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Thanks everyone, I ended up with a Sony SRS-BTX300 and I couldn't be happier.
Hi, so i've been reading this excelent guide and basically got "talked out" of buying a 7.1 headset. I already have an ultrasone pro 900 headphone and got curious on how to get dolby headphone off my ps3/ps4. I have an e17 too but I imagine it only outputs stereo. What would I need in order to get dolby headphone? Thanks mad envy and guys!
Hi guys!   I'm looking for the best sounding bluetooth speaker under $300.   I've been looking at these two but I have no idea what they sound like or if there's a better option:   Logitech UE Boombox:   Jawbone Big...
Yes $500 IS A LOT for the pro 900's.  I got them from amazon at around $320 or something like that!.  Prices fluctuate every day you should try returning them and getting one for around that price.  Try B&H also as someone mentioned.
Even though I don't have testing equipment or something like that all I can say is I have the Ultrasone Pro 750 as my casual, fun can and they're definitely not flat. I also have the GMP 8.35D an all I can say is they might be what you are looking for.  You might want to check on them and find about they're frequency response and all that but overall they're flat and reproduce what's there without adding anything to the mix.
Grado Sr225i $179 right now on Amazon.  Are they worth it?:
+1 For the PRO 750, even though I never used them with an amp I think they are a great set of cans.
Thanks for the suggestions, I think both headphones are out of my budget.  I hate head-fi lol! Now I'm having a hard time deciding between an HD 598, a Sr225i, an ATH-AD900 OR buying an e7/e9 AMP/DAC Combo for current headphones (GMP 8.35d, Ultrasone PRO - 750, and HFI-780).  Again, I appreciate anyone helping me out of this dilemma haha!
They're great for running! At first it's hard to get used to the clip on thing but hey it's all forgotten once you hear them.  They really are what everyone says.  And I also think its good that they don't block noise from outside so you can be aware of your surroundings if you run outdoors, then on the other hand if you run at the gym where there's always music for everyone to pump up, you'll have to turn up the volume a little bit haha.
Hi, long time since I came here but once again I seek your advice.  I'm looking for a fun headphone around $200.  I've been looking these two:   And I don't have preferences for it being open or closed, nor...
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