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This is all really interesting.  When the 400i/560 was first released, HFM swore up and down that the headbands weren't compatible with their old line.   Either they were lying to us then to encourage us to by their new line or this particular salesman has no clue what he/she is talking about.
Cool. Give it some time to really let the impressions sink in. The FocusPads, of course, were based off of jerg's mod.
It's one of the steps of the jergpad mod (towards the end).  Still the best sounding pads for these headphones in my experience. http://www.head-fi.org/t/646812/hifiman-he500-he400-jergpad-mod-v2-5
Here's something I've noticed and I'd be curious to get other takes on it:   I plug in my headphones and the hi-fi icon lights up.  I start my music in either Google Play Music (downloaded content only) or the default LG app.     The music sounds alright, but I notice I can max out the volume and the levels are still comfortable, which isn't the correct behavior.  When I toggle the hifi icon on and off there's a pause in the music, but no change in volume.  The quality...
$100 off black friday deal, $100 upgrade discount, and $100 LG rebate card. As a side note, I'm using Google Play Music now...it works well with the DAC as long as you're not listening to streaming content.  Since I only listen to physical files on my phone it works well for now.
Skyline315   I'd love to see some headphone cables featured in a drop.  I'm in the market, but want something straightforward and reasonable at a decent price.     No need for anything exotic.  Just something well built and practical.   Thanks!
 I'm sure Jeremy has some good ones at a reasonable price.  Mine is an Amperex (rebranded Mullard tube) and I love it.
Don't worry too much about tubes at first.  Just listen to one or two and really acclimate yourself to what you're hearing. I'd recommend the 6DJ8 as an excellent all arounder.  The 6N6P is better for headphones that could use a little darkening.  Neither of these tubes require extra adapters or hassle. Start with those and be content until you really get a handle on things.
Phone is here. It's really a tremendous phone. As long as you're okay with the bigger size, then I really don't see any drawbacks. I think the music playback ability of the device is being a little overhyped in here, but it IS better than any cell phone I've had so far. This phone won't have the refinement of top-tier DAPs, but everything sounds nice and balanced. With the DT1350 there's a ridiculous amount of headroom/power to drive them well. The bass feels a hair...
   We've been Verizon for over a decade and know how to play the system. We currently have two lines and 6 GBs of shared data with unlimited talk and texting for $88/month. Where we live there's really no other choice for us.  Verizon has the best reception.  I teach in a building that was built in the 1800s and was an atomic bomb shelter at one point.  Verizon is the only carrier that can still get good reception through those walls of stone and lead.    It was a bummer...
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