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I too have been looking at the Sine. Since I sold off the PM-3 (and actually miss them now). I might pick up the Sine in a few weeks (I too need to pay off the card before getting more toys).
You are so right. This song does sound Amazing on the EL-8O! I already like these headphones!  Time to let them burn for a little while I continue to work. Then do some critical listening tonight.  I think Amos Lee (similar voicing IMHO, will sound equally as nice on these).
Chris Jones
That is a nice song. Who is the actual artist?
At 500 hours they hit "Angelic". lol
I'll let you know. I'll have to go from memory with the PM-3, as they were only up for 3 hours before being purchased.
If Timmy Trumpet is EDM, I guess I like it. I'm definitely going to be listening to that tonight when my pair of EL-8 O arrive.  Is there a break-in period, and how long should I keep volume at low to medium before cranking these puppies. I just picked up a pair of Energy Take Classic speakers for the living room and the manual told me to keep them low for the first 50 hours for break-in.
I'm with @droido256 on this one. My EL-8O arrive tomorrow. This is my last purchase for awhile (well, until the Fostex TH-X00 PurpleHearts show up). Then, I'll probably look at upgrading my amp setup. I'm almost bummed that I sold off the PM-3, as they would work well as my bedside setup. O'well. I'll have to look for another good sealed (and comfortable) can for the bedside.
I know it may sound crazy, but the Heir Audio 4.a and I assume the 4.ai are a very close match. I have both and I think they sound quite similar.
Damn! Me too. They look great!
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