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Ok guys, this is the answers I've got from MP4nation:  So I still like the white ones but don't know if they will ruin the sound of my hps or not hahaha.
Well didn't @soundstige said that he felt mk5 was better than hf series? Of course I'm not incriminating him. And I didn't want anything bassy also, but at least some bass at all. I am using them at the gym to watch movies andto block all the lousy music, tv's,etc., and the latter part is great but movies sound thinner and almost boring without the presence of bass.
Do the MK5 need burning in?  I got them as I was looking for an economic isolating IEM.  But I'm feeling no bass at all.  Tried both triple flange tips and foam tips, the large ones.  I certainly have much isolation.  But no bass at all.  I am a little disappointed with them.  I guess i was used to my JVC marshmallows.
Thanks for the info hoichi.  I was reluctant to pay to much for the beyer pads.  As you all said I will ask mp4nation and will let you know what they tell me to clear things up.  Thanks guys!
Thanks, but I guess then the ones on my link aren't the right ones, as the description reads: "The thick earpads are suitable for use on numerous large cup size, over the ear headphones." So I may have to find the right ones elsewhere.
Can anyone compare them with an Ultrasone Pro 900? Thanks!
Hi! Im confused about wich hm5 pads are the best and do not "thin the sound" for my 8.35D. I like them in white and have been looking at these ones: Are these the ones? Thanks
Hi! just got my first grado headphones, the sr225e, a few days back.  Do these need burning in? I feel like they need to open up a bit more, somehow I'm wanting more of the treble that I thought the grado headphones had.  So far I'm a little underwhelmed.
Thanks everyone, I ended up with a Sony SRS-BTX300 and I couldn't be happier.
Hi, so i've been reading this excelent guide and basically got "talked out" of buying a 7.1 headset. I already have an ultrasone pro 900 headphone and got curious on how to get dolby headphone off my ps3/ps4. I have an e17 too but I imagine it only outputs stereo. What would I need in order to get dolby headphone? Thanks mad envy and guys!
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