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 Awesome.  I've seen other people do this. Would love to plug your headphones into my system and hear the result. How much did it cost you get the HE-560 cups/headband?
Bah! You complimented my gear, but with this statement all your credibility goes out the window.  
 We should set up next to each other.  When people listen to your stuff and you tell them they should buy x, y, or z, I can stand behind you waving my hands frantically and shaking my head no.   It'll be like providing balance to the force.
I swear...reading this thread, I'm pretty confident I should win an award for having the most static lineup of audio gear.   I hope this award comes with a monetary prize.   I could use it to upgrade my gear 
 Welcome back!
 Have you ever been?  That'd be a bucket list item for me.
Throw out some prices on the Wyrd units.  I need to know how to arrange my funds, in case it sounds good in my setup :P
 Your signature already has a Wyrd listed as part of your audio chain!Don't be greedy :P
If anyone has a Wyrd they're looking to unload, I may be interested.
 I've head a lot of good things about the Regen.
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