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"Vidar" (extreme weather) reaches western coast of Norway. Highest tides in 20 years..   Part of your marketing?? :D  (probably!  Damn you are good! I did hope that amp was powerful, but comeON!)     ;)      https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=no&tl=en&js=y&prev=_t&hl=no&ie=UTF-8&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.vg.no%2Fnyheter%2Finnenriks%2Fvaer-og-uvaer%2Fsnart-kommer-ekstremvaeret-vidar-til-vestlandet-hoeyeste-tidevann-paa-20-aar%2Fa%2F23895711%2F&edit-text=
Right now the T90s the ones I'm listening to.. The HE-500's are staying in the gorgeous Slieveking Omega HP stand down below (in the livingroom..) And right now I`m listening to something I usually use 770's or the he-500s for.. BM! Sons Of Northern Darkness, (If u are a true metalhead you know this album) so loud my ears almost bleed!   \m/  Didn't know the t90's had this in them!   I struggle to find my favourite between the he 500 and the t90. They both shine in...
Agreed! They need at -least- that much burn-in imo. AND it is very important to match them with amp/dac.. The Aune T1 I've got have a sound that match it nicely (tube/dac), but I`m pretty sure there are many other much better alternatives than the Aune if you got more $'s to spend. :)  
I really do not understand what you are talking about (sibilance) with the t 90s. These are sharp as a japanese meat knife and I cant find this problem with my t 90 at all (apart from the recordings I already know sucks.. can you give me an example of where this is so easy to hear?). I assume you understand that you hear a lot more with these than .. dt770s and similar? I can hear sibilance from some mp3s/poor recordings and streaming, but not from the high quality...
  I Like it a LOT, but more info in the T90 thread at this forum :)
  I like the sound it produces, and feels plenty strong enough for the T-90s. Plan to check out some other tubes though. Stock are probably cheapest sort :)   Nice value for money in my book.
  oh yeah, they kick ass ;)   simple as that..    
One more thing. I was asked to compare the T 90 with the 770's (Mine are the 80 ohm pro's) The difference is huge. Some could say that the 770's are more rock'n'roll ? (I think that would be mostly the case with *VERY* bright/poorly recorded albums.) If you'll allow me to exaggerate a lot, just in an attempt to explain the difference in an understandable way.. The 770's sounds something like : the T 90's in mono with pillows between the cups and the head, with the...
This was meant for use at work. Right now it's at home.  Enjoying the T 90 and the Aune T1     
Feel like the burn-in time was pretty long for these. took a few days non-stop playing until they really started to sing, so I recommend giving them a couple of hundred hours.   Very pleasant to listen to. Had a funny experience the other day when I sat down to enjoy them after they had been running for many days in a row.. I have a Hi-Fi folder on my server where I usually put nice tunes from albums that I think sounds especially good.. I caught myself putting...
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