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It actually has some grey in there, too. The colors sure are tempting, but I have a black Bifrost and silver headphone stand.  Just wanted to stick with the theme.  
 Tool?  Never heard of 'em.  Must be some 2nd-tier hacks still trying to cut it in the biz.  
 Alabama Shakes and Son Lux are both coming to town.  Don't have tickets to either yet, but am definitely mulling it over.
I'll add mine to the list.  Lovely cable for my HE-500.   Lindsay was a pleasure to work with:  
 April 9th looks good to me.May is tough for teachers, in general.
No sticker on the back?  When I ordered the upgrade card they sent me a small silver sticker to put on the back of the unit.  If you bought it new from Schiit, then it comes standard now, so I'm sure you're good. Installed the card yesterday and I'm really astounded at what a $70 upgrade can do.  Relative to the Uberfrost there is a sudden lack of congestion which is really the best way I can describe what I'm hearing.  A bit of a boost to the bass and drum attack.  It's...
My 4490 upgrade arrives tomorrow (upgrading from Uber). I'm pretty stoked
 Why both?Unless you're going to have a primary and secondary rig...Otherwise, there's no need for anything beyond the Yggy.
 Relative to what? It improved it over my Vali 1, but I can't comment much beyond that.   Then again, I've always been fine with the soundstage on the 500s.  It's not overly expansive, but it feels realistic to me.
The best pairing I've found with the Ember and HE-500 is the 6N6P Russian Gold Grid.  I purchased mine straight from Jeremy.
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