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 Nope. It's a slight jab at the folks who think that power is the only thing that matters.   This isn't pointed at badfish or anyone in particular...the call for POWER above all else just gets a little tired after a while.   "Oh, you think that headphone and amp pairing sounds good!?!?   You've lost your mind.  Nothing short of a nuclear reactor is sufficient to drove THOSE headphones".
 Probably so.  Moar power is rarely the answer, but moreso the overall implementation of the amp. That said, moar power with these headphones certainly doesn't seem to hurt, either.   The Project Ember makes them sing.  Hybrid tube amps seem to be a smart choice.  
 Modi 2U --> Ember II --> HE-500
 That's not true for everyone.  I've spent a grand total of $25 on a single tube thus far :P  Of course, I cheated...bought the amp 2nd hand and it came with several tubes already.   Listen to people who have been around the block with this amp and make a decision.  Better yet, just take Jeremy's advice on a 6N6P Gold Grid and call it a day.
 Generally speaking, the power obsession is overrated.  The 500s can sound fine out of something like the O2 or Vali.  In my experience, they do sound better when you start feeding them more power, but only as long as overall amp implementation is good.  A bad speaker amp is going to make the 500s sound like crap, regardless of how much juice it's putting out there.   As an aside, putting more power into the 500s isn't about volume.  It's about better dynamics, tighter...
I've got an HE-6 on loan that I'm driving with a Project Ember.  It gets the job done, and I agree with others that it's simply in another class regarding refinement.  Probably my favorite headphone.   BUT, after going back to my HE-500, it doesn't embarrass itself, and the value (I got mine for $330) is simply too good to pass up. 
 I like my 6DJ8 amperex orange globe. It doesn't do one thing spectacularly, but it's a nice all rounder. A welcoming, engaging sound.
 The one coming from Jeremy will be new, so give it some hours to settle in.  It sounds a little dark/treble shy at first, but opens up after it gets nice and toasty.  I noticed a pretty drastic change over the first few hours, but nothing major after that.  
6n6p gold grid. You can buy it from Jeremy directly.
New Posts  All Forums: