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Mad Dogs just arrived. Sounds good on Vali.
Haha, thanks, that's a great way to look at it.
Purrin's comments about the Bifrost make me sad. So, my iPod and PC sound card are holding back the Vali by a wide margin? =(
I think the micro phonics are fine. Ringing fades within a minute, only occurs if I tap the chassis or if I hit the knob. No ringing from typing on my keyboard on same table; table is a wooden, built-in. Is anyone who's experiencing ringing, using the Vali on an unstable surface to begin with?
It's pretty good. Sound is quite clear, detailed; maybe only slightly tilted towards warm-of-neutral; bass could be deeper, but if I never heard my headphones through better amps I wouldn't really notice I guess. Definitely quite loud, btw. Volume is barely at 10 o'clock--bearing in mind that I don't listen to my music loud--and I think that at 11 o'clock it's uncomfortably loud.
I have a DT 880 (the 250-ohm version), and just got my Vali today. Is that a useful comparison? I'm not sure how the sound sig compares to the DT250. Basically: yeah, I'm happy with this Schiit. Can't wait for my Mad Dogs to come in.
Hifiman provided me excellent customer service with my HE-400; they graciously were willing to fix the treble problem even though it was outside the global recall period, and covered shipping both ways. Raven's illustrations were also exactly what helped me swap earpads. It's not easy, but it's doable. OP have you ever learned a second language before? Non-native speakers of ANY language will find nuances of tone, implication difficult, so be understanding of Hifiman. If...
 Uh no, I'm using a DX. It says so right there in the screenshot: "Xonar DX Audio Center". I think you're overthinking things. Many people output to monitor + webcam + speakers without any issue. I've got a monitor on DVI, speakers on analogue, headphone out on analogue (front panel), PLYR 1 using USB for power + mic, PLYR 1 using TOSlink for audio. Why would there be any problems? IMO most problems are due to makers of individual parts not getting their firm/software...
Thanks Mal, but it's ok. I have a Schitt Vali on the way, just wanted to know if I could use a Mad Dog without amplification too.
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