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Just got mine today. I like them! No nasty glare, and the fit and isolation are sufficient for my purposes (huge, noisy fan in my room).
 I guess... I'm woefully inadequate at the real science of the stuff, but my layman's thought at the moment is that:1) I've heard from more knowledgeable folks that full tube is generally bad for HE-5602) I've tried my 560 out of a tube amp and there was actually distortion aplenty (it's a DIY amp called the Aikido; don't know much more than that, but I know it runs my dynamic headphones fine) As I said, I'm sure there are exceptions. Many here seem quite happy with 560 +...
That's a hybrid though. To my understanding pure tube (OTL) with 560 is a bad idea, although there are probably exceptions.
Luis has another headphone??
I would think that all things being equal, 1/8 and 1/4 plugs have no sonic differences.
Yeah it's not ideal.Source: I had that pairing.
Tried them with a Pico DAC/amp. Wasn't really impressed.
 What amp do you have? In lieu of a new thread, it might be faster to just search this one for models you're eyeing, or ask with your budget in mind. Heaps of consensus on Lyr 2 (but which tubes, I dunno). Lots of people also like the Ember and its ilk.TMRaven and I both have Asgard 2; we like the pairing.
 So do you feel that they hit hard, as per TM's definition?
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