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Huntsville is 2 hours south of me.  I could swing it if it fell at just the right time.   Franklin would be very doable, of course.
 Nothing that I know of, sadly. What we really need is for someone to commit to hosting/organizing.  Wish I could, but life is a little too crazy right now. But, if someone pulls it together, I'll do everything I can to attend.
Agree with pushing them back further on your ears.  Seemed unnatural at first, but it did the trick for me.
 Man...we could have a meetup with your gear alone. Nice collection.
My jaw is dropping... Sounds heavenly...there is the fact, though, that I use these for portable use which means the sound isolation is pretty necessary.   Would absolutely love to hear an open-back version.
Whoah...hold on here.   You made them open back phones?  Or is the grill just for show?
Maybe we should all post our gear and see if we have enough diversity to make a mini-meetup worthwhile?
FAR more accurate and balanced.  Better clarity.   Bass doesn't stand out as much, but that's because I think the bass on the M80 is extremely colored.  The bass on the 1350s extends very deep.   When I listened to the M80s, I got the impression that they had a fun and different sound, but nothing sounded exactly "right".  I would listen to something I was familiar with like Radiohead and enjoyed it.  But, it just wasn't how Radiohead was "supposed" to sound if that makes...
Sure.  I watched the Vali thread for a while, so I'm up on the sound signature and microphonics.  But, it's nice to hear about how it pairs with specific headphones.  I also have the DT880 and I've heard good things about it paired with the Vali as well. As for the 1350, I've found it a little funny with certain amps.  I actually love it with my Audinst HUD-mx1, but really don't like it at all when paired with my Asgard 1.  I have no idea what it is, but the Asgard just...
Nice!  Thanks for the tip. I don't have the Vali, but at such a low price the temptation to buy it is always there...
New Posts  All Forums: