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Did we honestly think that the V20 was going to beat an $800 DAP? I'm just happy if it sounds better than most other phones.
Agreed. If I were to do that, I would just keep my Xperia Z3v and use the AQ Red and save myself even more money. Haha...
My bet would be on the iPhone with the AQ Dragonfly Red.
I'm hoping my local Verizon store will have them on Tuesday or Wednesday for me to pick one up. I don't feel like pre-ordering.
I'd be down, but I don't have high end equipment yet.
Awesome! The only DAP that I was even considering purchasing. Let us know what your thoughts are so far. How does it stack up (the phone to the DAP)?
Yes, they also do "Layaway"... if you want to purchase something and NOT have it show up on a credit card statement... you know, so the wife doesn't know. Hehe.
Oh well, looks like the closest we get is NY, which I'm not completely opposed to.
Well, it appears the LG V20 is available on Verizon now for Pre-Order. Supposed to be released on the 27th according to the Verizon salesman. I noticed on the bottom it mentioned something about earphones (as well as a Stylo 2 for $1 junk). I'm more interested in the earphone promo. Anyone else hear anything?
Which laptop cooling pad did you use?
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