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 This one?
 Ah. It was a bit confusing when you referred to the HE-400's bass one moment, then to the HE-400i's bass the next, and closed with a recommendation on the 400i although you began by saying you own the 400.  Hear hear!
money4me247, I thought you had the old HE-400? But at various points in your post, you refer to the new 400i?
 If we're talking about power on a budget, why Vali? Magni pushes out twice the power.
D1sturb3ed, if I was in your shoes I would try for a used O2 + ODAC (the all-in-one version). It's not portable but you only said portable to keep the size down right?
Asgard 2. Beat out the pricier-but-portable Pico, and the cheaper-and-still-good-but-less-versatile Vali (it is of course useless for IEMs and sensitive headphones).
My Asgard 2 just arrived. Compared to the Pico DAC/amp, it sounds a little colder, but also more laid back. Highs aren't harsh, details still very audible. Soundstage is wider (I guess this is why it sounds more laid back?) and instrument placement and separation is better!  From memory (I've sold the Vali), Asgard 2 sounds better in all the aforementioned areas. So, just as a rudimentary ranking: A2 > Pico > Vali   Curiously, the Asgard 2 ins't that much louder than...
Wildcatsare1, thanks very much but I'm probably going to decide on the Asgard 2 within the next 24 hours. I've got a friend who'll be in the US next week, and he'll be able to pick up the amp, saving me international shipping costs and mark-up by local dealers.   Btw in case anyone's interested, my brief thoughts on amping the 560 with Vali and Pico (the original one, not the Slim or the new Power): Vali is a bit brighter/sharper. If there's a hint of brightness / hot...
Thanks for all the responses everyone. I really don't want to splurge on anything more expensive than the Asgard 2, so that leaves Lyr out. If I had the cash that is absolutely the amp I'd want. Dislike the Project amps; I'm uncomfortable with the open design. Thus, it's really Asgard 2 or I stay with the Vali until I can afford a major upgrade.
Re-posting amp question: Vali vs Asgard 2? Will A2 tame the highs, and give bigger soundstage?
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