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+1 for the BH Crack. Crack is an amazing amp for its price and you can upgrade it later if you wish. I think you can't upgrade valhalla to a different level for 125$ like you can do with BH crack. And you can always change tubes for your liking to get even better sound out of it. It is really simple DIY amp i think and well worth the money :) To my ears Crack + HD700 is very good combination. 
Little changes: Modi was replaced by Audiolab M-dac and GE 6as7ga power tube was replaced by Tung-Sol/Chatham 5998. And some cheapo chinese headphone cable from ebay    
Audiolab M-Dac->Bottlehead Crack (CBS 5814A/Tung Sol 5998)->Sennheiser HD700  Of course youtube sound quality isn't great :)  
bottlehead crack is also under 300$ and you can add speedball later and change tubes.
Yes, that is one technique from videos I posted. I think I will go with that.
Bought a 26AWG BTG silver plated copper cable to make a cable for my Sennheiser HD700. When I braid 4 wires, is there any technique that is a must for braiding or I can choose techniques like these and ?
I got my 5998 for 75$+10$ shipping to europe ( He had 6 tubes + 6 pairs of 5998 for sale, and they went out fast. But some crazy italian is selling one for 194 usd 
Have you looked the CBS 5814A? Also very nice tube and I read that it pairs with 5998 very well. Im using that tube with my GE 6as7ga at the moment, but my 5998 should arrive next week. 
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