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 Yep, I spoke to Jeremy and Solderdude about it. Solderdude said I would get about 1.5W on the Ember compared to about 1W on the Solstice.  The volume difference would be so small as to be nearly inaudible (1.7db). Jeremy suggested that the extra power might still result in better dynamics. Looking for some real world comparisons, because #s don't often tell the whole story.
Really wondering how the Solstice will handle the HE-500 in comparison to the Ember. I heard the Ember on a loaner program and LOVED it. I know the power output is less on the Solstice, but I wonder how much real sonic impact it will have with planars. Anyone who has tried both care to chime in? I really don't care about most of the extra Ember functionality (pre-amp out, etc.).
Has anyone here tried their 500 with the new(er) Project Solstice?   They sound absolutely amazing from the Ember.  I'm wondering if the Solstice will get you the same result without the extra cost.  I really couldn't care less about pre-amp out and some of the other features that the Ember comes with.   Thanks!
 That's a hard one since Sufjan is all over the map.  Probably not your cup of tea, but I have tremendous respect for the guy.  One of the more thoughtful and unique musicians out there.   Chicago...his most popular song...soundtrack for Little Miss SunshineJohn Wayne Gacy Jr.... about a serial killer from Chicago that dresses up as a clown...completely creepy and beautiful song.Casmir Pulaski Day...saddest song of all time.  Period.Fourth of July...song about his mom...
Ouch.  Stop right there. Sturgill Simpson is NOT pop country.  He's the real deal, my friend.  Which is, of course, why he was completely shut out of every country music award show on the planet.  This is most likely due to the fact that he doesn't sign about tractors and levi jeans.   http://www.npr.org/event/music/344246400/sturgill-simpson-tiny-desk-concert And here we have Country music meets Acid Rock.  Seriously, start the song at around 3:40 and you'd never guess...
Cool. I'm going to two in November.  Sufjan Stevens and Sturgill Simpson.  Not your cup of tea, I'm sure, but I'm pretty stoked for them both.
 Don't sweat it. I don't care how good the HEKs are, they're overpriced.  I'd have more fun playing around with the 800s. I'd like to spend some serious time with the HE650 at this meet, especially if anyone has a recent version.  Rumor has it that the veil has been lifted in the more recent models.
Loser has to wear a Beats headphone t-shirt for a week.
September 26th seems fine to me.  No major cross country meets that weekend.     I swear I shall attend*.     *typed in my own blood
 I wouldn't be able to attend Chattanooga, but I'm only one and I won't have any new gear to share.  I plan to get the Project Ember II, but doubt I'll have it in my arsenal by then. My schedule in the fall is so insane, there's no way I'd be able to swing it.
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