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These are still available if anyone is interested.
I'll give it a try... I so need new headphones....   25.6lbs 30.2lbs 28.6lbs
Will consider trade for Mangi-Modi/Vali stack.
 I'm selling my much loved Sony Walkman NWZ-Z1060 with the Sony Leather Case, Otterbox, Line Out Cable, Custom 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable. I'm including a pair of UE TF10 headphones with custom cable. The TF10 has a crack on the right ear piece, but it does not effect sound quality or seem to affect durability.  Then again, this gives you a reason to get it re-shelled if desired.  The Walkman has some paint chipping on the bottom left of the unit, but otherwise in great...
Surprised I didn't even get one suggestion. I would like to add that it would be nice if I could take usb input, but if I had to only get one. Optical would be my first choice.
  Ok, I'm looking for suggestions for a Headphone rig (desktop) to listen to music. I'm mostly into Jazz, R&B, Rock, Metal, pretty much anything that doesn't involve Hip Hop (dunno why I loathe it, but I do).  So, the sound signature has to be awesome with Acoustic, voices, and instruments.  I would like Tube, but doesn't have to be.  My budget is around $500.  If anyone has suggestions, I'd greatly appreciate anything you can offer.
 Awesome!  I wasn't sure if it would eat away at it or anything. I will have to go pick some up and repair these. 
Well, I was going to get my TF10 Re-Shelled, but then I listened to them back to back with my current customs; and I doubt I would give the TF10 any "ear" time against my current set. So, do you think there is a market for "cracked" but still very usable TF10s?
I'd like to win. I only have the PX200-II, love 'em; but these are better!
Ok, so... January will mark my 2nd year with my TF10.  Today, I noticed the right ear piece is cracked. I have no idea how that happened, as I don't use them much. It probably happened when I dropped them on my desk when I headed off to one of my many meetings (hate meetings).     Is it ok to put clear nail polish on these to keep them together for awhile longer. I'm debating on getting them re-shelled during the summer. I just need to find a good reliable (and...
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