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Meh.  Lennox villiage is a nuisance for me, but I'm probably the only one coming from the Mt. Juliet area.  I'm also biased since I work downtown. If you're looking for BBQ, then I'd suggest Peg Leg Porker. No idea on their beer selection, though.  Also, I think they have live music some nights, so you'd want to check that in advance.  
 Well, it's more of the fact that I can't afford a stable of headphones.  Got to sell one to afford another, I'm afraid.  
As a side note, anyone interested in buying a pair of DT880 premium 250 ohm?  
Burger Republic has a location near downtown.  Great burgers and a pretty solid beer selection. Not sure I'll be able to go to dinner this year.  Just realized I have a big cross country meet the morning of the 20th.  I'll still come to the meet, but it won't be til later in the day.  However, my wife would probably divorce me (and rightfully so) if I were gone all night on Friday and then all day on Saturday as well.  
Oh, I've already got an Asgard 1 to use with them, and it sounds fine.   Just wondering if any particular amp pairings would really make them sing.  When I stumbled upon the Valhalla (and really any good OTL tube amp) for my DT880s, it was mind-blowing.
Alright.  So, I'm 95% sure I'm going to be buying this demo pair of HE-400is.     So, Mission #1 at the meet:   Find the best amp pairing possible.  This is a mission I feel quite confident you will all help me in accomplishing.  Ready team?  Huddle up!  and...BREAK!
 Not an option for me, either. I've had to get in on tours and rely on the kindness of others.
 I'm struggling with the same question. Have you heard the 500s? I love them, personally.  My two complaints were that guitars sometimes lacked a little "bite" to them and that the bass was muddy at times. The 400i fixes both of those things.  The bass feels a little cleaner and there's a little more edge on the treble end of of the spectrum.   That said, subjectively, the 500's sound felt a little more enveloping to me.  I don't have enough listening time on the 400i yet...
Just got the HE-400i touring unit today.     So far, so good.  Coming from the DT880, these definitely have a warm(er) sound, but it's not overwhelming on the low end by any means.  If someone described them as neutral it wouldn't surprise me.  Wish I had the HE-500s here for a side-by-side.     I can see soundstage being the deal-breaker for people with this headphone.  It's on the compressed/intimate side of the spectrum.  I don't mind it so much, personally.  If I...
 Bad naming, but I sure love what I'm hearing about them. The HE500 was nearly my perfect headphone.  My two complaints were a slight lack of top-end sparkle, and a bass that was overwhelming and a tad fuzzy on certain tracks. Can't wait to get my 400i tour unit to hear it for myself.
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