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At roughly $200 more (depending on where you get it from), it is a nice step up.
I do not regret selling the HE-400i for the EL-8 Open. It could be the 2016 version, but I feel the EL-8 has more of pretty much everything. If I were going on price alone, the HE-400i is a very nice headphone (and more comfortable to boot).
On my Little Dot I+, I used to get crackling from the Tube a lot. I ended up getting these from my local Rat Shack... It got rid of the crackling (sprayed both the tube socket and the tube pins). I sprayed down the socket on my Vali2 before I ever inserted a tube into it, so I don't know if that would've exhibited any crackling.
Once I get the seal right, it doesn't make any more noise. It does sound great though.
Well, if you pulled the cups away from your ear and then place them back on, that changes the seal. I believe this does this, because the membrane is sort of like an "infinite baffle" subwoofer. They are technically open, but they do not allow air to pass from one side to the other (through the cups).Then again, I could be totally wrong, but someone here will correct me.
Mine do this as well. It might be just a result of the seal. It also does it when I turn my head if the seal is tight. I simply adjust the seal and it goes away. I'm not sure if it is a problem or not, but I guess we'll wait till more chime in. BTW, I have the 2016 model.
Nice write up. I wonder when Woo does their refresh. Since I'll won't be looking at purchasing till the end of the year, I'm wondering (hoping) they do a refresh and offer Optical in. Here's to hoping anyway.
I hope you say the WA8 straight, but I would probably think the Hugo & WA8. Do you have a write up somewhere of the comparison?
Now THAT is good to hear. Faith restored. Just watching the thread a little longer before ordering mine.
 This saddens me. The Dac in the Oppo is said to not be that great (which was an amp I was considering), now you say the DAC in a $600 DAP sounds better than one in a $1800 combo that I'm considering. Is it the ESS 9018 chip that all the devices I'm interested in not that great?  Even the Onkyo DP-X1 that I was all hot and bothered over recently uses that DAC chip as well. Is there a certain signature that that chip has that turns people off?  Don't get me wrong, I'm not a...
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