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 Yeah, I did all this online.   This is what I see when I shop online:  I didn't expect the UPGRADE promo code to work on top of this, but lo and behold...there was much rejoicing.
 Ummmm, okay.   On sale for $572 if you choose monthly payments.  Kind of funny that you don't get the discount if you buy the device outright. -$100 for UPGRADE promo entered at checkout = $472.  I assume this only works for people who are due for a phone upgrade. -$100 for LG Rebate = $372. But that's cool.  Guess I'm either a liar, or just really bad at math.  And, as a math teacher, that would be highly unfortunate. 
Just placed my order! Good deal from Verizon this weekend. They have it marked down to $572 for the weekend. And, there was a $100 off upgrade promo that knocked it down to $472. Plus, LG has a $100 prepaid card promo right now. The V10 for $372? Yes, please! My only hesitation is that I've read several reports of the headphone jack going bad, but I'll take my chances with the 1-year warranty. Plan to pair it with my DT1350...
 It's a good pairing. It won't soften up the 800s or transform them into something smooth and sweet.  And, if you're an HD800 fan, then this is a good thing.  Their character is is still intact. Some have reported a little treble etch, but not everyone can hear it.  I can't, so I have no real input on that one.
 Nope. It's a slight jab at the folks who think that power is the only thing that matters.   This isn't pointed at badfish or anyone in particular...the call for POWER above all else just gets a little tired after a while.   "Oh, you think that headphone and amp pairing sounds good!?!?   You've lost your mind.  Nothing short of a nuclear reactor is sufficient to drove THOSE headphones".
 Probably so.  Moar power is rarely the answer, but moreso the overall implementation of the amp. That said, moar power with these headphones certainly doesn't seem to hurt, either.   The Project Ember makes them sing.  Hybrid tube amps seem to be a smart choice.  
 Modi 2U --> Ember II --> HE-500
 That's not true for everyone.  I've spent a grand total of $25 on a single tube thus far :P  Of course, I cheated...bought the amp 2nd hand and it came with several tubes already.   Listen to people who have been around the block with this amp and make a decision.  Better yet, just take Jeremy's advice on a 6N6P Gold Grid and call it a day.
 Generally speaking, the power obsession is overrated.  The 500s can sound fine out of something like the O2 or Vali.  In my experience, they do sound better when you start feeding them more power, but only as long as overall amp implementation is good.  A bad speaker amp is going to make the 500s sound like crap, regardless of how much juice it's putting out there.   As an aside, putting more power into the 500s isn't about volume.  It's about better dynamics, tighter...
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