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Is there a custom tip orderable for the T20/T20i? 
Give the RHA T20 a listen.
Hi Andy, Coming from the JH13 Pro FP to the JH13v2 Pro did the v2 always have the four high frequency drivers upon release of the customs or did it get updated coinciding with the release of the Performance universals? Thanks.
Just want to share my experience so far with these headphones. This past summer I bought a JH13v2 Pro because after two years losing my Unique Melody Miracles. I wanted a custom for the best isolation that I can get because I work in loud environments all the time.   Two weeks ago I was at the airport trying on Bose QC25 and QC35. I didn't get either after I googled the MDR-1000x. I haven't used my custom since getting this headphone. I'm completely satisfied with the...
Are there cables with mic/play/pause buttons for these iems?
These are the ones for JH Audio IEMs. I kinda regret buying one of these now because I haven't been able to find cables that have a mic on them.
Has anyone compared this to the JH13 v1?
I just listened to these and I really like them but I don't really want to buy it. I'd rather go with a CIEM for the it's price.
Has anyone been able to use custom mold tips for these? If yes, which ones work?
Hey guys, I'm interested on getting a custom IEM with Noble. I'm looking for feedback on the Noble 5/5S/5C. How do they compare to Noble 4//4S/4C JH13 pro freqphase or Unique Melody Miracle or Earsonics SM3? Thanks.
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