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Yeah, when in airplane it stop. Thats not an option since it's a phone meant for receiving calls. Lucky i don't use it on the go.
It could be RFI, thanks for the suggestion. It comes and goes, I will try when it happens again. I switched off wifi and Bluetooth and it made no difference but it could have been the network.
Hey you all I don't know if this was covered already but my ha-2 paired with the 6s produces a cranking noise when laid on top of one-another... Is this the same for everybody or is this a problem? I remember seeing something similar with a Fiio t3 but it wasn't nearly as bad..
My BTS stays in place securely even when i'm frolicking about. What are peoples thoughts on its SQ? I prefer the sound of my 6s plugged in directly.
Having owned a couple of amps, I was impressed with the SQ/cost balance. Having been using the iPhone 6s and having ordered the noble's k10s custom an amp may well make sense in the setup.
Thanks for your viewpoint and the pics. They're so tiny though would it actually make a difference what they look like.. They'll be in my ear most of the time 
Could anyone direct me to a photo or two of any of the K10SLAs somewhere please? Also, does the bluetooth module degrade the SQ at all and how is the latency on it..? I've done my ear impressions and ordered the bluetooth module but am undecided on whether to go for the SLAs or full on with a designed set 
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New Posts  All Forums: