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 That's the nature of development! O2 was unable to support the power requirements of the DAC, so it needed to stand on its own. The group was only interested in producing an amp/DAC combo. Thus, we launched OL DAC independently using the core circuitry. There's little reason for Standalone ODAC to exist at this point.
 The "ODAC with new features" was as a collaboration led by JDS Labs. All Objective retailers were involved in early 2016. Unfortunately, it failed to reach beta testing due to technical limitations  Thanks for the feedback!
 We did! OL DAC was first prototyped with a WM8804. The AK4113 provides better autonomy of clock rate detection than WM8805 (important for optimal THD), and it makes more sense to share the same part across multiple products. Jitter performance is indeed superior with the Wolfson series, however, jitter is audibly acceptable from the AKM equivalent. We transitioned from WM8804 to AK4113 in the second round of beta testing and feedback remained fantastic.
  S/PDIF-to-I2S: AK4113OL USB-to-I2S: SA9023EL USB-to-I2S: SA9227
 Thunda's answer is correct. You can uses a resistor divider calculator to determine signal strength, relative to the input signal.
 Yes, gain below 1.0x is possible by increasing the input attenuation resistors. However, this compromises noise performance at high gain.
 Make sure your CD player is connected to the RCA Inputs, not Outputs. Feel free to PM if you need more help. Edit: Answered via PM - The CD player in question has a weak line-level output of 0.2VRMS, thus, it's 10x quieter than a typical DAC.
 Sorry in advance if this was already shared earlier. Are you listening to an ODAC, or ODAC RevB? PM your order # and I can help out. The ES9023 is known to fail on up to 1% of the original ODACs, confirmed by ESS Q/C. We've repaired all brought to our attention.
 Several ordinary Type C cables I tested failed to connect Nexus Type C phones to self-powered DACs. This adapter worked perfectly while available:https://www.amazon.com/Poweradd-MacBook-Tablets-Smartphones-Supported/dp/B00ZFP3FHU?ie=UTF8&*Version*=1&*entries*=0 So, we identified the internal resistor values to enable OTG equivalent operation. It gets the job done for $5: 
 Yessir: https://www.jdslabs.com/store/#apparel
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