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Yea, really enjoying them  Got bored todey at work...This is a test piece..  But the real one has few dimensions changed and the end finish is going to be black... Hope it turns out nice my HD800 just now (31xxx). Turned my M-dac and BH Crack on, connected headphones in heaven   
I thought it was quiet too, but yesterday after 1 hour of listening the noise came in. It is lower frequency than with 5998, but it is still there, and it goes quiet when tapped like with the 5998. Previously both tubes were perfectly silent. Less than a month ago that noise appeared for the first time. But if both tubes react the same, then the tube(s) should not be the cause. That squeal does not get louder with volume. I change out electrolytic caps today and see if...
But if both tubes were quiet before and now both tubes have the same noise, then it can't be the tube?
I already use both forums for it. Never know in which forum some great info jumps out. 
All of them
I have done that several times already. My film capacitors should arrive tomorrow, so I will replace electrolytics and see if anything changes. And if not I will check solder joints again. Soon I can solder crack blindfolded
Hi! Selling my HD700 headphones. I bought them 17.02.2014 from local store. There is one small dent on one side and one little stain on the other. Otherwise they are great. Earpads are in great shape too. They will come in original box with user manual and stock cable. Reason for selling: HD800 Will ship only to Europe. Selling price does not include shipping. For payment I prefer bank transfer.
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