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Whoa, why are you selling?
Haha not at all Skooks! We need more guys like you to tell us young whippersnappers what's what, give us some perspective on this hobby.Also, this is QOTD material:  
Great scott...Skooks is a 100-year-old audiophile!
Oh I think I see what you mean now: HA-1 has DSD, and you're saying it is a DAC/amp combo, so it really is an all-in-one device. If you end up adding a tube amp to it, I think that defeats the purpose of an all-in-one, and I'd go with Sonic Defender's suggestion: get a pure DAC like Gungnir, add Loki if I want DSD, and then choose an amp.
  Do you consider DSD important? Because these 2 posts seem to contradict each other.And if DSD is important, Schiit has the Loki. 
Really?But on the Gungnir features page it says:"After the DAC, Gungnir uses fully discrete, JFET-input output stages for current gain and filtering. Following that, discrete, JFET-based summing stages convert the balanced signal to single-ended outputs, so that Gungnir can offer both balanced and single-ended output."
 USB is an add-on for both those DACs, and it's the same upgrade (http://schiit.com/products/usb-gen-2-upgrade) for both DACs, so I think there is no difference in the connection.  In other respects, Bifrost and Gungnir differ: Bifrost has different analogue output from Gungnir (unless you Uber it); Gungnir has more outputs, balanced outputs, bigger chassis, internals that I don't pretend to understand, etc.
 This one?http://www.meier-audio.homepage.t-online.de/classic.htm
 Ah. It was a bit confusing when you referred to the HE-400's bass one moment, then to the HE-400i's bass the next, and closed with a recommendation on the 400i although you began by saying you own the 400.  Hear hear!
money4me247, I thought you had the old HE-400? But at various points in your post, you refer to the new 400i?
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