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Did a couple pairs of cups on Wednesday, one Zebrano one Cocobolo. Any recommendations of a Grado to put the Zebrano cups on that will give a noticably different sound to the modded SR80i's shown here.   Still planning on doing rod end pieces in the matching woods and I have enough wood to make the bottom housing out of Cocobolo so as to remove all plastic from the housing, or I could just use it to make another set of cups.  
Unless I've missed it has anyone experimented with different wall thicknesses on the wood cups I just finished the Cocobolo cups posted earlier and a pair of Zebrano ones and went with the same thickness as the plastic housings but notice a lot of you seem to be using thicker walls, is this just to avoid cracking the material?
Had a play today making a couple sets of cups for my sr80i here's the cups I made from cocobolo, also did a set from zebra and planning on doing another cocobolo set as I have the wood spare as well as pieces for the end of the headland mounting rod. Can't help but feel the rest of the set up needs some work aesthetically now, have also quarter reverse nodded and punched out a few of the inner holes, could do with a recable and I'm very tempted to replace literal all...
Guessing from reading recent comments if I wasn't in on the GB the chances of being able to build one of these any time soon are pretty slim? Would I be better to wait for a new incarnation that Runeight hinted at?
You can still get it here  
Finally got round to doing a quick model of the outer cup, could do with further information if you want me to do a front spacer.   The files are here have included the original solidworks part, then STL and IGES the machinist should be fine with one of the two latter files.
Are you wanting to use a 3.5mm jack? Otherwise you could probably mod a guitar Snap Jack.
Modelling the original cups with the spacer added is perfectly doable but I doubt many users will have the access to that level of CNC machinery that could mill them out of a single piece, I could print them in ABS but then you're still stuck with a solid plastic body. Modelling the seperate pieces would be much more realistic for users to get made and would allow people to choose the depth to which they'd like to modify them.
What exactly is it you'd like to see modelled? I could do most things that would be headphone parts but I presume you don't just want a model of the original assembly?   I have been planning to try CNC milling some cups for my SR80i so will be modelling possible replacements for that soon.
I've attempted it to the best of my abilities now, need to test the gamma 1 and 2 now. In all honesty I'm well out of my depth with this, shall reread it a few more times.
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