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Very interested in hearing your Lyr 2, by the way. They seem to match HiFiMan orthos well, so it's top of my list to try.
Okay, enough college football talk.  It's Sunday, people.   Go Bengals!   Getting the road win in Baltimore is big even though they nearly gave me a heart attack in the process.   Theo, I agree that both portables are steals for the money.  The T51 just had a slightly boomier/fuzzier bass and the lack of clamp force killed me...felt like they were always going to fall off my head.  Otherwise, they were dead even in my book.   I got really excited when people...
I chose the 1350s and I stand by it!  
 It's cool.  This meet will only get bigger from here. We're going to grow this thing, and I'm designing a graphic for the next one. My photoshop skills are semi-respectable.   
It all depends on how you define "defects in certain recordings". The fact that a particular recording has a lot of sound in the 3-4k region doesn't necessarily make it "bad".  Perhaps the singer's vocal range just happens to reside in that region, or the band uses an instrument that hits that spot a lot.  But, if the frequency response of the headphone happens to be emphasized in the same region, then it has the effect of emphasizing that sound...perhaps too much....
 I would doubt it, but who knows? I know Puckett's didn't pan out last time.  If you're still interested in it, you could try the Franklin location and see if they take reservations.
 I think either would work. Do you feel like driving 2 hours early in the morning or later in the evening?
 It's a combination of the recording and the headphones.  According to the FR graphs, these have a couple of peaks to them.  If a particular track happens to have a lot of sound focused around one of those peaks, then the recording simply serves to highlight that particular aspect of the headphones. Just like if you happened to have a bass-heavy headphone and used them to listen to an extremely bass-heavy song...the result could be a bit...overwhelming.   Thankfully, these...
 It's VERY track specific.  95% of the tracks I listen to - no problem at all with the vocals.  They sound "right". Certain recordings, though...old Billie Holiday stuff, for example, can hit me as a little harsh at times.  
 I was having some issues with hot vocals (mostly female) on some tracks, but this seems to have calmed down a bit over the past few days.  About 72 hours in now. Whether that's actual physical break-in or my own mental break-in, I don't know.  And, frankly, I don't care.  
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