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Awesome.  Keeping stock pads, or something more comfy?
I've had the T5p for about a week now, and I prefer it to my previous closed-back favorites, the ED8 and D7000.  The D7000s were loads of fun, but they leaked, and weren't ideal for semi-portable use (one of my requirements).  The mids are my favorite characteristic of these cans, and I find the bass tight while having the ability to go low (very EQ friendly in this regard).     No complaints from the sound signature department, I only wished they clamped a bit...
Brand new ATH-M50 for $11 on Amazon. 
They usually pop up closer to Thanksgiving and Black Friday. 
So I'm officially in "lust mode" after these now.  It's only a matter of time.  Loved my SE535s, loved my SCL4s, hell... love my gym IEMs SE215.  I wasn't really a fan of the SRH440-840 line, but the aesthetics and sound signature of these is different, and sounds closer to the IEM signatures I've grown to love. 
Thoughts on perhaps modding the Momentum On-Ear pads on the DT1350?
I don't usually bash customer service, because I understand that entry level employees are often overworked and underpaid, but UE/Logitech customer service is ridiculous.     I ordered a pair of UE9000s from their website, upon delivery I discovered the right ear cup was defective and 70% of the volume of the left (with multiple sources, wired/wireless, etc).  I spent 20 minutes on the phone with them going through pointless troubleshooting, after I told them I had...
Headphones   HD800 D7000 (sold) LCD2 (sold) DT1350 ED8 (sold) HFI-580 (sold)     IEMs   SE535 (sold) JH16 SE215LTD  SCL4 SE315 (sold) S4 (died)
I love my DT1350s for everyday use, whether driven from my DAC/Amp combo, or straight from my iPhone.  However, they become pretty uncomfortable quickly, especially when wearing glasses.   I'l like to upgrade to a circumaural can from Beyer, that is still relatively "portable friendly" so I'm on the fence between the T70p or the T5p.  So many mixed reviews at this point, I'm not sure which direction to take.  T5p is very tempting though...
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