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  Really? I think that SHAFT did a great job adapting Nise. Sure, theres a lot of fanservice, but that's a part of the LNs.
    Foobar2K. It's endlessly customizable, and you can manage iPods with it. Here's a screenshot of my setup, It's really easy to customize.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mad Lust Envy  Oh, WOW! Lol. You're funny. I was referring to how the graphs on the D7000 compare to the HD598... By the graph, the HD598 should be quite comparable in bass (if not more so in almost all regions). In reality, that is VERY far from the truth. I dare you to find ANYONE who would find the HD598 more bassy than the D7000 ANYWHERE. But ok there, guy. Ironically, people call the D7000 harsh in the treble, yet you call...
A little dot MKII would be good, and they're pretty cheap.
  I'm not sure about the pl50s, but the senns probably aren't. It's pretty noticeable on my A700's.
  Yes. On decent gear, there should be a noticeable increase in quality.
  WASAPI is really easy to use with foobar2k. You just download it from the components page, put the .dll in your components folder, (C:\Program Files (x86)\foobar2000\components) and then select WASAPI as the output, I'd also suggest the 31 band equalizer.
The sound quality is improved with WASAPI/ASIO, but otherwise, no. I like Foobar2k for its small footprint, and its simple interface. I'm listening to a 24bit vinyl FLAC of Paracletus right now, and it sounds amazing.
So, I want to get a LD mk1+ and throw a pair of Voshkod 6ZH1P-EV tubes and an opa2107 op amp into it, how exactly do I swap these parts out? Is there any special equipment that I need or tweaking that I have to do, or is it pretty straightforward? I'm new to this kind of stuff.
I am looking for a DAC for the LDmkIII/Q701 setup that I will be getting soon. I found a used EMU 0404 PCI with aftermarket op amps and a custom breakout cable for $50, is there anything better than that in the same price range? I use 64 Bit windows 7, and I don't have any open PCI express slots.
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