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For PC setup, is the mic dependent on USB connection? I've got my PLYR 1 powered by my Xbox's USB but the SPDIF connected to my PC--I can hear fine, but the mic doesn't seem to pick up anything. 
You're asking if it's normal for your HD-650 to sound plenty loud out of a phone and laptop?  Yes.   As you noticed, you like the way it sounds with the amp, not that it necessarily sounds louder with the amp. Amps are basically about loudness, but a good amp should be about "good" sound too.   Don't be too surprised that some folks find stuff too soft. I once had a guy try my HE-400 (a fairly efficient headphone) out of his phone at max volume, and he told...
Yeah, maybe. My router is on a shelf above my Xbox, but the PLYR 1's base unit is actually a good 2 feet below the Xbox. But...ya maybe it is interference.  No biggie though.
Huh, weird. But ok, fix seems easy enough. Thanks!
Mad, about the PLYR 1 on Xbox: does the audio sometimes cut in and out on you?  Was just playing Crackdown (free! woohoo for XBL Gold!) and game audio occasionally stopped transmitting, only to continue a heartbeat later.
Comfort still taking some getting used to, but to be fair I haven't been playing extended sessions on these. Also wary of stretching them too much, unlike my other headphones.   lxxl: do you game on Xbox? The audio was cutting in and out every now and then on me. 
Chiming in because I just got one for myself. Yeah it sounds quite decent--surprisingly, I think I like the Bass Mode EQ best, because the other 2 sound a bit tinny.   Edit: Oh hey, I have a Beyer 880 too. The Plyr 1 comfort gets a lot of praise on professional reviews, but it's very hard to think of it as "super comfortable" right out of the box, especially with the Beyer as my frame of reference.
Kamakahah: what about a new sound card? Most of the Asus Xonars can do virtual surround--check Nameless's thread.
I'd sell you my mixamp, but I suspect it's not working properly anymore. In other news: just got my Plyr 1.
Just for solo play? Shouldn't be hard: x1 into TV headphone jack, or 360 audio into an amp.
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