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So has any1 heard this thing yet at a meet or something?  Is there an impressions thread?  I don't have an entire week to read through the millions of posts in this thread.
Good stuff bro, sorry I havent been on since my last post in this thread.  I agree that the devilsound is a great little dac and I don't need 24/96 or any other features/inputs which makes it an ideal solution.  Just wish I could hear some really high end dacs to see how much difference it can make in terms of sound quality.  The V800 certainly has my attention as it seems to get good feedbacks.  
Good to see that answering this question didn't seem to make any difference... lol  
Yeah Ive got a devilsound v2.1 and a burson HA160 powering the LCD-2.  Im happy with it but just wondering how much better can it get.      
How much difference can a top of the line DAC make over a mid range dac?  I am thinking of upgrading to something in the 1000-2000 range but can't really audition anything locally so I have no idea what to expect.
Postage to Sydney was $52 but now it is $85... apparently they were undercharging before.
Yep I am plenty happy with the cable I got.  Im just saying there is no rhyme or reason to who gets what from them.  Just because you ordered at the same time as some1 else does not guarantee that you will get the same cable or even the same version of the headphone.
Yes I got my 2nd paid just a few days ago and I also received the cable pictured on the right.  Despite what their website claims I think it js luck of the draw which incarnation of LCD-2/cable you receive from Audeze.  Afterall they have to get rid of the previously flawed units somehow.  
So I got my 2nd pair and am really glad to see that the stock cable is now much better and no longer is a cable upgrade mandatory. Still sound top notch to me and also the newer box is a slightly nicer color IMO
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