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Nope, just curious.  He was a good contributor to the last one and I was curious to see if he still had dreams of opening a headphone shop out in AL. Also, I'm getting a Valhalla loaner and it made me think of the sleek black Valhalla Ben brought along last time.
Does anyone know if Ben's going to be making this meet?
I'll do you guys one better.   I've never heard the HD600 OR HD650.   And, I love college football as well, but how about some NFL talk?  
All I know is that the original Valhalla really matched the 880s beautifully since they tend to be on the slightly bright/grainy side.  The Valhalla really smoothed them out. I'm hoping v. 2 will do the same.
I'm very interested in the Valhalla 2 as well.   I've heard some say it has less of a tube sound than the original, which would actually be a tad disappointing.  Is there any truth to that?   And, for the record, I'm actually FAR more interested in the 400i than I am in the 560.  Partially because I might actually be able to afford them, and also because I dug the HE-500 sound so much.
Alright, guys, I'm working out the details with HiFiMan, but they have confirmed that I will have a loaner pair of 560s and 400is for the meet.   It sounds as if a couple of you may buy and bring your own personal pairs as well which I wasn't anticipating, but hopefully this will give more head time for those that are interested in hearing them.
Alright, so the question I've been struggling with for the past few months.   500 or 400i?   Throw out physical design entirely.  Purely based on sound...
 That'd be awesome. I'm always happy to listen to the 500s again.  Love those cans...
Ha! I had already arranged to get both of those from Peter specifically for the meet.  But, if you're going to handle it, then I'll e-mail him and tell him nevermind.
A Skyline in Middle Tennessee?   Sorry, but that's a very bad idea.  I'd be 500 lbs by the end of summer...
New Posts  All Forums: