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What's this thread think of amping the HE-560 with Vali vs Asgard 2?
 A lot of false dichotomies and straw man fallacies here. Just addressing (sequentially) with the phrases in bold.1. Nobody said anybody should or does base purchases on graphs. Graphs are additional data (just as subjective write-ups are data on the same product in question).2. Fanboys aren't the only non-manufacturers who measure headphones. People who measure headphones, measure headphones. This is non-indicative of how much they like a product.3. Why should a hobby be...
Soundsgoodtome has tried them with both, and posted his thoughts on the Ember. Just search within thread, you'll find the posts.
I'm just reporting what the other guy said. I've got no experience with an O2.
People, calm down. ieee754 is not saying all differences in sound (from amps) are due to placebo. He/she is saying that it's mostly due to placebo, and that amps are objectively more similar than different.He/she is also not saying that people will "always rate more expensive gear as better"--seriously, the quote is literally: It's just a call to have us give objective measurements more weight than we do / have been so far. Coming back to the O2, all ieee754 is saying is...
 EQing is the same as taking measurements? And by ear?
But cosmetics are important to some people. It is (literally) superficial, but that doesn't mean that it can't be important to an individual.
 As with video games, this is possibly the highest praise I can give to any media / equipment.
Vali and Lyr are both hybrid amps. Says so on the product pages. For a full tube amp by Schiit, you'd have to get a Valhalla.
I'm having trouble telling the difference, tbh.
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