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Haha not at all Skooks! We need more guys like you to tell us young whippersnappers what's what, give us some perspective on this hobby.Also, this is QOTD material:  
Great scott...Skooks is a 100-year-old audiophile!
Oh I think I see what you mean now: HA-1 has DSD, and you're saying it is a DAC/amp combo, so it really is an all-in-one device. If you end up adding a tube amp to it, I think that defeats the purpose of an all-in-one, and I'd go with Sonic Defender's suggestion: get a pure DAC like Gungnir, add Loki if I want DSD, and then choose an amp.
  Do you consider DSD important? Because these 2 posts seem to contradict each other.And if DSD is important, Schiit has the Loki. 
Really?But on the Gungnir features page it says:"After the DAC, Gungnir uses fully discrete, JFET-input output stages for current gain and filtering. Following that, discrete, JFET-based summing stages convert the balanced signal to single-ended outputs, so that Gungnir can offer both balanced and single-ended output."
 USB is an add-on for both those DACs, and it's the same upgrade ( for both DACs, so I think there is no difference in the connection.  In other respects, Bifrost and Gungnir differ: Bifrost has different analogue output from Gungnir (unless you Uber it); Gungnir has more outputs, balanced outputs, bigger chassis, internals that I don't pretend to understand, etc.
 This one?
 Ah. It was a bit confusing when you referred to the HE-400's bass one moment, then to the HE-400i's bass the next, and closed with a recommendation on the 400i although you began by saying you own the 400.  Hear hear!
money4me247, I thought you had the old HE-400? But at various points in your post, you refer to the new 400i?
 If we're talking about power on a budget, why Vali? Magni pushes out twice the power.
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