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I preferred the sound of the 1350s as well, although I was in the minority (several of us compared them at a headphone meetup). Regarding comfort, I have actually gotten used to the clamping force of the 1350s.  It's like a nice comforting hug.  While the earpads were certainly softer on the T51s and it was easy to get a good seal, I constantly felt like the headphones were going to fall off my head.  The lack of an adjustable split headband also really bothered me.
Theo, I take exception to your signature.   Of all the Saved By the Bell cast, Screech is probably the ONLY one that'd be caught at an event like this :P   I'm a geek and proud of it!  
MattTCG almost came last time.  Any word from him?
   Did the HE-400 and HE-500 come in the same packaging?  I think that's your giveaway...
Can't wait to hear these.  They sound like they might be a better fit for me than the 560s...   And they'll certainly be a better fit for my wallet!
I've been listening to my 880s on an Asgard.  It's a perfectly fine match. A few weeks ago, I had the chance to listen with the Valhalla and they sounded like a completely new set of headphones.  It took away some of the edge and graininess and felt like a near perfect pairing. I've now got the Valhalla 2 on the top of my wishlist.
 You posted.  You are now in a legally binding agreement to be present. Plus, you'll probably be the only other person there that knows what Skyline Chili is, which automatically makes you the 2nd coolest person in the room.   
Nice! Can't wait to finally hear the HD800...
I would love to hear the HE-400 and the HD600 both.
Surely, someone is going to buy the HE-560 between now and then?  Right?  Anyone...?  
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