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 Ignore him.  The combination is fantastic. I wouldn't dream of saying it's better than your NFB or Magni 2 since I haven't heard either of those.  But, I AM saying that the power is a non-issue.
 Do you have an estimated delivery date? If so, sit back and relax.  USPS priority is pretty reliable.
 The Vali is not inadequate. I'm guessing your friend is going off of numbers and has never heard the combo? I barely go past 9 o'clock when listening.
 I never had a T1    Yes, meet conditions may not be ideal.  But, that's not about to stop me from trying! I'm thinking the improvement in my setup will be minimal.
Just got my shipping notification!  Ordered on the 26th.   Let the good times roll.   Unfortunately, unlike Spiral, I did NOT spring for the 2-day shipping.
 Alright, Jay. At this next meet, I'll be VERY curious to see if the Wyrd makes any difference with the Modi 2 U/ Vali setup.  Hang onto that one for me, please!
 Nice, Jay! Hang onto it and we may both have a mini-schiit stack at the next meet.
 Ah, good to hear from you! Looking for a change of venue this time around or are you still pleased with the drug dealer den?  
 Good news! What's the shipping time look like?
New Posts  All Forums: