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Payment pending...
Hey all,   I'm selling my Schiit Asgard.  It's in very good condition and perfect working order.  It's served me well with my DT880s and then HE-400is.   I've decided to get the Schiit Vali to introduce a little tube magic to my headphones, and am simply selling this to fund the purchase.   This particular unit has been passed around a little, so I don't have the original box/documentation.  It will be packaged well and comes with the power cable.   I purchased it...
Just ordered the Vali for my 400i.      Looking forward to hearing these phones with a little tube magic mixed in.
If you decide to sell them at some point (and you usually do!), let me know. I'd have to sell my 400i to fund the purchase, but it may be worth it.
Thanks, Joe.   I've got the 400i and really love them.  But, I just can't shake the idea that I like the 500s a TAD more.  They both retail for $499, so I could probably do a straight trade with someone, but can't make up my mind.   The 500s I heard were heavily modded, which I'm sure impacts things.   Based on memory of the 500s, the bass was a little boomy.  I prefer the 400is tighter bass.  The 500s also lacked a little edge/bite on guitars, especially acoustics....
The vocals are slightly more upfront than neutral, but I wouldn't call them aggressive or harsh unless the vocals are recorded that way to begin with. I think trumpet sounds outstanding. Any time Miles Davis comes on while listening to the 400i, I have no choice but to stop everything I'm doing and listen.
That was my impression. I believe someone said earlier that the dimensions were every so slightly different, but hadn't bothered to double check.  I thought maybe the earcups were slightly thicker/thinner.
 HFM replied via PM and said that the 560 case works for the 400i.   It didn't sound like a ringing endorsement for it being a perfect fit, but it sounds like it will get the job done.
 I sent a PM to HFM this morning.  I'll let everyone know once I hear back.
 Well, I suppose that depends on how you define "better". It seems as for you that would equal the bass being more present.  If so, then I did not find that to be the case with burn-in.
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