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Can't wait to see the end result. If I do something similar, I might just put a custom logo on the cups. Make them a Denon, or Marantz branded headphone. lol.
I thought the Sony MDR-7506 are one of the "monitoring" cans. I doubt any of the TH-X00 cans would give an uncolored representation to the music you are producing.
Nice. I don't want to clog up the thread, but did you have to trim the cups? Do you have the part(s) you used? I would prefer 2.5 over SMC myself.
Which cable mod did you go with? Not the SMC, right?  I'm wondering what type of connector the Ether headphones use. I would like to look at those connectors as a possible use instead of the SMC, so that if/when I upgrade to an Ether, I can continue to use the same cable.
Dang nabbit. I listened to these on my Denon AVR-687 (Oldie, but I like the sound of it). The headphone out always sounded decent to me. On the PH, it sounded ok. I listened to Elliot Yamin "You are the one". It sounded pretty good. I plugged the PH into my Vali 2 (stock tube) being fed by the Modi 2 Uber (No Multi-bit yet)... and it sounded cleaner, better, more authoritative. The more I listen to the PH, the more I like them. I guess, I'm still on the hunt for an...
I like these enough, that I'd be interested in doing some of the Lawton mods (maybe even cups). I'm definitely going to do the SMC mod at some point. I just wish someone would post the part numbers...so I don't buy the wrong stuff. haha.
Ok, try this out... makes your ears jiggle!    
* Deleted Post * nvm.
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