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I've poisoned everyone around me!, lol first I got a pair of KSC-75 for my mom, dad and brothers, then for myself the GMP 8.35D, then an upgrade for my brother the HFI-780 and last week my dad got the pro 750! 0.o
Hey guys I've been looking to buy a DAC but can't decide between the uDac and the TubeMagic D1. FWIR the uDac is great but it only has a USB input. On the other hand the D1 can be used with a lot of inputs but it's worth $100 more. In the end I want to have the best sounding DAC between these two and I'm willing to sacrifice the lack of inputs on the uDac if it's the better of the two. Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance.
lol just bought ultrasone pro 750 with the coupon...I've should've stayed away from headfi! can't stop! XD
Quote: Originally Posted by Bill St. Clair Bonzo, that depends, of course on which OS is running on your laptop. I'll assume Windows, since that's got the biggest market share. This looks useful for that: Wavelength Audio, USB DACS, Setup information for Windows based Computers There's also a "Macintosh" tab at the top of that page. Thanks for the info Bill, and yes I'm using Windows. Can't wait to get my hands on the uDac.
Hey guys I just ordered a udac, and was thinking about what do I have to do to output the audio via USB and not the speakers or the headphone output in my laptop? Thanks in advance!
Thanks again, but the thing is I don't live in the USA. Oh Well I guess I'll wait for them to be back on stock.
Thanks for the info, but I don't trust buying things off of ebay. If anyone has more suggestions I'd like to hear them!
Hi guys I need help in finding an online store where I can buy a pair of beyerdynamics dt 770 pro 80 ohms. Everywhere I look they're out of stock. If anyone can help me I would gladly appreciate it thanks!
Les Savy Fav - Let's Stay Friends Death From Above 1979 - You're A Woman I'm a Machine Cymbal Eat Guitars - Why There Are Mountains My Morning Jacket - Z Beach House - Devotion, Teen Dream Surfer Blood - Swim Girls - Album Dodos - Visiter Drummer - Feel Good Together Fleet Foxes - Fleet Foxes Bat For Lashes - Two Suns St. Vincent - Actor 0.o Lol Have Fun! That's all I have left xD!
Quote: Originally Posted by adiZero I also have his latest album, JIM. Can be compared to Raphael Saadiq's latest record (the retro sound). Nice music! Really? Big Jamie Lidell Fan too, I guess I'll have to give a listen to Saadiq's latest record!
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