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I kept on putting it aside. I just had new ear molds done but I think I'm ready to part with this. I'm going to instead buy a new pair of IEMs (JH 13 Pro).   I was thinking of keeping and fixing it myself with a putty of some sort cause the looks of it don't matter to me. I also thought of sending to another CIEM remolding service but I'm afraid that I won't like the sound.    Edited: New price US$410 plus shipping
Still here, $410 UM Miracle - Cracked shell, piece broke off after removing the cable; no cable AND as a bonus I'll send my SM3 v1 that has a case issue as well if you want it.   Buyer pays for shipping (choose your own shipping method). It will be shipped with tracking information. Items are from Alberta, Canada   Paypal payments only  (if local sale, cash is good)   Pelican case not included.   These items are in great condition. Both are fully functional. They...
Hello folks, the left side of my CIEM just cracked where the recessed sockets are located. I'm still within the two year warranty period. Is Stephen Guo still the contact for custom iems? I want to have mine reshelled. Could I just go through UM Global? I'm not sure who is best to contact regarding warranty. Thanks.
What is the wait time for reshells/remolds? I have a SM3 v1 that I can reshell and my Miracle that's got a cracked socket. Can anyone compare the differences in the reshell services of other companies? I'm in Vancouver, BC; 1964 Ears is a bit closer but it cost $90 more. Thanks.
I just switched to the this phone as my main portable source. Got me a 64 GB card and I'm more than satisfied with the sound. I said goodbye to my modded Cowon D2/D2+.
Without elaborating too much, I mostly agree with what ljokerl has said on his review of the Miracle. I'm quite happy with the sound and yet still glad to have my SM3. It was a confusing first two days of listening as I've been accustomed to the sound signature of the SM3's. It was hard to get over with because of it's musicality is through the roof! What I mean is that it is just really enjoyable to listen to music with this specific piece of hardware. If I had to...
@ljokerl   What kind of source do you use with your UM Miracles?  Do you try to use gear that has similar sound or do you like to mix it up.  Do you use EQ or effects with it?   How often do you use your SM3 and why do you still use it? 
Hello everyone,   Finally, I received my Miracles after two months of waiting (no thanks to UPS). I have been listening to them constantly since getting it four hours ago.   I've been switching it back and forth with my Earsonics SM3. Also trying out between my Cowon D2 & Ipod Touch 2nd Gen.   My first impressions: Fit is perfect. Sound isolation is slightly better than my SM3. I've tried to find a way to see if there will be changes by chaning my...
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