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Any idea how does the X7 compare with the Onkyo DP-X1? The X7 is currently 50GBP more expensive than the Onkyo X1
I guess I would be interested in a DAP upgrade as thinking about having to attach a DAC to my pixel is abit too much of a hassle. Question is how much improvement can I get by upgrading my source but still using Spotify as my main music library. If you have any input on this it would really be much appreciated. I do feel mostly contented with my pixel but I do know I'm missing out on quite alot because my source is not that good.
Very!:) i'm just looking to improve my overall listening experience
Current Headphones - HUM Pristine CIEM Budget - £400-500 Source - Google Pixel   Currently looking for equipment to improve my overall listening experience. Should I be investing in a better DAP or a portable amp or even something else? I'm open to all suggestions. I would prefer if i can still stream music through Spotify as it is where most of my music is.
Hi guys,   recently bought the RHA 750i by accident. Have not opened it yet as it was an order mistake so i'm just selling this at 80GBP(9GBP discount?) haha.   Drop me a message if you are interested. Only available for UK!
woah....seems like DT880/600 are still standing their ground. O well. Just to add in, M50s are way over-rated. I think they are selling cuz they just have so much bass
Do you guys think that they'll provide the spare parts? I really hope they don't ask me to send em back
Yep. but the last time I mailed them, they weren't of much help and they asked me to ship the item back to B&H which cost me another 40 bucks from Singapore. I hope that they give me a better solution this time, maybe send a set of the plastic piece over so i can screw them in myself without much hassle
Gosh....both the Beyers that I bought have the same I not meant to own them?
NO one? only me?:(
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