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Thanks guys. (my wallet hates you)
Mal, would you recommend the Mad Dog for similar purposes, even without amplification?
*sigh *Looks like I'll just have to buy a Mad Dog to go with my incoming Vali.(Edited for quote)
 TOSlink/optical is how audio is being sent to the base station, whether that audio 2.0 or 7.1 is another question. WuLFiE must be getting stereo I guess, because I had a Realtek before and I got my sound card specifically so that I could have 7.1 sound.Here's what my sound card settings can look like:See? I can set 2, 4, 6, or 8 channels output, and it will send that data over SPDIF Out to the base station. PLYR1 doesn't care whether it's real surround sound or not, it...
Yeah I love how it's just 2 cables--no separate power ftw!
 Dunno about wulfie, but I'm on Win8.1 and I use the PLYR 1 often for Skype. No issues with the mic. It's not connected via 3.5mm or optical btw--chat is done via USB.  No you will not get 7.1 sound with your Realtek. Here, 7.1 sound is basically like this:1. Movie or game with 7.1 sound, inherently2. Sound card that can understand this 7.1 sound information, and then output it. For the PLYR 1, the base station is 3 things:1. A headphone stand (seriously)2. A wireless...
Oh hm I might have been wrong about USB's capabilities. My bad. I don't know where I got that idea from...   In the case of the PLYR 1 headset though, I'm pretty sure that you can only get 7.1 via Optical.  And yeah, it's worth it to have PLYR 1 over PLYR 2; fiddling with audio settings, you can get pure stereo instead of virtual surround, and it sounds mighty different.    When you say "plasticky", do you mean the build? Or the sound?
"GMX Transmitter" is for the USB only--you'll notice this because that option only appears when your base station is switched on. That's meant for chat audio, I believe. Also, USB won't give you 7.1 surround; only digital/spdf can.   I'm using Win 8.1 too, and I can get game + chat audio running fine with the PLYR 1.
I'm guessing you want 5.1 or 7.1. Seems like Razer Surround is about downmixing actual surround sound signals, and making them suitable for headphones.
 Hang on everybody, I'm not sure OP is asking whether he needs "an amp" for the speakers. I think he just means: "do these speakers need a power plug, or are they USB powered?" The answer is: the A5+ has a power plug, that you'll need to connect to a wall socket.
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