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Shame Massdrop is always hit by customs here in GB.
The solution was to disconnect one of the devices I think. I always have at least two devices connected to it. As soon as I disconnected others all seems well. for now anyway.
It's not the range.. my phone is right next to it and was ok before
Folks, those of you who have the Noble BTS module, have any of you ever had an issue with it pairing, staying connected etc? Mine has started introducing hiccups to the stream every 15 seconds or so. It does this with both; my mac and phone (iPhone). I feel bad because this is a second module from noble as the first one skipped songs and had other similar issues... as for the music it outputs, I'm loving it!
Is the one available on Apple Music not binaural?
Guys with CIEMs, does your seal break when you move your jaws or smile..? Mine does on my left ear.
Yeah, when in airplane it stop. Thats not an option since it's a phone meant for receiving calls. Lucky i don't use it on the go.
It could be RFI, thanks for the suggestion. It comes and goes, I will try when it happens again. I switched off wifi and Bluetooth and it made no difference but it could have been the network.
Hey you all I don't know if this was covered already but my ha-2 paired with the 6s produces a cranking noise when laid on top of one-another... Is this the same for everybody or is this a problem? I remember seeing something similar with a Fiio t3 but it wasn't nearly as bad..
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