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I ended up going with this pairing (Audinst + 250 ohm verison) and have been VERY pleased.     In a month or two I'm going to try out the Schiit Asgard and use my Audinst for the DAC portion, but for now I'm really enjoying what I've got.
I've got the 250 as well, and I found nothing on the headphones to indicate it.  I believe the 600 ohm version has it marked on the plug.   If you look on the box they came in, though, you should find all three versions listed, and your version should be checked.   Beyond that I'm sure you could measure it somehow, but I'm not really familiar with the process.
Thanks for the review, dweaver.  As a big fan of these headphones, it's refreshing to get a break from all the bashing :P
Dave Matthews Band.   Check out something from their latest album (Big Whiskey and the Groo Grux King).  
Haven't seen anything regarding DSD in the settings, but I'm completely ignorant here...   This is all I see in the audio settings:  
Alright, guys.  Need some help.   Got the mx1 today and LOVE it.  Works perfectly for music.   However, as soon as I tried to play a blu-ray (WinDVD), it caused the software to freak out.  The video stuttered and I was unable to get any sound.  The output in WinDVD was set to "Digital (S/PDIF) to external processor".  Any ideas?   Thanks!
dweaver, I think you summed my overall feelings up quite well.  Similar taste in music as well, so perhaps that's why we're both enjoying these so much.   I've found DMB to sound particularly good on the 940s as well if anyone is into them...    
Just ordered the Audinst this past weekend.  We'll see how long shipping takes.  I'm a bit irritated with Obama since I found out he's in South Korea.  Why on earth didn't he just bring my amp back with him so I could avoid this shipping hassle?     I plan to pick up on Asgard in a couple of months to pair with it.  Here's hoping that's a good combo...
For those of you who have ordered through the Audinst ebay store...   How was the process?  Were they communicative about shipping, etc?  How long did it take?  If in the US, did you have to pay any extra fees, etc.?   Thanks!
Looking for one of these two items in good condition with all original accessories.   Thanks!
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