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 IMHO the NAD would be great for piano. Have tested the HP50 a number of times, and I quite enjoy how naturally it seems to render the music.
Thanks Dan! I'll give it a try
kcdecker: glad you enjoy the MD, and that you get to experience them with the Vali. I like the pairing too.   Btw is it common that the stock T50RP cable has channel imbalance? I just swapped out the stock T50RP one (with 1/4" jack) for the 1/8" one. That seems to have fixed the problem. The 1/4" cable would emphasise more of the right or left channel based on how I turned the jack in place.
Perhaps you could sell them cheap, since you got a good deal on them? Think of it as a way to pay the benefit forward.   Looking over your list again, I would also suggest you get rid of: DT990 -- because you find other mid-low end pairs to be equal or better Logitech H800, UE6000, and the Turtle Beach -- get a single, wireless, gaming headset that could replace all of these. I use the Skullcandy PLYR1 on my PC and Xbox and it's great. Jude (Head-Fi founder) loves it...
Return the HD25 and M50. The HD25 SP is inferior to the 25-1, which itself was succeeded by the Amperior (that you already own). M50 ought to be inferior to Crossfade LP. On that note, maybe you could return the Crossfade too, and get the M100?
Don't the magni and O2 sound the same?
 I think MrSpeakers himself uses a Leckerton..saw it in a video somewhere. Can someone verify this?  I enjoy my Vali + MD pairing. Hopefully you will too.
 That's the impression I get from reading the forums. But you will want to do your own research on existing Grado threads, to come to your own conclusion. I will say that it seems strange to spend many times more on an amp / amp+DAC than the price of your headphones.
I think you could search for recommended amps for the Grado, and then the same for Mad Dogs, and see which results overlap. I've read that Grados like tube amps (but which ones, I'm not sure).What is a "superhiperbooster DAC"? leeplo, I have no idea which DAC you're referring to.
sebizbir: you don't have particular headphones in mind? 
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