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 Another local!  Welcome...
 Afraid the 4490 is sold and gone. I've got the Bimby headed my way this weekend :)
Yeah, $250 for the upgrade plus you have to pay for shipping both ways.  It's far more affordable to sell the 4490 and score a Bimby on the used market.  I've got a seller lined up who's giving me an insanely good price :) Just need to find a buyer for mine.   bigro, be prepared for me to start insulting the Freya every chance I get :P
Price drop.  The $250 is firm.
Yeah, I think it's a fair price, but no bites so far.  Really surprising since I've seen them selling around here for $275-$290.  I expected that being a black Bifrost, the sale would happen more quickly, but perhaps people actually prefer the silver version?  I should also note that I'm including the Uber card in case anyone wants to bounce back and forth to test the differences.  And it's USB 2.0. Replacing it with a Bimby, Joe.   Really need to move this to help fund...
Hey all.   I'm tossing my Bifrost 4490 up for sale if anyone is interested.  $250.   Thanks,
Updated picture.  I can take more upon request.   But you know...it looks pretty much like a Bifrost.  
Black Bifrost.  In fine condition.   This was updated from the Uber version.  I still have the Uber card and will ship it with the unit.     I'm the 2nd owner.  Have the original packaging/instructions.   $260 + shipping.   Can add pics tonight or tomorrow.     Thanks!
It's the week before the state cross country meet and our last Saturday practice of the season, so I'd say it doesn't look good.   Will wait and make a decision later, though.
You're right...the Valhalla 2 is not by any means your traditional warm tube amp.  Within the world of tube amps, it leans towards a more lean and clinical presentation.  In my opinion, the HD600 and HD650 both benefit from this.  The 650 especially. Though, again, I'm not tossing the Ember under the bus here.  It does just fine with the HD lineup.  
New Posts  All Forums: