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 Hey, the 400i is an awesome headphone. The difference is going to have to be pretty significant for me to make the change.
 Actually, I have no idea if I will or not.  Depends on when I get them, I suppose. And, THEN, it depends on if I buy them.  
The pair I'm getting is heavily modded with jergpads, etc.   Will be interesting to compare those to the Focus Pads.  I'm hoping they're similar because the Focus Pads sure are comfortable.
 Nice! I'm getting a loaner pair of HE-500s to try out. Did you ever try them with the Focus Pads or Focus-A pads?
Yes, I'll be attempting it soon.
Yazoo is the local hero.  They make good stuff.
 Smaller soundstage than well-modded HE-500s, but it's not a huge deal. The 400is will sound spacious if a track is recorded that way.  It certainly won't add anything artificial.  While it may sound a little in your face at times, instrument separation is good and I certainly wouldn't describe the sound as "congested". Better depth than width to my ears. I've found this is one area where amping actually can make a difference.  Going from the Asgard 1 to the Vali made the...
 Nice! We're definitely hanging out sometime.  
Ah, the SR80i.  My entry drug into this hobby.  I wouldn't mind hearing them again...
@MattTCG   Do you still have any of the materials you used for the 400i grill mod?  I'm not an upgrade guy, but this is one I'm still mulling over.
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