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I have a Project Ember loaner right now.  Give it serious consideration, folks.   It's extremely versatile with the ability to change gain and impedance.  Put it on low impedance and high gain and the 500s have all the power they could ever want.  Very clean sound.   It feels a bit like a Valhalla 2 with more oomph.
So, I mentioned earlier that I was getting a loaner on the Project Ember.   If you're searching for an amp in the $300 bracket, then this should be given serious consideration.  Nice, clean, power.  The stock tube sounds great, but you can tube roll very easily if that's your thing.   The customization features are can drive nearly any headphone efficiently.  There are 3 impedance settings and high/lo gain.  Shoot, you can even change the...
Going to be borrowing the Project Ember to give it a spin for a week or two.  Really looking forward to it.  It's one of the few things we haven't had show up at any meets.   Anyone here have experience with the Garage amps?
 Ha!  Great question.  None of the amps that I've owned. Perhaps I should have worded things more carefully.  I've heard people complain about the bass on the Vali.  Those complaints may be founded, but it wasn't an issue for me personally.
 Nope, I haven't heard the 1000s.  They may be great, but at twice the price? I can't fathom it...
Bass presence improved when I went from the HRT MSII to the Modi 2 Uber. The Vali isn't known for really slamming bass, but I didn't find it lacking. No glare in the upper end for me.
 Sure, and maybe you can bring some headphone stands to purchase.  I've been wanting to buy one for months, but the expected arrival date on your site keeps getting pushed back.  Help me give you my money!  
Yep. That said, I also enjoyed the Ether more than the 560. They are only meet impressions, so it is what it is.
 Synergy is awesome.  If you're sticking with the 400i, then the Vali is all the amp you need.
 We're getting a strong enough group of local guys, that a few small mini-meets at homes may be in order...
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