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I have been very happy with my Project Ember.  Hybrid tube amps have more than enough power to drive them and tube rolling lets you fine tune the sound.  Yes, I have one for sale.  No, this is not a sales pitch :P I'm selling my Ember purely due to curiosity regarding the Jotunheim.  I tend to prefer tube amps in general, but I want to give the Jot a try just because it's been ages since I've tried a solid state solution. If you want tubes, but don't think the Ember is...
Project Ember II.  I'm the 2nd owner.    Really had no intentions of selling this as I'm rather fond of it.  It's a great match with my HE-500s.  But, curiosity has gotten the better of me again and I want to give the Jot a try.    Amp:  Aluminum chassis.  Upgraded volume knob.  Great condition.   PS:  Upgraded slightly from the original.  Same PS, but a little more juice...it's just the next step up.  I make no claims whatsoever that this improves the audio.  The...
 Valhalla 2, no.  It doesn't handle planars as well as other options.  The Asgard 2 would be fine.  I tend to prefer tubes, because you can tube roll and fine tune the sound a little.  That's personal preference, though. The 500s were a little fatiguing out of the Asgard 1, but I believe the 2 is a warmer amp so it may not be an issue anymore. Also keep in mind that you'll want to add a DAC at some point in the future.  The Modi 2 MB/Vali 2 combo is good enough to be...
At the sub $200 mark, you may want to look into the Vali 2.
 Yes.  Don't waste time with headphone upgrades at this point unless the sound signature doesn't match your preferences or you're willing to spend $1000+ on a new set. At this point, it's all about finding good synergy with the proper dac/amp.
The HE-400i has a lot in common with the HE-500.  It's a little more aggressive/energetic, though, especially with vocals which are pushed a bit too forward for my tastes.   I found the 500 to be a little more natural sounding.    The 400i does have slightly more focused bass, whereas the 500 bass is a little more bloated.      I chose the 500, but it comes down to personal taste on this one, I think.
Thanks for pulling it all together.  
I'll be stopping by sometime around 12:30 - 1:00 to say hi.     I'm DAC-less at the moment until my Bimby shows up this Tuesday, so I'll be happy to mooch off all your fine gear to tide me over in the meantime 
 Another local!  Welcome...
 Afraid the 4490 is sold and gone. I've got the Bimby headed my way this weekend :)
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