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EWWWWW   They managed to fund CNC machining for their geek outs. I don't get why they can't do the same with the same equipment for the pulses. I would happily pay the price difference.
but then again I'm talking to a rolex dealer. 
 Well first of all I've heard the Naim and the Hdvd ; and while I liked the naim when I owned it; the HDVD not so much. There are even better options available on the market; which is why I made a suggestion to have a look at a new crowdfunded product which may very well eclipse both. My intention was to just make an off-hand suggestion- evident by the way I worded it. Members' tendencies to be close minded is what's lowering the quality of head-fi's content. Many readers...
I hear great things about the caspian. Have you looked at Unison research amplification yet? My dealer stocked both roksan and Unison, and pointed me to the entry level Unison Unico for the LS50's despite being able to earn bigger commission for the Roksan. He said that the LS50 benefit hugely from Class A amplification and Unison provided enough wattage in Class A to make them sing. I eventually went for the ayre which cost a fair bit more; but just remembered our...
Its not exactly fair. I think a fair comparison would be the pulsar vs    Dynaudio C1 Bowers 805 Diamond Raidho X1
The ls50's don't need huge wattage; but the highest quality power you can provide them. I've compared an ayre AX-7e with a w4s class D monoblocks and the Ayre just outclasses it in everything except being able to play at concert level SPLs. The LS50's just scale so well with higher quality gear its uncanny.
Naims i find makes for a pacey and exciting first listen. The novelty wears out and I end up looking for something more refined.
naim gear isnt known for being overly detailed. These british manufacturers who have a rep for producing analytical and clinical gear would include the likes of cyrus
depends on the headphones. Zana's on general principle would work well with the high impedance sennheisers whereas the mjolnir pairs well with Audezes. Have you considered adding the BHA-1 to your list? Its a worthy mention- poor man's gs-x. Sounds great to boot with Planars
I use mine with an ayre ax-7e and kef ls50 speakers.The balanced output is leagues better than the single ended when used on the same amp, but the ax7e is a fully balanced design and works best in balanced anyway. Unsure about SE amps only
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