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yeah I saw a few sets had been done. I could never find one that showed the type of bore used. im guessing single though. 
i did see a few on the facebook page after i posted. 
Well i broke my ue900s today. So I don't think anyone has had them done before so Im hoping they turn out ok. i don't know if i should just have them use a different connector or try to use the stock ue900 cable.
 your drivers are flush with the wood. The rs1s i got were raised up out of the wood. it made wearing comfies feel strange. they also moved and made crackling noises like the glue wasnt going to hold them in for long
 are the drivers flush with the cups? my rs1s were not. if yours are, maybe the new drivers dont perform the way the old ones did and they moved them closer to the ear??????????? i dont know
 i actually think they just ran out of drivers and were waiting on the usuals to be restocked. My rs1s also had red dots marked on the outside oif the box. not sure why though.
 I had the set of rs1is that had the red transducers. I sent them back though. I didnt like the new setup with the driver raised up out of the cup. It felt weird.
i can only listen to them with comfies
older but I listen to it almost daily.
ive thought about this with my 900s but never pulled the triger. ill see how it goes for you. 
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