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 A few recommendations.  This is just the tip of the iceburg, so let me know if you want more: Burgers:Burger Up - Great place...all local ingredients.  Has a location in Franklin.Pharmacy Burger - East Nashville hipster place.  Pretty solid burgers. BBQ:Peg Leg Porker - There are other bbq places, but this is probably #2 on my list in Nashville.  #1 is way outside of town and wouldn't be convenient for people to get to.  Great dry ribs. Southern:Puckett's - Awesome meat...
 I've got a million dinner suggestions...just give me a "genre" of food and I'll spit out a list :P I think I'll be able to make it Friday night. Really excited to hear all of that beyer stuff, by the way... Theo, is your HE6 making the trip?
Let me talk to the wife about the possibility of dinner the night before.   I'd definitely be down if I can get permission from the boss...   As for the meet itself, I'll probably be there on the early side of that time frame.   I'll bring my camera, but I don't have the right gear for great indoor shots...I'll do what I can, but if someone else has nice gear with a reasonable flash, then by all means bring it!
Thanks, Theogenes.   As a side note, I sure wish one of you had pre-ordered the new HE-560!  :P
Guys, Theogene's working his tail off on this.   Let's all be sure and show our appreciation by showing up and making this a worthwhile event.  Something to build on, for sure...   I'm looking forward to it!
 No idea.  He hasn't been on HF in over a month...
Well, guys, I hate to be the wet blanket, but it really doesn't look like this meet is going to be pulled off, does it?   Has anyone heard from the organizer?   Unless, of course, someone else is able to jump in and save the day...
An extra pair of 560s that you're going to mail to me? Awwww, thanks Jerg.  You shouldn't have. Except that, really, you should. Just Kidding. But not really.
It just takes time for the pads to soften. They bothered me at first, but I have no comfort issues now.  It's different for everyone, of course.
Yes, please!   Facebook and Twitter done.     Thanks for the opportunity!
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