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a Tech Fan it is.   "You're confident, imaginative, and ready to take charge. You like to lead from the front and take everyone on amazing new adventures with you. You're a pretty good read of people and like to think that you know how to make everyone feel happy. There are always new friends to make."
I don't think changing the volume affects it at all. It's there just before or after audio input. On my Mac it stops about a second after input while on the iPad around 10 seconds after audio input. It's not bothersome and hardly audible to my ears with these. I've owned Sennheiser's Kleer headphones for a while and the hiss was much more prominent there. More audible on mm450-x, too, I'd say. I the hiss on these doesn't bother me. I don't think it's there with quiet music...
There is a hiss but no more than other BT phones.   There is feedback though headband when you're walking. I also have tiny dropouts when I touch or cover the left ear cup. Not really an issue since you don't normally cover it.   Comfortable on the whole and very liberating, being BT. AAC SQ ain't bad in my view, either. Cables does sound better. Also they are sensitive to ****ty recordings. Unbearable in my view on ****ty recording. I cannot take it - tend to skip...
I took an offer of £69.17 at flubit. I've heard the sr60i which I thought sounded similar to SRH-840 which I loved so I should be happy.
I am looking at getting the SR80i - now that they are discontinued and the price has dropped. Is there a way of finding out what drivers I'll be buying without opening them up? From the serial, perhaps? So that I can ask the seller to check? Having selectively read the thread i see some are disappointed with the e series. Does anyone have anything in particular to say/add to the SR80I vs the 'e' comparison? Apologies if already raised in the thread somewhere. Cheers.
Blinq has the BT at 99 US with international shipping. Grabbed a pair & they're great.
I also had experience with Shure. Although they came back saying they found no fault the turnaround was 3 days.
My repair took exactly a month and they came back with a microphone not working so I had to mail them in again. Overall experience wasn't that great either the people I spoke to on the phone were unprofessional. Neither did they apologise for the under repair. Felt like a one man operation, not a respectable multinational company. And did I mention the fault (a faulty circuitry in the transducer) was out of the box? The headphones (mm450-x) were purchased in Dublin ...
No Apt-X in iOS 7 nor prior. AAC or A2DP with SBC.
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