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I got the "go ahead" from the wife, but if we think we'd have more than 10 people... let's shoot for another place to host. 
You probably ticked him off enough that he'll keep doing it. Lol. 
I tried 5 different MicroUSB cables as charging cables. I used a PalmPre 1A charger, a Samsung 2A charger, a Sony Xperia Charger (don't remember the amperage), a Jawbone 1A charger, and finally picked up an Anker PowerPlug 2 charger and PowerLine cable. Nothing stopped the whine, but it is when hitting "trickle" charge that it makes the noise. If I play music, it dies down to almost inaudible, but during silent passages and when I turn it off and on... it changes pitch as...
Safe to say, there are at least 3 people in my household that will disagree with you. Anyway...    Charge Whine issue: Has anyone who actually experienced the issue found a suitable "cable" and "charger" that reduced the whine to almost inaudible levels? I would like to have the option of having the Mojo plugged in and feeding a desktop amp or whatever it may be without the whine interfering with enjoyment somewhere during use (like topping off the batter).
All of these cables were purchased to clean up the "charging" whine that I have. I just decided to test them as the actual source to see if there was such a difference. I used to believe whole heartedly that there would be no change in sound. I heard it, and 2 other people who are NOT into quality listening and can care less heard it. I swapped wires back and forth behind their back and they noticed the changes. Does it matter to me that you strongly believe against it?...
Ok, so... I did a quick cable shoot out... and.. well...   - Meenova USB-C to MicroUSB Cable - DIY Mogami W2893 USB to MicroUSB Cable - AudioQuest Forest USB to MicroUSB Cable My source was my LG V20 phone to the Mojo and then out to my LCD-2F.   Meenova Cable: This cable I thought sounded OK at first, but it wasn't till I put it against the other cables that I realized that it was very thin and cheap sounding.    Mogami Cable: This cable was easy to tell the...
Well, I tried as suggested a "High Quality" USB cable. I guess the "Coil Whine" is more musical now?
Damn! So not acceptable on a $500+ device. I've been playing mine all day and playing it, and I haven't heard it today (not that I've noticed anyway). I have loaded it up with 2 headphones as well (LCD-2F and TH-X00 PH to help sap battery and charge again). Keep track of it and see if you can find a pattern. Then we can get emails on complaints to Chord so they can do something about it.
I haven't sent the Mojo back "yet". Waiting on the supposed AudioQuest Forest cable that was referenced to fix it. I'm still in touch with the Vendor though and will send it back in a heart beat (and not miss out on my return window). I'm going to look into those speakers for my near-field setup.
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