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 It's tough!  Unlike the sleezy bachelors on that show, however, I have vowed to keep my tongue in my mouth until AFTER I've made my decision.  TV ratings be damned. You need to find some time in that busy schedule to come over here and help me break the tie.     Oh, I know.  But, as you'll see at the meet, a ton of people will have countless toys and gadgets spanning several tables.  This is awesome, because it's like a day in an amusement park for me.  That said, I'll be...
 I actually buy and sell VERY infrequently. I never own more than 2 pairs of headphones at a time.  1 portable (DT1350 which I've had for over 2 years now) and 1 for home listening.   Was/Am very content with the 400i, but the memory of the HE-500 has haunted me for a while.  After a couple hours with the 500 tonight, it's going to be a tough call.
 Doubt I'll still have both of them at the time of the meet, but we shall see. Will probably have to make a decision at some point before then...
HE-500s are officiall in hand.     Let the 500 v 400i shootout begin...
HRT MSII in very good condition.  No obvious blemishes.   Have original box, instruction card, and even the original rubber feet which I did not use.   Will also include usb cable (I don't remember if it came with the product originally) and some short/beefy RCA cables.     Price includes shipping.     Paypal gift preferred, or add % on to cover paypal fees.   This is a really excellent entry-level DAC, purchased brand new for $160 in October, 2012.  If you're...
Awesome! Have you ever checked back with Emotiva?
 Modi Uber/Vali. I've listened to the 400i on a ton of different amps (most of the lower/mid-range Schiit line), and also more expensive ones like the beyerdynamic A2 ($1700) and Lynx Hilo ($2500). The Vali didn't embarass itself. No, I'm not saying it's as good as those TOTL amps.  But, with the 400i, it'll give you everything you need.
 And it's a great tube amp to start with.  It gives you a taste of what they're all about without having to worry about tube rolling and dumping tons of money into that hole.
It's debated. I believe so, yes. Others prefer the slightly elevated (albeit in my opinion, boomier) bass of the T51p. At our last headphone meetup, the 51p won, 3-2.  I was on the 1350 side.
Glad you're well.  Relatively speaking.   We spent the day holed up in the house, except for the 1.5 hours that my little girl and I spent outside having an "adventure".   I was really incredibly bummed by not getting some actual snow, but I suppose we should just be grateful to still have power.  I remember the ice storm in 94 when power was out for a week.  Now THAT was a mess.
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