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Hello, Selling my Auralic Taurus MKII. Bought it 20.April 2015. It is in 10/10 condition. Comes with original box, manual, power cord.  Buyer pays shipping+ fees (shipping about 20€ in EU). I prefer Bank Transfer, but Paypal is fine too.  Reason for selling: new project in RC hobby. Little edit: Price 1150€ incl. shipping. 
Hello,Selling my 10 month old M-Dac (need to fund new Dac)It is in good condition. Everything works perfectly.It comes with original box, user manual, remote and power adapter/cable.Dac has been opened up (changed the USB connector, because center pin broke). So there are cosmetical flaws (on the back panel and on the top panel). I would rate it 8/10Payment: I prefer bank transfer (in EU) or paypal (outside EU).  Shipping included. 
Same here. 
Im also glued to my chair now. I got 0,000001ms time to take my headphones off and take a picture  Just dont want to take them off. Im loving it 
Its good to hear that you like it so much  Should receive mine on Monday. Hope I can say the same ->  "...have never sounded so good"  My HD800 balance cable DIY stuff should also arrive next week. Wanted to try Moon Audio Black Dragon cable, but the shipping to Estonia was 43usd + 70usd for cable . So I got a Mogami 2893 cable instead for 9usd (incl. shipping). Long evenings are coming  
Thats great  I was bored and bought 4 neutrik connectors and mogami 2534 cable. For 28$ it's not a bad deal. I had BH Crack for a year and now I have been without amp for a few months (listening with mdac integrated amp). Cant wait to try Taurus 
Yes, but the question was basically that can I use XLR input if I use SE output for headphones, or should I use SE input instead? Or it does not matter if I mix balanced and SE connections?
Hi! I should receive my Taurus mk2 next week (woohoo ). So I have one dumb question. Im going to make XLR interconnects to connect Taurus to my Audiolab M-dac. So the question is, is it OK to use XLR interconnects when my HD800 will be connected SE? Or should I use RCA interconnects when using SE output for headphones? Cheers, Tarmo
Hello, Sold my BH Crack, but the buyer did not want these tubes. So they are for sale. 1. RCA 5963 Long plate O-getter. Stock tube that came with my BH. Crack. 2€ 2. RCA USN-CRC-6080-WA tube - Black Plates, Top Getters. Same as http://www.ebay.com/itm/One-1957-RCA-USN-CRC-6080-WA-tube-Black-Plates-Top-Getters-/361220438372?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item541a6a7964 Also stock tube that came with my BH Crack. 4€ 3. Siemens (Tungsram) E80CC. It has steel pins. I bought it...
PM sent
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