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Posts by Carlosfandango Open Source - Freely Available online. And interesting paper on MP3 compression. Not looking for a flame war, but you know.... this is like proper science. Probably.
 Yeah, I've read several times that you don't keep a case. Brave man :o)  Any you not concerned for scratches and bumps? Or does it simply not pick any up? I always have Keys/Money in my pockets... so worry that it'll mark. 
While I'll happily spent hundreds (and in some cases thousands) on Headphones, DAPs, Turntables etc.... I simply CANNOT find it in myself to pay nearly £40 quid for a...
Awesome, little device arrived today.    Charged and loaded with music. 
Since my company buy me a £200 gift as a long service award (as well as giving me £300 entertainment budget for friends ) I've treated myself to one of these,    It'll be an upgrade (I hope) on my ibasso DX-50 and was a real toss-up between the X3/X5 or this. Hopefully free money well spent      I have a few Clips and a Fuze (in car, in man bag, upstairs in house) that I also plan on replacing with an Fiio M3 or two, just thought I'd throw that out there. 
10.5 kilos 13.5 kilos 7.5 kilos
He focussed on my comments about the box too.He completely, as you did too, ignored my comments about marks and earwax on the flanges and missing parts.So just to rebalance, i didn't let a battered box make me think they were used, i did check them and then realised they were indeed used.I think sending them in the post badly protected gives him all the reason he needs to claim 'the package was damaged in the post but is actually brand new'I'm calling BS.
OpenOpen them, i bet they're used.
Mine arrived and they are used.All those who have damaged boxes,check the following:Marks (and traces of earwax) on the flange on the iemBroken security sealsMissing extra flangesThe cable tied up inside the case in an amateurish mannerSplit inner packaging.These are absolutely and unequivocally used headphones, the guy has replied assuring me that he's an approved HisSoundUK (so what?) And that he can also assure me that they are brand new.But you know when YOU KNOW THAT...
Sure enough, i just offered £30.01 for the Wooduo2 and had it accepted. Postage is a fiver first class (though hugely expensive for recorded at £over 10 quid). At this price they're good for grab and go/holiday phones.
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