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Looks pretty good! 
T'is going to be an awesome year! :D 
I figured as much. Thank you for the response. :) 
For those of you who have these, have you taken them on an airplane? The sound sig on these sound pretty similar to what my mom wants, but she travels quite a bit and I wanted to know if the ports for the dynamic drivers are going to cause an issue with isolation. 
PM'd ya back, Jolfe! :)
So this is super super random. A friend and I were talking today, and she told me about this movie her aunt saw like 30 years ago, but cannot remember the name of. She has very limited details and I'm curious if anyone can figure out what movie it is based solely upon the VERY limited information available. haha.    Here's the information we have: The movie came out in either 1968 or 1969. It's about a man who goes to board a train and he finds lots of different people....
Hey Everybody!   I have a Little Dot MKIII tube amp for sale. I've been out of the headphone game for quite some time, so forgive me if I'm a bit rust about the details. The amp is in perfect condition. It comes with some upgraded tubes (6H30) and (CV4010) tubes. Asking $200 shipped/paypal'd.    Pictures to come!   I also have a Little Dot DAC_1 for sale and can bundle it with the amp if you'd like. 
Hey everybody.    I have a Little Dot DAC_1 I picked up new from Little Dot a few years back. I never use it and it's just been sitting around. It's in mint condition. Asking $190 shipped/paypal'd. Will ship within 24 hours of payment! :)
Hey everybody!   I have a pair of mint Sennheiser HD25-1 II headphones. They're in mint condition and only have about 50 hours of use on them. They come with the original box. Looking to get $120 shipped/paypal'd for them. Picture to come!
Hey Everybody!   I have a pair of mint Sennheiser HD650's for sale. They're in perfect condition. Comes with the original box. Will only ship within the USA. Price is shipped and paypal'd. I will ship with tracking within 24 hours of payment!   I also have a Little Dot MKIII tube amp with extra upgraded tubes ($200) as well as a Little Dot DAC 1 ($200). Will sell everything for $680 shipped/paypalled if someone is interested. I will also throw in a BlueJeans Cable RCA...
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