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HE-6   Absolutely better than the HE-500 and sounded just fine with my Bifrost 4490 and Project Ember II.  But, going back to the 500s never left me disappointed, and I'd rather pocket the extra $500 by going with the better value (in my opinion).   HE-560   Better in technicalities, but very track specific.  With jazz, it's a pretty heavenly headphone.  Put on something like Nirvana and they make me want to rip them off my head.  I find the 500s to be more...
@Theogenes, I'll echo a couple of your sentiments.   The Magnavox CD player was very nice.  And, like you, I felt it slaughtered the Denon DA-500.  I feel like they are on opposite ends of the spectrum.   The Magnavox was very warm and inviting.  It didn't offer tons of detail, but the organic sound made up for that quite well.  Clapton Unplugged sounded pretty fantastic on it.  The Denon had significantly more detail, but sounded a bit nasally and dry in comparison....
Good to see you there. Get there a little earlier next time so you can really give everything a good listen.  
We should make sure Matt survived the night before we make any more jokes.
I work about 2-3 blocks from there.  Be sure to wave 
 That's dedication right there, friends.See you at dinner tonight. You can try to convince me to not be such a wimp when it comes to audio mods. :P
 I'd enjoy making a cable and/or building a small amp (cmoy or something cheap that I could give away to a student afterwards).  Probably both decent places to start.
Yep, I definitely want to learn. Don't know that this particular mode would be worth it to me, though, as I have no comfort issues with the old HFM phones.
Piece of cake if you have soldering skills :P Can you link to your photo guide?
 Awesome. I'd be scared to death to transplant drivers like that.  
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