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For sale is my GS-1000i. These as you may notice from the photo, is resleeved. The thick and heavy cable that it came with has been removed and resleeved with a thinner, lighter and more comfortable nylon based one. I also had the plastic Y cable joining the cable removed in favour of nothing. It has stood the test of time so I wouldn't worry about durability in relation to normal use. The connector has been upgraded to a Neutrik 6.3mm. It does not affect the sound...
Actually, to millionaires, these ARE toys. The system should work within a home setting; that is what it was built for. Wilson Audio can't and shouldn't expect their clientele to have studios built around their hifi systems (although the owners can well afford it). People want to listen to music in the setting of their home and often with the family and friends, not in some studio.    Also, pray tell, how did your amps get stolen?
I run my M6i with a pair of Focal 1008 Be stand mounts. They do well. You could look into Focal as an option too. 
It does look like Krell, not sure which models though.    The speakers look more like Wilson Grand Slamm X-1 or maybe the Alexandria X-2. The Grand Slamms have a separate box for each mid-woofer and the tweeter in between. In the Maxx, the tweeter and one of the mid-woofers share a box. In the picture, it appears that each driver has its own box.    Nice room though. I really like the design. But where is the listening chair?
For sale is my V200, purchased 13/2/2012. Unfortunately, there are some marks as you can see on the top. 4 round marks, each made by a vibrapod. I did not know at that time that the vibrapods leave black circular marks but I am not the only person to have been stung by this issue. Apart from that, there are no marks or scratches on it. Sound wise, it's perfect.   I am selling it as I have the Zodiac+ and I am moving on to speaker gear (just purchased a Musical...
The pads might have something to do with it being that yours are 2 years old.
Sold. Sorry Head8k. The LCD-2 in the UK is a rare find admittedly. All the best in finding one. 
For sale is my Audez'e LCD-2 Rev. 2    Purchased in the UK from Decent Audio, the UK distributor in January. Comes with the travel case, the wood care kit, frequency response graph and receipt.  I prefer my HD800s and want to move on to a speaker rig since I moved to a larger place so I am downsizing the headphone rig.    £630 by bank transfer gets includes UK shipping, if shipped to EU, then purchaser needs to pay the additional amount (about £10-20 depending...
When importing, just be prepared to be stung with VAT and breathe easy if you don't. I have bought audio gear imported into the UK, under the value of £500 and so far have been lucky.    I did note that when I got my DAC from Audio-GD, the box had been opened before, I should think by customs. No problems though. Not sure whether anything changes if the prices is higher (relatively). But as above poster has proven so, you should be fine. Just be prepared. 
Sent you a PM for the LCD-2 Rev.2. 
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