 with a compromised amp (until summer time, probably), or spending that money in other areas and worrying about the headphones down the road.
 $5-600.  I'd have to find the HE-500 used.
Hello all...debating on which part of my setup to upgrade next.  Comments and thoughts would be appreciated!   Here's my current chain:   Home:  HRT MSII --> Schiit Asgard 1 -->DT880 (250 ohm)   Work:  Audinst HUD-mx1 -->DT1350   Vinyl:  Pro-ject Debut Carbon --> Pro-ject Phono Box USB V Preamp -->Onkyo Receiver --> Pioneer Speakers   My two thoughts are:   1)  Bifrost to replace my MSII.   2)  HE-500 to replace my DT880   Funds are limited, and either one...
Wow, great deal.  If I knew I could get my DT880s sold quickly, I'd be all over it.
 You don't need anything fancy.  I'm quite pleased with them from my Audinst HUD-mx1.
leesure, you've been very generous with your time and comparisons.  Thank you.   I doubt you have one handy, but just in case, do you have any idea how the Vali would stack up to the Asgard 1?  
Awesome, thanks!   Is that PowerAMP you're using?  Does it play nicely with the E18?
 I sent you a PM both here and on facebook.  I wasn't sure what you meant by "Moon Audio on Facebook" since there's no account by that name. Hopefully, I'm entered. Thanks!
I'm pretty excited.  Will it ship with a USB OTG cable?
 For whatever reason, the 1350s just sound a little dull and lifeless on the MS2/Asgard combo.  I could speculate all day as to why that is, but who knows if I'd be right.  On the Audinst, the 1350s just sound a little more snappy and transparent.  It COULD simply be that I need to spend more time with the 1350/MS2/Asgard combo to allow my ears to adjust to the sound, but my initial snap impressions have been pretty meh. Now, with my DT880s (250 ohm), the MS2/Asgard combo...
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