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They did come out nice. I'd totally do that and build a custom cable with brown paracord sheath. Would look fantastic!
Agreed. I saw someone on this thread did a stain on theirs. Looked great, but I'm not sure I would until warranty period was up.
I wonder if they would pair well with a good tube amp. I'm driving mine with the Schiit Vali 2, but that is a hybrid.
The ECL-02 in Brown is kinda sexy. I wonder how that would look with the PH.
I tried the Nighthawk as well, and at the time, preferred my HE-400i. I think the EL-8 O (2016) handily beats the HE-400i in all directions.
I felt the same way. I didn't like listening to all my 90s Hair Band stuff because I didn't have a headphone that made them sound good (like when I was younger). I often had to resort to my Philips SPH-9500 as they played them the best out of what I owned (Oppo PM-3, HE-400i, Heir 4.a CIEM, Klipsch S4). Out of all those headphones, the EL8-Open made everything much more enjoyable and engaging. I actually started listening to my Metallica, Def Leppard, and many others that...
At the same price point of the EL8 would be acceptable.
It does look really nice. I built a similar looking cable out of black BTG 26awg wire (8 strands), but doesn't look as good as this one due to the 2 different colors. Next time I'll build something nicer.
I picked mine up for a decent price. Please reach out to your vendor and verify that you have the 2016 version and not the 2015. I've heard the 2015 does not sound as good as the 2016. I ran mine out of my phone and it sounded "meh". It wasn't till I plugged it into my Vali 2, being fed by my Modi 2 Uber that it started sounding better. I actually do not regret selling my HE-400i for these, but I do kind of regret getting rid of my Oppo PM-3 (though, in the end I still...
or any modern Android/iOS device. They also support USB digital out.
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