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Hi! Selling my Schiit Valhalla 2. Bought it from Schiit Europe on 15th of April 2016. It is in mint condition.  Reason for selling: Not much of an upgrade to my M-dac and need money for my other hobby. Comes with: Original packing, EU power cord, manual and extra tubes (matched pair 6N1P Novosibirsk 1969 gold grid)  Shipping is included to EU. Paypal fee is not included. If you buy from EU, then bank transfer is better, no fee. If you have any questions, then please...
Will receive mine in the end of this week. At the moment I am listening my HD800 straight from M-dac. I hope it gives me some upgrade to the sound. Also bought 6N1P Novosibirsk tubes. 
Loved the sound of H8P, but they have to go, because I can't use them as much as I would like. Put them on the classfields, so if anyone is interested, let me know. Thank you Piotr for creating these amazing CIEM-s! 
Hi, Got my H8P in February 2016. I have used them for about 20-25 hours. Condition is mint. They have detachable cables.  They come with Peli1010 case, two cleaning tools, blue pouch, original cable, moisture eliminator. And I will also include the DIY cable I made for them. I used BTG-Audio silver cable and Rean 3,5mm plug. Cable length ~100cm Reason for sale: Bought them to use at work, but work changed and I see no more use for them. And at home I prefer to listen...
I think the sound is the same. I have acrylic H8P and the acrylic shell is filled with silicone. So the basically the sound still comes from silicone shell.
Hi there! Selling my almost brand new Ibasso D14. I bought it 08.01.2016 from Audiophonics.fr.  I have used it once (for about 1 hours). It is in mint condition. Reason for selling is that it is not a great match for my CIEMs, and it is more comfortable for me to use all-in-one solution (because I have to run around a lot when at work). So there is nothing wrong with it, it works and looks like new. Since I live in Estonia, we don't have lot of options to go and listen in...
I prefer shorter cables :) Length is 103cm/40inch. 
I'll try :) Im not great going into details, but I will sure tell how I like them. Just finished a cheapo DIY cable too. One place is messed up a bit, but does not bother me. 
Here you go! I will get them tomorrow, but Piotr sent me one picture. 
The rom was 5.1.1.I upgraded to 6.0.1 yesterday (custom rom) and now it won't work at all through usb. Line in/out works fine. I enabled USB audio from developer options, but still nothing. 
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