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I use my V10 without a case and think the build quality is pretty fantastic.  I'll take the rugged aesthetic any day over the glass/fingerprint magnet you get from Samsung.  
 They actually sound pretty great out of my humble Project Ember.  I've been borrowing a pair for the past few months and have really enjoyed the combo. The only headphone  I've ever enjoyed more is the HE-1K.  Not that it's any "better" than the HE-6, but it's just the best headphone I've run across for pure relaxation and letting the world around you melt away.  Unfortunately, the price drives them both out of my bracket. The good news, though?  When I go back to the...
 My own opinion is just that they simply don't do anything special.  I listened to them, shrugged, and walked away.  I'm not really sure what they add to the market.
 Nah, I got in touch yesterday. He's just a busy guy.  No need for worry.  
Hey all, has anyone heard from Burnley lately?   I've messaged him on here and sent a few texts, but nothing....
It's been mostly eliminated on v2, though not entirely.  If you have sensitive headphone and you really listen when the music is paused you can hear the scratching. But, practically speaking, it's a non-issue now.
 I disagree 100% I found the Bimby to be a relaxing listen paired with the HE-500, HE-6, and HD650.  Project Ember as my amp.   Many consider Bimby to be on the warmer side. Just throwing that out there...I have no doubt that it didn't work for you, but hard digital edge doesn't match with what I've heard.
 It does for me as long as the Dac Fix app is enabled...
 You can Google it.  Jeremy from Garage1217 posts there as does Solderdude, who designed all of the Garage products.  
 You can check out the Diyah boards for a ton of Ember discussion.  I'm sure someone there has your headphones and can offer their preferred settings. If you go in blind, I'd start with high gain / low impedence and work from there.  Jump back and forth between high and low gain first.  Once you settle on the one you like best, you can change the impedence settings one at a time and see what it does to the sound.
New Posts  All Forums: