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earfonia: I thought you said they were "neutral", not "natural"? It seems we are using terms very differently, and this will likely lead to a discussion on neutrality and whether it is knowable. Let us simply agree that the new line is very good value for money. omastic: I didn't write the review!
omastic: I tried the im03, and I recall hearing a "metallic" sound signature. Perhaps that is the peak you described?
Yes, I agree that the bass on the IM50 is well done, and integrates well with the rest of the frequencies, but that does not mean it is neutral. I do understand where you're coming from when you describe one earphone as brighter/darker than another, but again, this is simply a relative comparison. And yes, I do know that we can become used to sound signatures, particularly if we are A/B-ing between earphones with very different ones.  I guess I will have to respectfully...
Really impressed with your work! Almost nobody discusses output impedance and it's quite relevant to how our gear sounds. But why do some of the earphones sound good regardless of source? Doesn't this defy the rule of damping factor (e.g. IM50 and 70 have 10 ohms Input Z, yet 4 of 9 players/amps you tested have Output Z greater than 1.25, which would have damping factor <8) Also surprised that you found the IM50 and 70 neutral (as you said in one of your opening...
For on-the-go, you might as well just rule out all Hifiman headphones already. They're open back; would you really want to deal with the annoyance of hearing external noise, and getting on everyone else's nerves, while listening to music?
 Wait, wait, wait. The HE-500 is the same price as an Alpha Dog: You were actually thinking about comparing the HE-400 to Mad Dog, weren't you?These 2 are also the same price: Plus you said in your original post that the...
 IMHO the NAD would be great for piano. Have tested the HP50 a number of times, and I quite enjoy how naturally it seems to render the music.
Thanks Dan! I'll give it a try
kcdecker: glad you enjoy the MD, and that you get to experience them with the Vali. I like the pairing too.   Btw is it common that the stock T50RP cable has channel imbalance? I just swapped out the stock T50RP one (with 1/4" jack) for the 1/8" one. That seems to have fixed the problem. The 1/4" cable would emphasise more of the right or left channel based on how I turned the jack in place.
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