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regarding the 1964 Audio Adel... I have the bass emphasized A4 and it matches well with the HA-2. I do use the Apex M15 module. No hiss.
Essentially new purchased in June 2016 direct from Oppo and only used a couple of times. Selling due to lack of need for a portable rig. Condition mint with all original packaging, accessories and original receipt-purchase order. PIctures available if requested. Shipping and pay pal fees included for CONUS. Pay pal email is Thank you!
Like new and the first-only owner. Includes original packaging. DAC and Class-A headphone Amplifier Asynchronous USB Inputs: iPhone/iPad and USB. HiFI-M8 Payer picks up Paypal and I pick up shipping. Thanks.
Up for sale is my CEntrance Mini-M8 - Portable DAC/Amp for iPhone/iPad with USB and SPDIF. Perfect for iems. Fully balanced amplifier and output option. Pay pal fees and shipping CONUS included.
I have a brand new iPad Air 2 16 GB sealed with Verizon LTE. It's a long story but I don't need it. Color is Space Grey. If you can get by with 16 GB and appreciate cellular to complement wi-if this is a great deal at $200 off with no tax and no shipping. PayPal. Thanks.
I have a mint 30 GB white iPod video (aka 5.5) that I had lost for years that I recently found in its bomb proof protective case.  The battery is in excellent shape.  It is a perfect line out source for a pico or similar compact rig.  I am selling for $80 plus pay pal and shipping.  There is no longer a box but I have the apply USB connector also in great condition and will include two cases: one a leather fold top flap design and the other a silicon with polycarbonate...
I have a mint 30 GB gen 5.5 in a case.  Hardly ever used.  I lost it and then found it.  I had the original packaging but through out the box out.  I have a mint cord and apple buds too.  Color white.  Battery is very good.  Color white.  I have a generation 7 160 GB too in black also mint with all the original packaging.  Also barely used-only on a few airplane trips. 
Original owner with original double boxes.  This 2007 monster weighs approximately 84 pounds.  Each channels has its own power supply.  See link for detail or google.  Home try is OK is returned after approximately two weeks after delivery.  Mint.  Thanks.
Original owner with original packaging.  This is a high output differential diamond design headphone pre-amp.  Selling because due to it not being used as I now have a headphone jack on my AV receiver and want to simplify.  Includes shipping in the CONUS.  Home trial OK if shipped back in still mint condition two weeks after delivery.  Thanks for looking.  Check out Audio-gd's discontinued product page or this link:
 If you have a mac or use OSX this is a great app to convert FLAC to ALAC.
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