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Selling a very well cared for pair of legendary Grado GS1000 headphones.  I've owned these for about 5-6 years and they have been my personal favorite.  Listening to acoustic jazz or piano jazz at low to moderate levels is sublime with these headphones.  Cosmetically they are 85-90% with one small ding on the wood cup (pictured) and a few very light scuffs.  They have been well used but well cared for.  I am the second owner.  Leather is perfect, foam is great, no tears or...
Up for sale is a pristine pair of Sony SA 5000, with custom professionally installed Double Helix cable.  Cable is thick, nylon covered and wonderfully flexible and limp.  These headphones were bought from Shahrose here on Head-fi.  He cared for them meticulously, and they looked like new when I got them from him and still look the same.  Leather pads are perfect and supple, real leather, and clearly well cared for.  The sound of these is supposedly much better due to...
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Well put.  I read so many criticisms of the GS1000, but for me, they simply make my music sound good, fun and engaging.  Comfort is another story... how I wish the GS1000 felt as nice on the head as the DT990/600 or T1.  
I have the WA6Se and the K701's I had when I bought the amp sounded terrific through the WA6SE.  But Jack told me that the WA2 has a warmer tubier sound, which I think would be even better with the K701, to take more of the edge off the highs and fill out the mids. 
I'm using the Sylvania 6DE7 paired with a Sophia Princess.  These give me the detail I like with a bit of warmth.  Preferred over the Raytheon 6EW7 which sound a bit muddier or dull.  Not as dynamic.
I use the GS1000 and WA6SE and think it is a tremendous match.  I don't see any reason why the PS1000's wouldn't shine with the WA6SE also.  In fact the WA6SE makes almost any can sound great.
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Bump for a phenominal amp and a great price  GLWS
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