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Hey guys,   Looking at possibly selling my mint-condition Lawton Audio-modified Denon AH-D7000s — wondering if there's any interest and what they're worth.   They have been re-cabled with 5.5' of Jena Labs wire, terminated with Furutech 3-pin XLRs, re-cupped with beautiful Silky Oak as well as the standard Mark I mods by Mark.   They are truly something to behold. 
That I certainly will be doing :) I absolutely love these cans. I can sit at work and listen to them for hours and hours without fatiguing and they're so so comfortable. I've even startled myself a couple of times whilst listening and I hear a sound that is so far back in the soundstage that it seemed completely external.   I sit here, with a huge smile on my face as I code away and listen to an Explosion in the Sky live album.... As tacky as it sounds—life couldn't...
Just wanted to shout out and thank Mark for the superb job he did with my Denon D7000s. They sound superb and look absolutely gorgeous. Will take some better pictures tomorrow :)   Ended up with the beautiful Silky Oak cups, with the 5.5', sheathed cable terminated with balanced furutech XLRs. Sounds stunning through the new Phoenix and Reference 5 combo too <3  
Yours turn up kunalraiker?
Checked the MIDI setup utility this morning, and it looks like my Ref 5 has the older chip. Only 16bit is available :(
Kingwa was nice enough to throw in plenty of cables with the Ref5 and Phoenix. USB cable, decent looking optical cable, (i paid the extra $20something for the ACSS, which are very very nice cables to behold), as well as the male/female XLR kit which he normally charges an extra $30 for and plenty of other bits and bobs. Reckon it's worth transitioning to optical? Both my MacBook Pro and iMac have optical out through a 3.5mm jack. I've got one of those pissy little 3.5mm...
Explains why I can't sync those albums to my iPhone/iPad then *taps nose*. I'm assuming I have the newer chip then?
  I have a couple of Massive Attack albums in 24bit ALAC which I had a listen to today. Would it not play if it didn't support 24/96?  
If anyone's interested, I can take in my DSLR to work tomorrow (where my rig is), and take some decent pics if anyone wants. Any takers?
I just assume it has the new chip considering when I purchased it said "USB input had upgrade to support 24Bit/96KHz" I assumed that was the newer chip. Hmm... I'll be pissed if it isn't. Is there an easy way to find out?
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