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Thanks, appreciate the input. I think he wanted circumaural rather than supraaural and the ESW9 is out of his price range. I haven't auditioned one since last summer in Japan, and it was amid a whirlwind, but I'll definitely discuss it with him as an option.
I've auditioned the SRH440 and SRH840 before and I use SRH-840 Pads on my T50RPs, but it has been a while since I auditioned a pair of the Shures. I was A/B comparing them in a shop in Seoul at the time but if my memory serves, I was using the Beach Boys "Girls on the Beach" as one of my Mid/Vocal-centric audition tracks and I heard a really noticeable sibilance with both of them and when I cycled through the rest of my audition tracks I suddenly couldn't not notice it....
I've got a real puzzle here. A friend of mine is looking for a pair of headphones that is portable, durable, and well isolating and I have no shortage of usual recommendations for people who prioritize those aspects, but he's really resistant to the idea of IEMs and the Sennheiser HD-280 PROs, Ultrasone HFI-580/780s, and oft recommended (but not by me) Audio Technica ATH-M50s we auditioned didn't appeal to him for sound signature reasons (too treble and bass oriented,...
$890 / 121 posts = $7.4/post   additionally, i don't remember what day in january '10 i created my account but if we assume it is the 1st, then i'm at 705 days which is $1.26/day margin of error of thirty days since i could very well have created it on the 31st that bumps it up to $1.32/day.   however, this $890 estimate is on the far low end because i have no recollection of shipping costs or taxes. it doesn't include the sound card i have because it was...
You can put me down for 2.
björk - biophilia  
I always say the manufacturer and model of every headphone i see in movies and on tv out loud. I could be watching a movie with a small group of friends and even in a really tense scene I don't have the self restraint not to blurt out, "That cop is wearing Sony MDR-V6s."
sleep ∞ over - outer limits in the interest of keeping head-fi family friendly i chose the censored album jacket face. i know that people have posted the cover of electric ladyland for example and that it's probably not a big deal, but i spoilered the original cover for the curious. [[SPOILER]]
lord huron -  mighty ep
Casiokids - Topp stemning på lokal bar
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