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Original owner with original double boxes.  This 2007 monster weighs approximately 84 pounds.  Each channels has its own power supply.  See link for detail or google.  Home try is OK is returned after approximately two weeks after delivery.  Mint.  http://emovault.org/EmoVault/IPS-1.aspx.  Thanks.
Original owner with original packaging.  This is a high output differential diamond design headphone pre-amp.  Selling because due to it not being used as I now have a headphone jack on my AV receiver and want to simplify.  Includes shipping in the CONUS.  Home trial OK if shipped back in still mint condition two weeks after delivery.  Thanks for looking.  Check out Audio-gd's discontinued product page or this link:  http://audio-gd.com/Pro/Headphoneamp/C-2SA/C2SAEN.htm....
 If you have a mac or use OSX this is a great app to convert FLAC to ALAC. http://tmkk.undo.jp/xld/index_e.html
MC297LL here
I am selling the pico power because I have a CeEntrance M8.  With the onboard DAC the M8 meets my needs despite it being significantly larger in size.  I can't afford to keep both but I would like to.
Head Amp Pico Power portable amp.  Color grey.  I am the original owner and have not even used up the batteries that came with it yet.  New condition with all original packaging and accessories including the case and extra battery compartment knobs.   Shipping not included.   Thanks for looking.
Selling my iPod 5.5 with a new professionally installed battery.  Condition is mint almost like new.  Original owner with all original packaging and accessories.  Will include a case. Fully functional and return option if sent within 10 days after receipt.  Includes pictured LOD.
Listening to my M8 via my iphone 5S on LCD 2.2s balanced.  Listening to the Phish 2013/07/17 Alpharetta, GA in HD ALAC (pm me if you want a link to this outstanding show/recording).  I was A/Bing from my Audio GD Ref 10.32 and the M8.  The M8 is pretty impressive and holds its own impressively.  Worth the wait and its time to sell my pico power-I just cant see using it anymore now that I have compatibility with idevices and this DAC.  
Yes, its time for an update.
Do you know if the current Classics have the old 30 pin connector or the lightning 8 pin?  Maybe they will announce a new Classic release soon.
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