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"GMX Transmitter" is for the USB only--you'll notice this because that option only appears when your base station is switched on. That's meant for chat audio, I believe. Also, USB won't give you 7.1 surround; only digital/spdf can.   I'm using Win 8.1 too, and I can get game + chat audio running fine with the PLYR 1.
I'm guessing you want 5.1 or 7.1. Seems like Razer Surround is about downmixing actual surround sound signals, and making them suitable for headphones.
 Hang on everybody, I'm not sure OP is asking whether he needs "an amp" for the speakers. I think he just means: "do these speakers need a power plug, or are they USB powered?" The answer is: the A5+ has a power plug, that you'll need to connect to a wall socket.
Well, my situation might be complicated by the discrete sound card (Xonar) trying to control sound in/out functions.
Well my friends told me they could hear me just fine on PC, so I'm not fussed about it any more. I have the mic volume (system settings) set to max, and I angle the mic a little above my mouth so I don't blast my friends' ears with noise.
No idea. You should try asking in Mad Lust Envy's thread, he has tried most gaming brands.
No idea. I don't know what that is.
Yes, but I said "bypass iPod's internal DAC". So it is not a case of "DAC-to-DAC connection", because there is only one DAC being used.   (Anyway it is impossible to connect DAC to DAC. Each one is digital-to-analogue only; you can't convert analogue to analogue--that is not a conversion.)
There's a few DACs that can bypass iPod's internal DAC. The HRT iStreamer is one of them.   Unless otherwise stated, it's easier to assume any DAC you may have will not work with an iPod.
Yeah that does. Thanks White Lotus!
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