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The V10 can push those? Dayum!
This is almost as entertaining as discussing a missing headphone jack.
I was actually looking to upgrade to the LCD-X or LCD-3 (or whatever type of variant is out afterwards) in Summer 2017.
If they are going to be similarities sound quality, then there is no point in the V20 for me. The V10 is cheaper and I hear the HTC 10 is similar to that, but better external speaker.
They should be sending out something to everyone who complained about the bubble wrap issue. Even if it was a $20 coupon. Some of us (like myself) decided to either deal with it, or fix it on our own. I've not had to do this with ANY other headphone that I've purchased EVER. Unless of course it was purchased for the purpose of modding anyway.
Do you not consider the LCD-3 and LCD-4 a step up?
Well that would suck for me. All of my current headphones are under 50 ohm.
How can the phone tell if your headphones are cheap or not?
A bit light in the audio portion of the review, which I'm assuming is what we most want. I guess we'll have to wait till someone tries it on an RAA rig or impressions from users here. I'm going to wait till I hear more. I'm ok with what I currently have at the moment.
New Posts  All Forums: