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 That's the impression I get from reading the forums. But you will want to do your own research on existing Grado threads, to come to your own conclusion. I will say that it seems strange to spend many times more on an amp / amp+DAC than the price of your headphones.
I think you could search for recommended amps for the Grado, and then the same for Mad Dogs, and see which results overlap. I've read that Grados like tube amps (but which ones, I'm not sure).What is a "superhiperbooster DAC"? leeplo, I have no idea which DAC you're referring to.
sebizbir: you don't have particular headphones in mind? 
"Bright" as in tending to emphasise higher frequencies. As opposed to "warm" which would emphasise slightly lower frequencies. If you're not sure where you lean towards just yet, don't worry about it too much for now. You'll figure out your preferences in time.
Microphonics are either absent or so inaudible as to not bother me once I get music/sound playing. I actually use the Vali + Mad Dogs as my gaming setup, and I've been playing Arkham Origins (Steam sales ftw!) for about 10 hours this week with no issue of microphonics.   In fact, no issue of comfort or sound fatigue either. I suspect the Vali helps avoid treble spikes (in any headphone), so that's great. Also haven't had issue with hearing character dialogue.   As for...
You could consider the Vali, if you're ok with the little bit of microphonics from the tube.
  Totally agree. I think it was Dan who said that he enjoys this pairing as well? And better than MD + Magni, IIRC. I now try to spend some time listening to music on the MD + Vali every night...and that's something I actually never did with my previous headphones!
Digital--actually, "optical". TOSlink is just one of 2 optical connectors (the other is S/PDIF).  Anyway for PLYR1: always optical input.
I second the recommendation for Mad Dogs at that price. Am listening to mine as I type this--the comfort is great, and the isolation is pretty good. And the sound is ridiculously good: balanced (maybe a little warm?), good clarity but definitely not shrill, excellent bass. Just prepare to look like a dork on the train.
Double amping is when you amp something...twice. It's more likely to introduce distortion into the signal chain.   PLYR2 only has USB and 3.5mm input--and doesn't come with 3.5mm cable btw--so the only way to connect it to the Xonar U3 is via 3.5mm cable. This will result in double amping.   Again, I would question the idea of buying a PLYR2 if you're going to be sitting right next to your computer anyway. There's many wired headsets you could buy instead, since...
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