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Yea I jumped the terminals :D Btw the PCB I have on my valab pot the R and L channels are wrong. R=L and L=R. Somebody made a mistake building the pot or just the plate is wrong. But that is not a big deal and the crack sounds wonderful :) Received my CBS 5814A tube too. Happy days 
Hello. I received my valab 23 step 50k attenuator and I have a question. The PCB where to wires from rca-s connect is different than the PCB shown in ebay.   And my PCB     Would the L-R channel and 1-23 number difference change anything? 
You can always buy Bottlehead Crack and do a little DIY
How about GE 6AS7GA with stock crack? Anyone uses one and can comment how does it sound? 
Solved my background noise and crackling sound problem. It was just a small silly USB port  Now I can enjoy my crack even more 
Thank you! It is dark walnut. I may braid it more tightly and test if that changes anything. If you leave that little crackle to a side it sounds as lovely as it looks 
Thanks for the suggestion. Already made a post there. 
I will try that when I get my new rca cables next week.   
I already tested with no routers, mobile phones, computers etc being around, no change. The rca cables dont have to be attached for the hum to appear. Headphone jack and rca connections are great. Maybe a bad tube? 
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