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Putting these back up. I've powered everything on to make sure they work, but that is about it. I'm also adding in a set of Sony Hybrid ear-tips (all unused and sealed).
These are still available if anyone is interested.
I'll give it a try... I so need new headphones....   25.6lbs 30.2lbs 28.6lbs
Will consider trade for Mangi-Modi/Vali stack.
 I'm selling my much loved Sony Walkman NWZ-Z1060 with the Sony Leather Case, Otterbox, Line Out Cable, Custom 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable. I'm including a pair of UE TF10 headphones with custom cable. The TF10 has a crack on the right ear piece, but it does not effect sound quality or seem to affect durability.  Then again, this gives you a reason to get it re-shelled if desired.  The Walkman has some paint chipping on the bottom left of the unit, but otherwise in great...
Surprised I didn't even get one suggestion. I would like to add that it would be nice if I could take usb input, but if I had to only get one. Optical would be my first choice.
  Ok, I'm looking for suggestions for a Headphone rig (desktop) to listen to music. I'm mostly into Jazz, R&B, Rock, Metal, pretty much anything that doesn't involve Hip Hop (dunno why I loathe it, but I do).  So, the sound signature has to be awesome with Acoustic, voices, and instruments.  I would like Tube, but doesn't have to be.  My budget is around $500.  If anyone has suggestions, I'd greatly appreciate anything you can offer.
 Awesome!  I wasn't sure if it would eat away at it or anything. I will have to go pick some up and repair these. 
Well, I was going to get my TF10 Re-Shelled, but then I listened to them back to back with my current customs; and I doubt I would give the TF10 any "ear" time against my current set. So, do you think there is a market for "cracked" but still very usable TF10s?
I'd like to win. I only have the PX200-II, love 'em; but these are better!
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