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Hi guys,   recently bought the RHA 750i by accident. Have not opened it yet as it was an order mistake so i'm just selling this at 80GBP(9GBP discount?) haha.   Drop me a message if you are interested. Only available for UK!
woah....seems like DT880/600 are still standing their ground. O well. Just to add in, M50s are way over-rated. I think they are selling cuz they just have so much bass
Do you guys think that they'll provide the spare parts? I really hope they don't ask me to send em back
Yep. but the last time I mailed them, they weren't of much help and they asked me to ship the item back to B&H which cost me another 40 bucks from Singapore. I hope that they give me a better solution this time, maybe send a set of the plastic piece over so i can screw them in myself without much hassle
Gosh....both the Beyers that I bought have the same problem....am I not meant to own them?
NO one? only me?:(
Hi all, I've recently purchased the DT880/600 from Amazon but i was upset to see that it had the same problem the DT770/32 i purchased not long ago from B&H. This is the Left side of the headphone and plastic piece that is holding the earcups. As you can see, there is clearly a gap. This is due to the faulty screw/screw track attaching the 2 pieces of plastic together. It makes the earcups really flimsy and feel like anytime it will break off. This is the right...
Haha....Great Thread I have to say^^ I'd love to try the CK100 hearing that it has great clarity. I own the RE0 and have yet to find another IEM thata has clarity and great highs like it.(I've tried UM3X and Westone 3 but none really got the clarity and amazing highs and mids that I desire!)   I've also moved on to full-sized and now using the DT770/600 and i really would like to hear a pair of headphones that would reignite my love for IEMs all over again!
No help? :(
Is this a good combo? Or using the TBH as a DAC out is useless and won't affect the SQ? My Laptop is using a probably really lousy sound card(Realtek) So can i have some input?   Thanks
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