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any ideas?
The right ear died on my M2s (1 year after I got them), which I bought for their durability. I liked the aluminum housing and the thick cabling, but it seems that wasn't enough considering how hard I am on them. If anyone has suggestions on something more durable, and possibly more crisp (for downtempo electronic stuff, maybe less bass and less distortion), I'd love to hear any ideas.     Thanks!!
Hi all,   I'm looking for a pair of earphones that won't break on me. I currently use the Panasonic RP HJE 900-K ones and the cheaper Panasonics like the HJE 270s. I do love this style of earphone with the silicon-type earpiece that fits comfortably, and I've tried Sony and JVC equivalents. The Sonys were much too quiet, and the JVCs fell apart. The Panasonics have been fine other than that one earphone stops working, possibly due to abuse, tugging, etc.   So I'm...
I'll send him a message, thanks. Do I need a cable to convert those line outs to fit a 3.5mm or 1/4" plug? What else can those line outs be used for?
I'm looking for a basic DAC. Something $50 - $100. I have a homemade amp and a pair of Sennheiser HD555.   Any recommendations? Used or new, I'm not picky
I made a post in the cables forum, but I'll post here to see if I get more of a response.   I'm looking to change the stock cable on my Sennheiser HD555 to a coiled cable. I know the cable is replaceable (modular cabling)   1) Can I make my own coiled cable with a cover (something heavy duty), or is there one I can order? 2) Does anyone have tips on changing the cable for these phones?   Thanks, shieldst
How do I know if my cable is TRS?   Could you give me more specific details on how I would change the cable?   Thanks
I have a heavy duty guitar patch cord with 1/4" jacks on either end. I also have a pair of Sennheiser HD555s. I know that the Senns' cord is replacable - but can I replace it with a patch cord? The stock cable on the Senns feels like the basic cheap cable, and I'm scared of running it over with my chair or something.   Would the guitar patch cable affect the quality? How would I go about changing the cable? Just a couple solders?   Thanks, shieldst  
I got a few extra opamps and I was considering building another CMoy. I was thinking of just adapting the design to be a mini guitar amp - rather than a 3.5mm jack in, I would have a 1/4" jack, and instead of a 3.5mm jack out, I would have a speaker. Would this work with the basic CMoy design? Or would I need more power/different components?
I just built my first and only amp - a CMoy mini tin amp. What's another project of comparable difficulty and cost? Maybe a cheap DAC?
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