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@FiiO  Can we get an F5 in Red for us Red X5iii owners?  They look nice!
Let us know how the Lohb works out for you. I might be interested in getting one as well.
Definitely the is more expensive, so it has to be the best. 
I also have a X5iii "power driving" question. I'm discussing with a someone how much power is needed to drive a pair of headphones that I have. They continually say that I need more power than what the X5iii is presenting to the headphone. I then purchased the Schiit Jot and found that it drove the headphones "louder", but detail-wise... I didn't get any "more" information with the greater driving power. So, I felt that the X5iii drive those headphones well...
Very true... totally forgot about the SYS. I used to have one with my old Schiit stack. I knew I should've held onto it.
  I think it will be just easier for me to reach over and turn the volume down to "0" on my Active X-over. Though... great ideas of the power strip... I'd have to put the X-over, speakers and sub all on that power strip.
It just arrived.    Didn't know (nor have I really read through this thread)... that plugging in headphones does not mute the Output to my Desktop speakers. O'well... another step added.
I think I like Lady Fantasy. Very nice! Thanks for the introduction!
Part of my statement was tongue-in-cheek, but yet...not really. If I were an iPhone user and wanted to use my Mojo, and were in the same situation as a lot of other users here. Separating the Mojo from the iPhone until the issue is resolved would be a good stopgap. The Hidizs AP60 is about the least expensive way I know to get a stand-alone DAP that doesn't sound bad on it's own, but most importantly can be utilized with the Mojo. Yes, streaming Bluetooth will degrade the...
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