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 I used to own the 940s, and the tonality of the two headphones are pretty much polar opposites.   It's a big adjustment and if you're used to the 940s, then I'm not surprised you're having a strong knee jerk reaction.  Give them time so your ears and brain can adjust.  Just put the 940s away for a while. Also, I've found the sound leakage with these to be very minimal.  When I let people demo them, they are always sitting right next to me and I've never heard the tiniest...
Oh, I wasn't clear.  I know the actual impressions can't be used for this.   It was custom-hearing protection that I was wondering about.  I've always been intrigued by the idea of V-moda faders, but never made the purchase.
I've never used IEMs.  Would ear impressions be good for something to protect your hearing at a concert?  Because THAT, I could get behind...   Extremely excited to have an HD800 and T1 in the house. 
Dinner might be possible.  At the very least I could help with some recommendations...
 Well, I certainly wouldn't mind hearing how it stacks up to my Debut Carbon, but dragging a TT around can be a royal pain...
May 10th is currently looking good for me.   I live in Nashville and work downtown so if you need any input/advice or help setting things up, feel free to drop me a PM.
My gear:   HRT MSII Asgard 1 DT880 - 250 ohm DT1350   I also have an analogue setup if the whole Grimey's/Vintage HI-Fi thing panned out.  Otherwise, I really wouldn't want to mess with transporting a TT.
Yes, please. You are my hero...   I hope to be able to attend, although my gear is meager.
Huntsville is 2 hours south of me.  I could swing it if it fell at just the right time.   Franklin would be very doable, of course.
 Nothing that I know of, sadly. What we really need is for someone to commit to hosting/organizing.  Wish I could, but life is a little too crazy right now. But, if someone pulls it together, I'll do everything I can to attend.
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