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Enigma's completely different.  From page 1 of this thread: If you think the Paradox are what you're looking for, my advice is go for it. It strives for a different goal than the Enigma.
Thanks! That's a helpful frame of reference for me. I used to own a HE-400 and found it quite good, but (very slightly) bright and quite uncomfortable.
 Uh...no. Sorry. I don't work in the industry.
 Do you mean AV One? http://av1group.com.sg/stores.html
Raven, did you find the 400 bright?
Didn't keep the Rock for very long to make a comparison.  One thing I am certain of, however, is the Rock can accommodate a wider range of ear/headphones because its gain is not as high (even on High Gain), and can be adjusted to Low Gain via jumpers. The Vali is only usable with less sensitive headphones. 
I don't know about an Asgard 2, but I have a Vali and owned a Rock for a year or so. The Rock definitely runs much cooler than the Vali; it only gets mildly warm to the touch (this coming from a guy who can't cook to save his life for fear of fire, so there you go).
Danggit if I had more cash...
 That's doubly amazing. Aren't the HD 600 already known for being easy on the highs? And spacious enough, given they're open.
 I'd totally get that colour...if I had the spare cash for an Enigma.
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