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I've had my T5p for a few months now, and despite this being a "portable" can, it hasn't left my computer workstation.  Unfortunately, any small movement that causes the cable to move, creates static and cutting-out of the right earphone.  Very troubling and annoying for such a high-end can.  I can only imagine if I actually used this as my daily portable, and took it around town, cable in-and-out of my pocket, etc.   It sounds like those of you who have gotten repairs...
1) Senn HD800 2) Beyer T5p 3) JH16 Pro 4) Beyer DT1350 5) Beats Studio Wireless 6) Westone W3 7) Shure SE215LTD   As far as overall head-time is concerned:    1) JH16 Pro - Use these daily during commute and before bed 2) Beyer T5p - My daily go-to can when on my desktop (music, movies, etc) 3) Westone W3 - Used daily for the gym   4) Beats Studio Wireless - Just picked these up, but love the wireless freedom, built-in mic for calls, and comfort. 
 Ended up canceling my order.  Although the pictures and description referenced the larger over-ear model, the customer service rep said I would be receiving the smaller on-ear model.  Probably not intentionally deceptive, but not really happy about it. 
   I pulled the trigger thinking it was the over-ear model, but just emailed the seller to confirm.  
I use this case for my JH16 and it fits great. 
Awesome.  Keeping stock pads, or something more comfy?
I've had the T5p for about a week now, and I prefer it to my previous closed-back favorites, the ED8 and D7000.  The D7000s were loads of fun, but they leaked, and weren't ideal for semi-portable use (one of my requirements).  The mids are my favorite characteristic of these cans, and I find the bass tight while having the ability to go low (very EQ friendly in this regard).     No complaints from the sound signature department, I only wished they clamped a bit...
Brand new ATH-M50 for $11 on Amazon. 
They usually pop up closer to Thanksgiving and Black Friday. 
So I'm officially in "lust mode" after these now.  It's only a matter of time.  Loved my SE535s, loved my SCL4s, hell... love my gym IEMs SE215.  I wasn't really a fan of the SRH440-840 line, but the aesthetics and sound signature of these is different, and sounds closer to the IEM signatures I've grown to love. 
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