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 The Uptone Regen makes a difference on this front when paired with the 4490.
 Funny.   That's exactly how I felt about the move from the Uber to the 4490 :P
   Yep...I think there are two options here.   1)  Your system isn't going to pick up the differences and a MB isn't going to do much to change that.  So, you can either chill with the 4490 and be happy or plan to spend significantly more money to find something that will have a real impact.  And even if you do spend a ton of money, it's still no guarantee... 2)  You're a little bit DAC-deaf.  This would be FANTASTIC news.  Spare your wallet, sit back, and enjoy the tunes.  
Original DT1350 (straight cable).  I'm the original owner and have had them for a little over 2 years now.     The condition is very good as I baby all my audio gear.  I really love these headphones and they've served me well.  I'm exploring the world of IEMs, however, which means these don't serve the portable role in my system anymore.     Comes with original box and all accessories.     Pictures upon request.     PP Fees and shipping included.   Thanks!
Metal looks classier, in my opinion.
They don't. Just open it up and take a look.
 Are you using USB?   I found the Uptone Regen to have a very positive impact in terms of instrument separation.  YMMV, of course...
Absolutely. The HEK nails it, in my opinion.  That would be my headphone if not for the ridiculous price tag.
Better detail retrieval/clarity. The 500 is a little soft in comparison with boomier bass. But softer/boomier doesn't automatically equal less enjoyable, so I don't intend that as a criticism.  
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