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Looking forward to hearing that. Last meet I finally got to hear the famous Senn 600/650, but I've still never heard any of the AKGs.  Time to cross something else off my list.
Dinner: Yes, I'll be there. BBQ won't offer reservations, but that's my pick anyway. I imagine we'll be able to get in at Peg Leg. My bigger concern is live music, which they sometimes have. Conversation would be difficult... T-shirt: Yes. Medium or Large depending on where you order from.
 Oh, you won't be getting reservations anywhere like that.  May ask what lines are typically like on a Friday night, I suppose.
 Pad-rolling on the 500s, of course, will help increase soundstage and comfort.
 I use the Vali with my 500s and think it's a fantastic combination. Paired with the modi 2U.
 My first go to is Eric Clapton, Unplugged. If headphones make this album feel lifeless, then they're out immediately.  If the headphones put me in the room, then I'm sold. This was the first album I queued up when I got the HE-500s and it was love at first listen.
If doing BBQ, there are only two options are far as I'm concerned:   1)  Peg Leg Porker:  http://peglegporker.com/   No idea how crowded it is on a Friday night, but I love the place.  The dry ribs are fantastic and all the sides are solid.  Also has a bar.     2)  Edley's:  http://edleysbbq.com/   It's all the rage right now, and it's really quite good.  But, since all of the hipsters in town have dubbed this the best bbq on the planet, it tends to be pretty...
 Ah, Matt.  You're just a hater.
 Sheesh...what headphones wouldn't sound good on that setup?  :P
 Rock on.   Can't wait for Theo to see this...
New Posts  All Forums: