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Lowered to 180
I bought these Beyerdynamics a few Christmases ago as a gift for myself. I have refurbished them myself. Here is the repair history: I have bought and installed all new, Beyer-fresh, completely in-every-way unused pads. There was damage to the driver, which has been repaired. There were hairs in the driver, which I have been carefully removed. My friend cleaned them. Asking $180 shipped conus. Please haggle if you want a lower price. I'm totally open to it! I'm...
Yes.They don't actually have bad bass; they have punchy, very deep bass. It's just that the treble is so peaky that you never turn it up loud enough to hear it.If you EQ out the treble peaks, the bass will come on its own. You don't have to do anything else.
I couldn't stand them compared to the HD650
Somehow double-posted. My apologies.
It has a few peaks above 1% and into 2% in the treble.This may sound like a small amount, but that's actually like -20-40dB or so, so like a fifth (on average) as loud as the input signal, which is loud as ****
I prefer the HD650 to the HE-400. The HE-400 has pretty high distortion.
Now on overtime. Make offers, I'll go low.
I need to sell this by tomorrow. I've got things to pay. Make offers!
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