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Sesq92: that's my config. Internal soundcard (Asus xonar dx), optical cable, to PLYR1 base station. xonar set to 8 channels, output = optical (Dolby); plyr1 set to Dolby Headphone. Quillik: lemme double check settings when I get home in an hour Update: just tried USB only. It works in some instances. Here's my settings: iTunes works (on Windows). But I can't hear YouTube. I can hear on the Apple Trailers page. Skype works for chat only--when I called the "echo sound...
Awesome. I'm sure your posts will be helpful to others in similar situations!
webdd: just guessing here, but I think that would work. Like, in terms of connections that definitely works out; what we need to verify is whether the receiver can output an unprocessed surround sound "feed", so that the PLYR1 base station can handle that processing for its headset.
Just got my Mad Dogs yesterday, have been listening to a few albums (pop/rock, acoustic) with Schiit Vali. Great stuff. I had a few appointments to leave the house for but I kept putting them off for as long as possible, just to enjoy the sound and comfort of these wonderful headphones. Also just tried them straight out an iPod Classic (6th or 7th gen, I can't remember which). Impressively, also great. What's the specs on these headphones again? 92.5 dB and 50 ohms? I'm... "FAQ". 
Mad Dogs just arrived. Sounds good on Vali.
Haha, thanks, that's a great way to look at it.
Purrin's comments about the Bifrost make me sad. So, my iPod and PC sound card are holding back the Vali by a wide margin? =(
I think the micro phonics are fine. Ringing fades within a minute, only occurs if I tap the chassis or if I hit the knob. No ringing from typing on my keyboard on same table; table is a wooden, built-in. Is anyone who's experiencing ringing, using the Vali on an unstable surface to begin with?
It's pretty good. Sound is quite clear, detailed; maybe only slightly tilted towards warm-of-neutral; bass could be deeper, but if I never heard my headphones through better amps I wouldn't really notice I guess. Definitely quite loud, btw. Volume is barely at 10 o'clock--bearing in mind that I don't listen to my music loud--and I think that at 11 o'clock it's uncomfortably loud.
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