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Black Bifrost.  In fine condition.   This was updated from the Uber version.  I still have the Uber card and will ship it with the unit.     I'm the 2nd owner.  Have the original packaging/instructions.   $260 + shipping.   Can add pics tonight or tomorrow.     Thanks!
It's the week before the state cross country meet and our last Saturday practice of the season, so I'd say it doesn't look good.   Will wait and make a decision later, though.
You're right...the Valhalla 2 is not by any means your traditional warm tube amp.  Within the world of tube amps, it leans towards a more lean and clinical presentation.  In my opinion, the HD600 and HD650 both benefit from this.  The 650 especially. Though, again, I'm not tossing the Ember under the bus here.  It does just fine with the HD lineup.  
 I think so, but I haven't heard either of them.  I try to keep my recommendations limited to things I've owned/heard extensively.  
The Valhalla is an OTL tube amp and is designed specifically with high impedance phones like the HD6X0 in mind.  But, if you decide to branch out in the future, especially into planars, then the Ember is a better option.  
Don't dismiss the Ember.  The HD600 sounds fantastic with it when paired with a 6N6P tube. Honestly, though, if you feel you're going to be using the 600 for a long time, I'd recommend the Valhalla 2.  If you think your headphone stable might fluctuate a bit, then the Ember gives you better versatility.  
Yep. I tossed all my other tubes into a drawer and haven't touched them since.
 I don't think there's better value than the Bifrost 4490, which you already have.  Be content and enjoy the tunes.
 The HE500 and DT1350 have been my only two for a couple of years now.  Selling the 1350s this week to replace with the MEE Pinnacle P1.  Time to figure out what this IEM thing is all about.
 Yep, the thing is TINY and very easy to hide.  They provide two usb connectors that are both very short and intended to keep the Regen tucked in behind the DAC.  
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