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+1 on JH16 vs MG5Pro! I've got a 13, so that comparison would be useful.
I quite enjoy the "technobabble". I'm learning quite a bit, and it helps me better choose gear.
What were the amp pairings (for the 560) like at the meet? Soundsgoodtome: thanks for reporting on people's preferences for the pads, that's great info. (TMR: I know I'm totally on the Audeze end of the spectrum haha)
FWIW Justin_Time's review (pg 1 of thread) covers some of the effects he found when using different cables. He tried some silver cables and copper cables, and compared it to the stock cable. The 6moons review says stock cable = silver + copper.
 Probably not since the last time you asked, which was less than a week ago. I'm sure anyone who posts here will state what amp they're using for the 560.
Great review + background explanation! Wouldn't have appreciated dynamic drivers so much without it.
Thanks everyone for weighing in on the amp pairing comment, very helpful as I expect to be a happy secondhand HE-560 in time to come. FWIW I'll be trying out the Vali and Pico (DAC/amp, not the Slim or the Power) first and report back. 
 High gain? But aren't they relatively sensitive (as Jerg just pointed out, the diaphragm is thinner than HE-500's, so it should be more efficient)?
I have those pads on my Mad Dogs. Can confirm, they are great: comfort, isolation, and breathable.
I think it's the Focus Pad A that smooths out treble. Some users wrote so last few pages (sorry, I'm on mobile, hard to check)
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