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Shipping from Singapore. You can estimate shipping cost/time here: (Amp is about 350 grams) Pairs great with HE-560, HD 600 and HD 800 for non-fatiguing listening.  Comes with stock tube (used once to test) and smoked glass GE 6dj8. Amp is version 2, so that means it has the "supercharger"--will work with tubes like 6n6p or 6n30p--and auto-mutes the pre-out when headphones are plugged in.  More specs here:...
DIY tube amp built by a friend. Works great with HD800, HD650. Comes with the following Russian tubes: 2x 6CG7EH electro harmonix 2x 6922 SOVTEK  This build has 2x RCA inputs, selectable from front panel switch. Due to the weight of the item I will only sell locally (in Singapore).
[Update: sale pending] The SuperDupont mod takes care of the treble spike, is completely reversible if you don't like it. I'm the second owner, after @olor1n sold me this headphone in perfect condition. Comes with original box and cable.   Please note that earpads are starting to flake (see 2nd pic).   Prefer to deal in Singapore, but willing to ship at buyer's expense. You can estimate shipping here: (item...
Just got mine today. I like them! No nasty glare, and the fit and isolation are sufficient for my purposes (huge, noisy fan in my room).
 I guess... I'm woefully inadequate at the real science of the stuff, but my layman's thought at the moment is that:1) I've heard from more knowledgeable folks that full tube is generally bad for HE-5602) I've tried my 560 out of a tube amp and there was actually distortion aplenty (it's a DIY amp called the Aikido; don't know much more than that, but I know it runs my dynamic headphones fine) As I said, I'm sure there are exceptions. Many here seem quite happy with 560 +...
That's a hybrid though. To my understanding pure tube (OTL) with 560 is a bad idea, although there are probably exceptions.
Luis has another headphone??
I would think that all things being equal, 1/8 and 1/4 plugs have no sonic differences.
Yeah it's not ideal.Source: I had that pairing.
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