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 Probably not since the last time you asked, which was less than a week ago. I'm sure anyone who posts here will state what amp they're using for the 560.
Great review + background explanation! Wouldn't have appreciated dynamic drivers so much without it.
Thanks everyone for weighing in on the amp pairing comment, very helpful as I expect to be a happy secondhand HE-560 in time to come. FWIW I'll be trying out the Vali and Pico (DAC/amp, not the Slim or the Power) first and report back. 
 High gain? But aren't they relatively sensitive (as Jerg just pointed out, the diaphragm is thinner than HE-500's, so it should be more efficient)?
I have those pads on my Mad Dogs. Can confirm, they are great: comfort, isolation, and breathable.
I think it's the Focus Pad A that smooths out treble. Some users wrote so last few pages (sorry, I'm on mobile, hard to check)
 Sorry for late reply, time differences lol just woke up. Anyway I didn't want to do you the disservice of not responding:Sound stage and sound signature are different things; in general I understand "signature" to refer to the tone of a headphone, the frequencies emphasised. I think I know which Beyers you're referring to (770 and 880 or 990?); I've had my 880 for 6 years now and like it. The 770, I do not, because the sound sig is weird and treble is harsh. In any case,...
hifimanrookie: I don't think the design of a headphone necessarily predicts how it will sound. Whether dynamic or planar, open or closed, as a layperson I'm only interested in what the end result sounds like. The engineers choose their technologies for their own reasons, but I leave that to them. From everything I've read the HE-560 and Enigma seem to be on the same playing field, and that's why I'm keen to see which one is better--to that end, I'm grateful to folks like...
Less harsh treble and better comfort = better deal, in my book.   TooPoor, any chance you've got the HE-560 yet? Very interested in your comparison of them vs. Enigma.
Enigma's completely different.  From page 1 of this thread: If you think the Paradox are what you're looking for, my advice is go for it. It strives for a different goal than the Enigma.
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