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I just got my SM3's and it sounds great (even on first listen)! It also isolates very well which is a requirement for me. It's detailed and smooth. The bass is just enough for me. Like the other guy said, it's addicting to listen to these IEM's. I'm currently using the stock double flange tips. I can't imagine this sounding any better. I'm still waiting on triple flange tips from Sensorcom.   Some minor qualms (is it just me!?): it feels and looks flimsy, the cable...
And that is why I did not mention the top tier headphones. I just wanted to get a reference point since I really like my ATH-M50 except that I will never get the level of isolation that I want. It's good to hear that some people think the SM3 can stand toe to toe against my current headphone. At home, I never listen to earphones or headphones. I like my current speakers (Energy RC-70). Cheers.
As good as the SM3 (damn customs is holding my SM3's up) is how does it compare to a decent full-size headphone like my Audio Technica ATH-M50?
Just as the title says; I'm looking for Phonak PFE Silicone Ear Guides. Preferably new.   EDIT: My bad this was on the wrong forum. Could some MOD please move this to the FS section. Thanks.
OP: Since you have a huge budget, you can also afford the best tech that is out there. I don't intend to hijack but rather than creating the same thread,   I'd like to add: what portable players support 24 bit / 96 khz flac?    Cheers.
Hello Sm3 aficionados! I'm about to purchase these at SoundEarphones.com but I was hoping there would be a coupon floating around. To someone maybe connected to SoundEarphones: what is the warranty like on open box items? 
Just curious if anyone has seen this and tried it on their own gear and how it was? Waste of time or purposeful? I think for over the ear phones you need to leave a bit of wire for placement.   http://www.instructables.com/id/Zip-your-earbuds/    
I'd like to put in an order as well!? I'm from Calgary. 
  @tacomn That look's great. Any details on the mod (cost, where/who)?      I'm going to purchasing the DBA-02's soon but I'm also interested in finding an amp to maybe add a little more warmth or smoothen the sound while retaining the strengths of the IEM. The source would be a Cowon D2. My last IEM was a Shure E2C and I was quite fond of it till the cable broke. After E2C broke, I bought an ATH-M50 headphone instead of another IEM. In general, it was great sounding but...
Hello guys, are there any other IEM's that are comparable/onpar/better/equal besides the SE530's-535's on the same price point (say between $450-600)?
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