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Danggit if I had more cash...
 That's doubly amazing. Aren't the HD 600 already known for being easy on the highs? And spacious enough, given they're open.
 I'd totally get that colour...if I had the spare cash for an Enigma.
Thanks for the response =)
Where can this still be bought? Grant Fidelity no longer sells them.
RelayerCR, did you compare the Zdac to a fully upgraded Bifrost? It wasn't clear from your post whether you'd heard the Schiit.
Nah I'm not worried about the switch box. But really thinking hard about blowing $500 on "subtle differences".
Hey all, currently running the following setups (via a switch box): Xonar DX > HP out > Vali > MD 3.2 iPod Classic LOD > Vali> MD 3.2 Would a Bifrost Uber be a good upgrade, or a waste of time? Is the MD 3.2 resolving enough to hear the difference?
Quillik is correct, you need TOSlink for surround sound on the PLYR1.  DrayySlayyer, I'm pretty sure we covered that requirement in this thread. Sorry you didn't see it. Also, please format your stuff man; it's hard to read.
 Isn't it always the MixAmp, and an additional amp if necessary? 
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