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I'm interested in the pre-amp option.  I'd be 100% happy with the Asgard 1 if it had that option...
  Oh, definitely.  I wasn't thinking about those #s as I typed them.     Although, selling an Asgard may become slightly more difficult once the 2 is released.
Man...they need some kind of upgrade deal.  Turn in your old Asgard 1 and get $100 off your Asgard 2 or something along those lines.   I'd be game.
  Very true, which is a double-edged sword.  Yes, it's more work, but that simply means that I value the results that much more.   It's certainly not for everyone, though.     A good friend of mine thinks that I've lost my mind.  He told me I'm going to raise my daughter to ride down the street in a horse and buggy blasting her gramophone.  I'm cool with that.  
  Agreed:   Here were my first three vinyl purchases:                              I keep catching myself lying on my living room floor at midnight listening to these and reading along with the lyric books.  It's been making for miserably tired days at work 
Just got into the vinyl game myself, mostly to escape the "loudness war" that Morbid has mentioned.     I ended up with the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon along with their Phono Box USB V Pre-amp.     VERY pleased with the set up so far and will definitely be looking into some upgrades in the future.  I very much enjoy listening through headphones, but like Morbid said, you will hear a lot more of the crackles and pops that way.  A nice clean record will limit this, but...
For home use, the Audinst HUD-mx1 has suited me quite well.  As others have said, on the go, I just use them straight out of my phone.  
Awesome, thanks!
I would be shocked if there isn't.     If you have any questions, I'd send a PM to DavidMahler.  He's extremely helpful.
So, there are obviously a lot of songs that sound great on the 1350s.  Even so, there are certain times where a song comes up that sounds like it was made speficically for these headphones.   All I Need by Radiohead absolutely stopped me in my tracks yesterday.    Go forth and listen :)   If possible, get a high quality version of the song...the youtube versions are alright, but completely miss on the drum and bass impact that pairs so well with these amazing...
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