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 If you want the full app, you have to pay for it. Alpha or not. Without paying you get a 2-week trial.Alpha is just the newest version. It's still in testing so it hasn't been put out in the Play Store yet.
 Impact Audio Cables on Etsy.  $68 for the base HFM cable.
I prefer the 500 to all HE models except for 6 and 1k.  And, well, you know...unless you have $1-3,000+ lying around...
Ah, I never said the Uberfrost was better :P  This is the exact thing I'm grappling with, in fact. I had the Modi 2 Uber which worked wonderfully with the Ember.  I got the Bimby on loaner and instantly realized my days with the Modi were done.  More spacious and more refined.  Definitely a laid back and smooth sound which I enjoy, but it didn't sound dead, either.  Just enough energy and slam without sounding digital or fatiguing.  Very nice. BUT, the Bimby was way out of...
 Haha no worries.  I found my ideal tube (6N6P), so unsubscribed from the tube discussion thread.  And, then the discussion followed me here!   Anyway, to get back on track, I upgraded my DAC to the Bifrost Uber (from the Modi).  I also was able to audition the Bimby for a while.   I'm happy to say that the Ember and HE-500 combo made DAC changes quite transparent.  It's nice to know that the amp/headphone combo hasn't bottlenecked me yet.
Don't we have a tube discussion page for this, folks?  
 Modi/Vali 2.   You should be set for a good while.
I use my V10 without a case and think the build quality is pretty fantastic.  I'll take the rugged aesthetic any day over the glass/fingerprint magnet you get from Samsung.  
 They actually sound pretty great out of my humble Project Ember.  I've been borrowing a pair for the past few months and have really enjoyed the combo. The only headphone  I've ever enjoyed more is the HE-1K.  Not that it's any "better" than the HE-6, but it's just the best headphone I've run across for pure relaxation and letting the world around you melt away.  Unfortunately, the price drives them both out of my bracket. The good news, though?  When I go back to the...
 My own opinion is just that they simply don't do anything special.  I listened to them, shrugged, and walked away.  I'm not really sure what they add to the market.
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