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I use this for vinyl rips:   Audacity is good for the initial rip and use this guy's software for the cleanup:
Joe, I didn't realize you had the 880s.  They sound pretty nice when fed with tubes...
I haven't seen anyone say this is closed, so just in case I can still get in on this:   1)  HRT Music Streamer II -->  Schiit Asgard 1 --> DT880   2)  I listen to a wide range of stuff, but I suppose Indie or Alternative Folk/Rock gets the majority of my listening time right now.  Dr. Dog, Spoon, Arcade Fire, Wilco, etc...   3)  I am interested because I love the HE-500s and was about to buy a pair when I heard these were going to be released.  I need to see which I...
Oh man.  Please don't bring that. When I get home after the meet, I'll never be able to listen to my Debut Carbon again :P
I'm not sure how long I'll be able to stay that day, but I plan to bring my laptop again.  Around 3,500 songs in .flac format played through foobar.  Music ranges from classic rock, to indie stuff, to folk, to classical, and even some choral music.   I've only got an Asgard 1, but I'm very curious to try the HE-400i on several different amps to see if they're as easy to drive as everyone says.  
It's hard to stroll down memory lane when I've never heard it in the first place!  No memories to stroll through :P
 Ha!  I'm far more interested in the Bifrost :P
Nope, just curious.  He was a good contributor to the last one and I was curious to see if he still had dreams of opening a headphone shop out in AL. Also, I'm getting a Valhalla loaner and it made me think of the sleek black Valhalla Ben brought along last time.
Does anyone know if Ben's going to be making this meet?
I'll do you guys one better.   I've never heard the HD600 OR HD650.   And, I love college football as well, but how about some NFL talk?  
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